How To Design a Challenge Coin?

Written by Robin Brown on January 5, 2021


Challenge coins are special tokens that carry symbolic significance and are often used to recognize achievements, promote camaraderie, and strengthen bonds within organizations or groups. These coins typically feature unique designs and are highly customizable, allowing individuals or groups to showcase their identity, values, and accomplishments.

In 2009, NBC News aired a brief story on challenge coins and its history. Challenge coins are said to have their own value. Though it may not be of monetary value, these coins can be recognized for its history.

For fun, these coins will be brought to the bar where military personnel will gather. You will have to show off your challenge coin collection or be “forced” to buy drinks for the group!
Some coins are engraved with a service that a person in the military has achieved. Other coins will represent a battle, war, or location.

The 2009 televised segment ended with news anchor Brian Williams displaying his own collection of challenge coins. Williams states that it was collected over the years from his many military friends.

Design Your Own Coin

Challenge coins are used to recognize a special achievement, a new membership or promotion by the American military. All branches of the military are currently exchanging challenge coins. Commander coins are given by military officers and senior enlisted members.

Presidents have been seen with a collection of challenge coins, such as Bill Clinton. Military personnel will pass on some of their challenge coins, as the government and the military tie into each other.

Find A Coin-Maker

ball marker coins image
Challenge coins are meant to have a specific memory or value to it. In the military, a new sergeant may be rewarded with a challenge coin to congratulate.

You can have your own coin created for yourself, or to pass along to someone of sentimental value. It can be meant to reward an employee that works under you, or simply for someone you know.

Unless you are a skilled coin-maker yourself, you will most likely hire a coin-making service to create it.

There are plenty of different online services that will provide a custom challenge coin for you. It is still important to be a part of the process. You want to guarantee that the coin is truly custom and personable to your liking.

There are lots of online businesses that offer some information on how, if applicable to you, to design your own personal challenge coin. Here are some simple pointers intended to help you craft a valuable coin.

Focus on The Image

design coin image
In case you come up with a concept for your custom challenge coin, imaging is the foremost vital thing. First, you’ve got to characterize what you attempt to communicate. If displaying a specific achievement, you would want to attach a medal to the current photo to express the meaning.

Allow minimal verbal text on the overall design of the coin. You want the imagery or symbol on the coin to be the main expression. It is best to allow any words or text to run along the edge of the coin. It is the same as if a regular coin in our wallets.

It is important to convey the focal point of your message. Try not to use any clipart, or any art that was pre-made, and make sure your coin-maker avoids this. Either creating your own design or using a logo building software is best. This will ensure that the symbol is one of a kind and makes it more personable.

Get Technical with Your Design

Decide if you want your challenge coin to have a 2D or 3D effect. Sometimes, a mix of both will enhance your coin to having a captivating look and focus on the message.

Take into account the size of your custom challenge coin. Decide if the intention of your coin is to be displayed, or to be kept on persons. For example, a challenge coin meant to be displayed might be a bit larger in size.

Choose A Metal

Choose A Metal image
When choosing a metal for your personal challenge coin, the choice is up to you. Your metal options can range from silver to copper, gold, or brass. If you really prefer it, a coin maker may be able to combine metal styles for you.

It is best to choose a good metal like brass, copper, or gold. These metals have been found to last the longest. That way, you do not have to worry about your coin becoming tarnished or starting to rust.

Diamond-Cut the Edges

Cut the Edges image
You can add a diamond-cut edge to your custom coin if you want to be fancy. Choose a showy design, from rope cut to wave cut. This will add an elegant look and feel to your personal challenge coin. It will allow it to surely stand out from the crowd!

Fancy add-on features are not necessary to embody the sentimental value of your challenge coin.

Personalize Your Custom Coin

You will have many options when pertaining to the unique display or feature of your challenge coin. Having many design options for the challenge coin is a way to personalize the coin for the specific cause or meaning.

Some coin-making services are able to place your challenge coin as part of a bottle opener. That’s not the only option! Those who love to golf can get their challenge coin personalized as a golf ball marker. This can come in many different designs within that.

Capture the Moment

Challenge coins are meant to be kept as a historic relic for years and years. This will be a part of history, much like collectible baseball cards. With all of these options made for you, you are able to create a personal challenge coin.

The most important thing is to make sure that your message is bold and apparent. You want to capture the emotional tie within the design of the coin. Remember, this is meant to be kept forever! Take heed, the same as if designing a tattoo.
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Article written by Robin Brown
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