14 Great Ways of Executing an Enamel Pins Marketing Strategy

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Having a good enamel pins marketing strategy is important. After all, nobody will know how great they are unless you advertise. This article aims to show you how to reach everyone.

Your pins will surely be found on lapels, jackets, backpacks and more. You just have to be smart about your campaigns. This article will give you some ideas.

1.Make Use of Social Media

This one is a no-brainer. Even if you think social media has nothing to do with your enamel pins marketing strategy, think again.

First, begin by making sure your content is on point. Good content marketing can generate a whopping 300% more leads. This is in comparison to paid search.

Your content marketing should not be chiefly about selling. Instead, build your audience up. Provide value, such as a free giveaway, to your customer.

Take advantage of Facebook targeting, too. You can focus on so many demographics. You can focus on users’ employment, ages, and more. You can leave out audiences you do not wish to attract.

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Data Source: Wyzowl.com

2. Know About Search Engine Optimization

SEO is critical for your enamel pins marketing strategy. Making those enamel pins custom stand out is critical.

Competition is rife and SEO is good for most businesses. Bear in mind this does not bring leads right away.

Instead, you need to think it through in order to execute it effectively. But the benefits are really worth it. Check these out:

You will increase traffic
You will be more visible
You will appear as more credible to those interested

3. Make Some Video

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Data Source: Techcrunch.com

Videos are shooting up in popularity and it is no different for your enamel pins marketing strategy.

After all, in 2017 only about 60% of businesses were using videos for marketing. Now, in 2019, that number is over 85%.

It is recommended you jump on this bandwagon immediately. By 2022 it is estimated that over 80% of all net traffic will be videos.

You can make a few different videos. You can make an awareness raising video. This helps you reach as many people as possible.

An engagement-keeping video generates reactions and gets people sharing the content.

Meanwhile, an educational video teaches your customers something new.

4. Get Blogging

The benefits of blogging in terms of an enamel pins marketing strategy are numerous.

You can improve the SEO for your website.

You can bring in even more traffic to your site, all thanks to inbound links.

You can show off your brand as being the best choice in your company’s field.

After all, the Google algorithm focuses on the content of a website. Also, how often/frequently you post and update.

So, get blogging!

5. Make An Affiliate Program

This is an enamel pins marketing strategy that gives out incentives for both seller and buyer. This has grown over the years and continues to get more and more popular.

After all it is a very flexible method of advertising and has plenty of benefits you will love.

For starters, the entry fee is not hefty at all. All you have to do is make sure your website is working. Then you will purchase an affiliate solution.

Once this is done, you will not incur any other fees before the ads begin to pay off.

6. Get Into Email Marketing

Image Source: Rapidpurple.com
Email users will be a huge market for your enamel pins marketing strategy. After all, did you know that 3.7 billion people worldwide use email?

Everybody doing business uses it. You should too. 24 hours a day, you can reach clients with email marketing.

After all, in 2017 alone there were 269 billion emails sent each day. By the time we reach 2022, you can expect to see 333 billion emails a day.

Even though other forms of communication have come about, email is still very popular. The return on investment is strong, too. For every dollar spent, you can look forward to a return of over $30.

Plus, people really open these things, too. On average, over 80% of customers will open a welcome email. Use that welcome email to your advantage.

Put in some valuable info that will keep those customers coming-and tell them what you can do!

7.Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn may not be the most widely used social media platform, but you should consider it.

After all, nearly half of US users take home pay in excess of $75K per year. You can get LinkedIn premium for a price. And marketers see it as a great place to get leads.

You can really execute a great enamel pins marketing strategy with LinkedIn. 43% of marketers noted they have found at least one client from the site.

And when it comes to B2B marketers, that number skyrockets to 80%. You can also use the platform to build your company’s profile, too. It’s great for content creators, too.

Content creators using LinkedIn Pulse can do so much. You can link to your website, show off videos and link to slideshows. It’s great for brand awareness.

The content on this site gets 9 billion impressions each and every week.

8. Find out Pain Points and Build a Lead Magnet

When making sure your enamel pins marketing strategy is effective, you should start with your website.

Is your site actually showing off what you can do? Or is it just a brochure with some basic info?

If you answered the latter, you have yourself something that is probably not generating leads.

Make sure your site is set up in a way that gets customers clicking. You can start by having an “Order My Pins Now” button.

Next, make sure your lead magnet is easy to access. This is that thing that has your customers entering their email in exchange for something useful to them.

You can make all kinds of lead magnets. Videos, PDF checklists, whitepaper and more are all great ways to attract customers.

