7 Necessary Steps for How to Design Enamel Pins

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Knowing how to design enamel pins is not rocket science. But it does require some know-how and care.

Customers are after enamel pins custom that stand out and look great. They want durability and quality. They want colors and designs that shine.

This article aims to show you how to do this. Effective design will make your pins the g0-to for customers everywhere.

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1.Find Your Niche

To effectively find your niche, you must ask yourself a few things. First, what do you love?

Having something that is clear to you and important will keep you on track.

Do these things to find your niche fast:

Figure out what you’re good at
Find out what you are passionate about, and what you love most about your field
Figure out your hobbies and interests that you really enjoy doing even when not compensated.

Also, be sure that your niche is sustainable. You want to be sure your business can have longevity!

2.Begin By Getting Your Artwork Prepped

You can use plenty of great websites to get your artwork ready to go. How to design enamel pins is easy when you use a good website.

Some strong choices are Pixlr, GIMP and Paint.net. Other artists use Photoshop to create the design they want.

If you are not exactly the greatest at design, try hiring a graphic designer. You can go to Upwork or Fiverr, for instance, to get the job done.

Use bold lines and colors if you can. It will be hard to catch peoples’ eyes if you use lines that are too small. Colors that are dull or muted will not be appealing.

Unless your scheme is all about the pastels, try to stick with bold colors. Make use of the Pantone color palette. This will get you the exact colors you want.

3.Choose A Material

Soft enamel and hard enamel are the materials you will use when understanding how to design enamel pins.

Soft Enamel is great because beginners can use it, and the material is popular. You can get more texture into your design. You should note, however, that these pins are markedly less tough than hard enamel ones.

Hard enamel is for rugged applications. The color choices are also more restricted. There is usually a clear coat of resin on these pins, too. This is great for those that want pins that will withstand all the world throws at it.

4.Choose a Size For Your Pin

It can be really tempting to make a very intricate design. After all part of knowing how to design enamel pins is to make unique pieces.

However, you will want to be very careful about the size you choose. Having a pin that is 1-2 inches in size is difficult as it is.

Larger designs should opt for pins that are 1.25 in in width or length. Meanwhile a smaller pin can get by on about .75 to 1.25 inches in width or length.

With too many lines, it becomes hard to pour in colors. Then you might run into production delays with the manufacturer. This can lead to upset customers and untimely orders.

You will also want to be sure that texts are kept to a reasonable size. Pins that are only 1 inch or so will not do well with words. The phrasing may be too small to read.

So, keep designs simple. The pins will be made much faster in this regard.

5.Choose The Quantity

Now comes a bit of a hard part. Just how many of these pins shall you produce? It is probably the hardest in knowing how to design enamel pins.

After all you will want enough to meet projected sales. Or, if the pin is for a promo or giveaway, enough to make sure everybody gets one. You have to order just enough but not too much -after all that would be money wasted.

Bear in mind that most factories require you to have at least 100 pins per order as the minimum order quantity if you want to have your own custom lapel pin. This is a good round number to start. Then, order more if you find it necessary.

After all, you would not want to waste money and be left with a product you cannot sell.

6.Choose the Number of Pinbacks

Enamel pins will feature a pin back. This is a very important step in how to design enamel pins. After all, your customer will appreciate a pin that stays.

A pin back is a needle that you find on the back of the pin. It is strongly advised that you place two pinbacks on each of your pins.

By doing this, you can be sure the pin will not move around. It ensures the customer does not have to worry about it falling off.

After all, a pin falling and getting lost could lead to a stuck foot or other injury. Not to mention, an upset customer.

7.Choose The Factory

Now it is time for the final step in how to design enamel pins. You must choose a right custom pins factory that works for you.

You can find these by searching on Google or asking a friend who has designed their own pins before.

Be sure you make a few comparisons as you shop.

How much will this cost for 100 pins?
How long is the production time once artwork is finalized?
Could you provide me a sample before production starts?
What do I have to pay upfront and what do I pay after I get my pins?


Knowing how to design enamel pins is not a hard thing to learn at all! Certainly, your designs will get better over time. The important thing to remember is that you must do lots of research and planning.

This is to make sure your pins are great. You will be glad you took that extra time to plan.

Now we want to hear from you. What do you think? Leave a comment about your next pin design below.

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