12 Best Golf Ball Marker Display Ideas

Written by Robin Brown on April 28, 2022
Golf is a gentlemen’s sport. Golfers want to make the perfect shot without any hindrance. But sometimes, the ball gets hindered by the opponent’s ball. That’s where a golf ball marker comes in. A golf ball marker marks the position of the ball. 

Golf ball markers have been a fashionable item for a golfer to keep. If you are a golfer and have a good collection of golf ball markers, you must decorate your house with these markers in a fashionable manner. They add beauty to your home or store. 

Here are 12 beautiful ideas to display your golf ball marker.

1.Flag Shaped Display

Flag Shaped Display image
Golf veterans like to show off their markers as a souvenir. What could be a better way to show off with a golf court on the wall. 

This thoroughly American design might take a bit of space on your wall, but you are bound to fall in love with the display.
Your creativity comes in handy to decorate this display with your golf ball markers.

You can get a display of your own country's flag. These designs reflect your patriotism even outside the golf court.

2. Golf Ball Marker Display Acrylic Cover

Golf Ball Marker Display Acrylic Cover image
This beautiful rectangular design gets me all the time. The black frame is hard and handy. You can hold up to 100 markers in this display. 

This display has a beautiful design. It will look amazing in your drawing room or on your store wall. 

This design is beautiful and valuable for your rich collection.

3. Box Shaped Golf ball Marker Display

Box Shaped Golf ball Marker Display image
This display has a premium feel in it. The markers are protected inside by the glass. You cannot hang it on the wall, but it will look amazing over a shelf.
The brown frame adds a premium feel to it. You can decorate up to 80 markers inside. 

This item is different from the rest of them on the list. With display, you can brag about your collection.

4.Scattered Display

Scattered Display image
Those who have a small collection can look into this design. The green surface house 12-15 markers.  

There are holes in the placing site. All you need is a gentle push to insert your marker. The frame has a clean finish. The green surface has a premium feel to it. 

Those who do not like mundane regular displays have a look at this beauty.

5. Marker Display with a Club 

Marker Display with a Club image
These ball marker displays would look great in any golfer's favorite room. With customizable frames and boxes, you can show where you've been, where you have played, and where you would like to go.

The golf club signifies the sport and the green surface reflects the court.

6. Squared Display

Squared Display image
It would help if you chose your display according to your color taste. This color is more suitable for white shows. They also have a plucking tool for easy picking of these markers.

This is a fashionable way to display your marker. You can hang them on the wall, or you can show them over the showcase.

7.  Display with a golf Logo 

Display with a golf Logo image
Another example of the reflection of the game. People usually confuse badges with these markers. But a golf logo ensures them about the actual thing. 

The wooden frame is solid. The surface is green, resembling a green golf court. You can use a display with more holes on it.

8. Golf ball marker display ( Large capacity)

Golf ball marker display Large capacity image
If you are in possession of a large group of golf ball markers, this design can do the trick for you. You can house a massive number of features in this design. 

This design has a beautiful frame and a grassy surface. The holes resemble the golf court holes.You can display it on the wall or on the top of your table, whichever you prefer.

9. Shelf-Type Display

Shelf Type Display image
If you are bored with these regular rectangular-shaped displays, I present this beautiful shelf-type display.

You can add much more markers to these shelf-type displays. Each compartment houses 21 markers. And you have a total of 8 to 9 drawers. 

All these drawers are easy to open and close.This is a premium quality product. Buy your display now.

10.Pyramid Shaped Display

Pyramid Shaped Display image
The pyramid is a symbol of emperors. And if you are the emperor of holding golf ball markers, this is the display you have been looking for.

It’s a very stylish way to keep your display.Keep your best marker on top of the pyramid, medium ones in the middle, and relatively bad looking at the bottom.

This design is bound to mesmerize anyone who looks at this beauty.Those who have a rich collection should look into this design.

11.Hanging Shelf Display

Hanging Shelf Display image
I have been given a list of square shape shelf hangers. This one is a bit different from the others. This has a unique shape and holds quite a good number of markers. 

The wood is well furnished and fashionable looking. The top shelf holds a small number of markers, and the middle shelves hold more. 

Golf veterans like to show off their winning markers like a showpiece.

12.Golf Ball Markers on a stand up board

Golf Ball Markers on a stand up board image
This type of board has two kinds of storage. One keeps the marker standing, and the other displays in a series. 

Those with a small collection of golf ball markers can look into this design. 

The board on which it is situated has an excellent finish. It adds a premium feeling for the spectators.   


The golfer is known for their elegance. Everything they do reflects their love for the game. A good collection of golf ball markers often reflects their taste. 

A good golf ball marker display adds beauty to the golfers' house. But the necessity of an exemplary display is not limited to golfers. 
Even store owners like to decorate their stores for customers to get a better view of the golf markers. 

If you fall in any of these categories, you must have both markers and a display surface.So buy your best desired display and brag about your golf achievement to friends and family.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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