Frequently Asked Questions Customers Have About Our Services and Products

How Can I Attain An Order Quote?

If you want a quote, you need to visit the “Order Now” page. Make sure to follow the steps to get your quote before finalizing the order. If you require something special, we will be glad to assist you. Send us an email to stan@vivipins.com so that we may help you.

What Kind Of Turnaround Do You Have?

It takes us 5 to 8 days to produce your products and another 2 to 3 days to ship them to you. If you have rush products you’re in need of, we can get them to you as quickly as 8 business days.

Why Do The Colorations On The Proof and Products Differ?

The colors shown on the proof are only an estimate to what you’ll actually see on the product Keep in mind that colorations on screen vary from one screen to another as well. For the final product, we use the PANTONE color number to mix our colors.

May I Use Another Font Rather Than Your Default Font?

Absolutely! In the font list, choose the “other” option and write what font you’d like for us to use. You can also email us to find out if we can use it.

What Exactly Is A Digital Proof?

This is a digital picture of how the pins and coins will appear when produced. You’ll be sent an image of the product before it goes to production. You’re allowed to make any number of changes you want until you’re happy with it.

What Does It Mean By Front and Back?

The front and back message are displayed on the different side of the challenge coin.

What Can I Do If I Don’t Like My Proof and Want To Make Changes?

All you need to do is reply to the proof email and let us know of the changes you would like to make. We will look it over and create a new proof.

How Do I Confirm The Proof I Was Sent?

All you need to do is reply to the email we sent you with the proof. Let us know that you agree to the proof layout, and production can begin right away.

Is The Delivery Date Always Accurate?

About 98 percent of the packages we ship have been delivered to our customers on the day it was noted on their receipt.

Are There Any Discounts For Large Order or Non-Profit Organizations?

We offer the lowest prices in the market. No other company can beat our prices or our turnaround times. We also offer discounts for large order more than 10,000 pcs.

Should I Be Aware Of Any Undisclosed Fees?

We want to be as translucent as we can be. You will be shown your charges all during the checkout process and again before you finalize the order and make the purchase. You are not charged more than the order total given to you at checkout time.

Why Should I Trust The Company?

We have been in operations for more than six years. We’ve managed to earn the trust of many customers to become the best lapel pins and challenge coins provider. Why should you trust us over other companies? We let our customers know that they can make their payment by PayPal, and if they’re unhappy with the service, they can dispute that order with PayPal. PayPal provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to its users. Have you heard of any other company promoting such an offer?

May I Be A Local Agent For Your Company?

We would be delighted to have you place your order and send them right to your customers.

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