Best 9 enamel pins factory to custom your own pins

Written by Robin Brown on July 13, 2021
Custom enamel pins are something all of us want. They represent something very personal and special to us. However, finding the top manufacturers of such pins can be a tedious task. 

Not to worry, I scoured the market and found the 10 best custom enamel pin makers. There are some great manufacturers out there like Vivipins, Busy Beaver, and Pin Depot. Here, you’ll get facts about minimum order quantities (MOQs), delivery schedules, and production times of said makers.

1. Vivipins

Vivi.Pins  logo image
What if you’re looking for great custom pins for the holidays or for a special event? Whatever the occasion, Vivipins make amazing enamel pins according to your specifications.

With free shipping and a production lead time of 7-10 days, you can expect to get your custom pins in no time.

You can even order 1 custom pin if you want to! Vivipins doesn’t have an MOQ.

2. Pinmart

pinmart logo image
Pinmart strives to make quality custom pins that are 100% American-made.They use dimensional printing which eliminates the need to engrave metal. The result is that you get custom, affordable products that resemble die struck soft enamel pins.

According to their website, Pinmart guarantees custom-made pins in 5 to 10 days.

3. Pin Depot

Pin Depot 1
Another great manufacturer, Pin Depot is all about making custom enamel pins for you. Their specialty is crafting silkscreen pins as per your custom designs.

The company promises custom pins in 10 days or less along with free FedEx shipping and free artwork proof.Also, they allow unlimited revisions and adjustments until you’re satisfied with the pin design. Pretty cool!

4. Busy Beaver

Busy Beaver logo image
Eco-friendly custom pin manufacturing is what Busy Beaver is all about. They are perhaps the only solar-powered pin factory in the world! Furthermore, their factory makes all pins using recycled materials in the US.

Additionally, the Busy Beaver factory is located near its suppliers. This helps to cut down emissions by reducing the need for frequent transportation of materials.

5. The Pin People

pin people logo image
The Pin People focuses on delivering the best custom pins in the shortest possible time. They have a special 24-hour rush delivery service, meaning you can get your pins within a day!

The company makes direct print pins that are ready to ship immediately. Printing flexible ink on pins eliminates the need to create a mould which results in faster shipping.

●Pin Lord

If you’re interested in opening a custom pin business, Pin Lord is the maker to follow. In addition to selling custom enamel pins, Pin Lord also teaches the basics of getting into this business.

You can get firsthand experience on how to master the trade of selling custom enamel pins. He’s a self-made pin shop owner after all.

6. QualityLapelPins

QualityLapelPins logo image
QualityLapelPins is also a decent option for making a range of custom pins.

They’ve recently added a new type of pin that can attach to your smartwatch. Whether you have a FitBit or Apple Watch, their custom pins can make great accessories for said watches.

The company also has international and priority shipping services for any kind of delivery needs.

7. Pin Crafters

Pin Crafters logo image
Do you need custom pins to recognize years of service, promote an event or express company pride? Then, Pin Crafters is the maker for you.

The company has a fantastic team of in-house pin designers and sales experts that can make your custom ideas come to life. They can also make corporate logos according to any specification you might have.

8. Pinsource

Pin Source logo image
Pinsource gives you the option to buy custom enamel pins (Made in USA) suited to any budget or lead time.

The company has an extensive range of designs to choose from. They are best for situations where your organization needs custom pins manufactured domestically.

Usually, manufacturers stick to certain pin sizes, but Pinsource can accommodate any custom size that you may require.

9. Cheappins

Cheappins logo image
Cheappins gives you custom pins that are awesome in terms of price and quality. It’s perfect for all sorts of individuals, non-profits and corporate firms. 

They bring your custom pin ideas to life while ensuring great discounts.  

However, you’ll have to wait 12 business days to get your custom pins after ordering. In comparison, most pin makers deliver within 10 business days.

● Recapping the best custom pin makers

Overall, the best custom pin manufacturers are Vivipins, Pin Depot, Pinmart, Busy Beaver, Pin Lord, QualityLapelPins, The Pin People, Pin Crafters, Pinsource and Cheappins.

On average, you can expect free shipping from these makers after your pins are produced within 10 business days. Moreover, be mindful of the minimum order quantity (MOQ). However, if you’re looking to order 1 or 2 pins, Vivipins can accommodate such requests.

I hope this post has been helpful. Check back here whenever you need more information on the best custom pin makers. Bye!
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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