After all, customers love getting stuff for free. You love your product and showing it off. This is a win-win situation.

9.Work With Influencers

Image Source: Inc.com
For this part of your enamel pins marketing strategy, you will find an influencer. What are these people?

These are people with plenty of followers on social media like Instagram or Snapchat. They can “influence” their followers by posting about their use of various products.

You can work with an influencer to be a content creator. They will speak to their community-large or small- and endorse the brand.

You must know about earned influencer marketing and paid influencer marketing.

Earned influencer marketing is unpaid. The latter is paid. With an unpaid job, your influencer will try the product and relay their thoughts on social media.

This is a great approach because it is natural and organic. It is also much more genuine. Plus, it is cheaper for smaller enterprises instead of the thousands some influencers command.

After all, consumers trust influencer opinion. It is another form of word of mouth advertising.

10. Re-Target Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a big deal for your enamel pins marketing strategy. After all, 79% of US citizens are on Facebook, says one study in 2016.

This is more than twice the people using other networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. And over 65% of these users go on their account each and every day.

Aside from this, over 22% of the world uses Facebook. It is the most downloaded application in the Google Play store.

And the users that are visiting? They are spending nearly one hour each day on the platform. And do not think this is all happening at home.

Facebook usage accounts for over 75% of mobile social media logins. And given that customized lapel pins are popular at businesses, consider this. Nearly three quarters of users use it for professional reasons.

So, the use of this platform goes beyond just sharing photos-it raises conversions.

11. Solve A Customer’s Problem with Content Marketing

Image Source: Dmnews.com
To create valuable content for your enamel pins marketing strategy is not easy. You might have to work with an agency.

While word of mouth marketing is effective, it is not the only way anymore. You should be able to SHOW, not just TELL about what you can offer a customer.

Your content should aim to show “thought leadership”. This means that you must demonstrate value to your customers. You must demonstrate you have a knowledge of their problem and the solution.

However, your goal is not to show off. Your goal is to make the customer feel good about what they are interested in.

To do this you might survey your customers directly. What problem are the products you buy from us solving?

Once you have these answers it will be easier to create and execute a campaign. You can show you are the answer they seek.

12.Have A Strong Call To Action

Make sure your text when it comes to enamel pins marketing strategy is strong. Use some classics. Examples are “Free Trial” or “Get A Coupon Now”.

You can amplify your excitement by changing the wording. Don’t say “Order”. Try instead, “Get My Pins” or “Start My Order.”

Make sure the color scheme on your site is appealing too. It has been found that buttons in colors of orange and green yield higher performance. Colors that contrast really stand out.

For further info, look into color psychology. Ever wonder why fast food restaurants are mostly red and yellow? These colors make you hungry.

Furthermore, be sure your text is large and easy to read. This should be not too big and not too small. Aim for just right.

And make sure you are using first-person talk. “Start My Free Trial” or “Get My Free Book” showed a whopping 90% rise in clicks.

13. Don’t Underestimate Word Of Mouth

This is a good old-fashioned marketing strategy. Your enamel pins marketing strategy will be all the better for having it.

After all, look at these stats:

92% of consumers are trusting of recommendations from family and friends
Over 65% of customers read reviews before they considered a brand
Over 75% of people are impacted by friends’ social media postings.

How can you get word of mouth going?

Make sure your customer service is on point
Be proud of your product. Brag about your company culture. Be a little wacky with your advertising.

After all it worked for Old Spice!

Lastly, make sure you are honest in all you do. People do not like somebody who cheats others. They do not like being deceived.

Combine this with other strategies of your choice. Some favorites are contests and loyalty programs. You should see an increase in your demand.

14. Make Diversity A Priority

As somebody engaging in enamel pins marketing strategy, you will encounter many people of different cultures and religions. You should be able to also appeal to people of different genders.

Aside from gender think about ethnicity and age. You want to make sure your products appeal to everybody.

Think about and create ways to communicate to people in diverse clusters. Utilizing many different marketing methods is one way to do this. Many large companies like McDonald’s and Target have done this with success.

Diversity marketing is effective in several groups. African Americans often require a unique marketing strategy. Advertising to Asian Americans is important as typically they are lumped in with Caucasian people.

Meanwhile Hispanic people stand for the fastest growing of special populations that need a unique approach. Those who speak Spanish and are first-gen immigrants are different than their kids who are bilingual.

Put diversity on your list.


Which of these custom pins marketing strategy will you be using in your campaign? Which do you think will be most effective? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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