12 Cute Enamel pins Display Idea For Your Pins Collection

Written by Robin Brown on April 25, 2021
Enamel pins have made a stylish comeback in the fashion scene. Regardless of the size of your collection, it's essential to find an adorable and secure method to showcase your pins. Instead of concealing them in a drawer or cabinet, this compilation presents ten charming display cases that exude style and sophistication.

Let's begin exploring these options to display your pins with flair and elegance.

1.  Wall Hanging Pin Collection Display

collection display pins
Introducing a chic and versatile solution for showcasing your pins in style. This display case offers a range of color options, allowing you to personalize it to seamlessly complement your room decor.

The surface of the case features a glittering effect, created with artificial leather, lending it a fashionable allure. Its edges are beautifully finished with a smooth and sleek wood texture, adding an elegant touch.

This vibrant display case can be easily hung on your wall or placed on your desk, instantly infusing your space with a burst of personality and charm.

2. PACMAXI Hanging Brooch Pin Organizer

brooch image
The PacMaxi Hanging Pin Organizer offers an excellent solution for displaying a vast collection of pins. Designed with functionality and style in mind, this organizer features a sleek fabric finish that adds a touch of elegance to any space. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can select the shade that best suits your preferences and needs.

For those seeking an extra dash of flair, the lighter color options such as Pink, Purple, Peach, or Rose provide a stylish alternative. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your pin display with these captivating hues.

3. Enamel Pin Wall Display Banner

diaplay pins banner image
Introducing the Enamel Pin Wall Display Banner—a simple yet effective solution for showcasing your pin collection.

While its design may be understated, this display banner exudes both cuteness and style. It allows your pins to take center stage and speak for themselves.

For those seeking a personalized touch, you can easily add your own text or paint to give it a DIY look. The versatility and customizability of this banner are further enhanced by its plain appearance.

To add a unique twist to your display, you have the option of choosing between the black or denim fabric variations.

4. Knit Enamel Pin Display Bag

Knit Enamel Pin Display Bag
If you find that the available display options don't always match your desired level of cuteness, fret not! Embarking on a DIY project can be the perfect solution for you.

This particular project offers an excellent opportunity to put your personal touch on the display by utilizing unique colors. You can also arrange your pins in an attractive manner, further enhancing the bag's adorability.

Transforming your pins into a stylish bag by placing them on the interior is a design I adore. Not only does it exude cuteness, but it also serves as an engaging conversation starter.

Another advantage of this DIY project is the easy access it provides to all your pins. You'll have them readily available whenever you want to showcase or switch them out.

5. Polaroid Pin Frame

Polaroid Pin Frame
image source:liveitloveitmakeit.com
If you're seeking a quick and easy DIY project, look no further than this charming DIY polaroid frame that can be completed in under 10 minutes. With its classic appeal, it will instantly give your photos the timeless and cute look of traditional polaroids.

Harness the artistic potential of your pins by using them to create small, captivating works of art on your polaroid frame. Let your creativity soar as you arrange and showcase your pins in unique and eye-catching ways.

Perfect for adorning your wall or gracing your desk, this DIY polaroid frame offers versatility in display options. For an added personal touch, consider using different colors or adding text around the border, emulating the style of a genuine polaroid.

6.  Pin Keepers Denim Jacket Camp Flag

jacket pins image
image source:oxfordpennant.com
If you're in search of a timeless and elegant method to showcase your pins, you're in for a treat. This display features a classic design, featuring a denim base and a sleek yellow outline that adds a touch of sophistication.

With its generous size of 18" x 24", this display is perfect for individuals with larger pins or extensive collections. You'll have ample surface area to easily pin your entire collection without any concerns.

Experience the joy of displaying your pins without the worry of space limitations. This classic and stylish design provides the perfect backdrop for showcasing your cherished pins.

7. Becosmic Studio Pin Badge Display

Introducing the Studio Pin Badge Display, an exquisite and sophisticated accessory. Its sleek and elegant aesthetics, characterized by a striking all-black design, make it an ideal addition to any room or setting.

This remarkable pin display allows you to showcase your pins with style and refinement. Moreover, the effortless process of adding and removing pins ensures convenient accessibility whenever you desire.

8. Becosmic Studio Enamel Pin Wall Banner

Presenting a contemporary and sophisticated creation, behold the modern and elegant design of this wall banner. While its simplicity is a prominent feature, it effectively fulfills its intended purpose.

To enhance its aesthetic appeal, this banner features a wooden finish at both the top and bottom, imparting a touch of class. You have the option to choose from three different wood finishes: natural, brown, and black, allowing for personalization.

With its simple yet refined design, this banner allows your pins to take center stage. The absence of any distracting elements ensures that your pins shine, resulting in a stunning and captivating display.

9. Lapel Pins Display Case Cabinet Wall

Lapel Pins Display Case Cabinet Wall
Experience the timeless elegance and professional appeal of showcasing your pins with this exquisite display. This classic display offers three distinct wood finish options: cherry, oak, and walnut, allowing you to select the one that best complements your style.

Designed with utmost care, this display case features a plexiglass cover and secure latches, ensuring that your prized collection remains protected and safe. The modernity of this display case enhances the overall aesthetic, elevating the visual impact of your pins.

Indulge in this sophisticated display case, an exceptional choice that exudes both refinement and functionality. It presents a marvelous opportunity to elevate the appearance of your pins, making them stand out in a truly captivating manner.

10. Y&ME Shadow Box Frame

YME Shadow Box Frame
image source:pixabay.com
Introducing a charming vintage-inspired shadow box frame, an embodiment of classic elegance. This versatile display case offers the option to hang it on your wall or place it on a flat surface, granting you the freedom to choose the perfect placement.

The juxtaposition of the rustic shadow box and the vibrant, contemporary enamel pins creates an exquisite harmony. The captivating blend of old-world charm and modern flair ensures that your pins command attention like never before.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this vintage-inspired display case. Witness your pins come to life as they effortlessly take center stage within this remarkable showcase. Prepare to be amazed as your pins radiate a newfound vibrancy and captivate all who behold them.

11. Hobby Master Pin Collector’s Compact Display Case

Display Case
Discover the epitome of class and style with this traditional pin case, meticulously crafted to exude timeless elegance. Designed to be either standing or lying on the floor, it offers versatile display options that suit your preference.

Enhancing its allure, this case comes with three felt options: black, blue, and red. These luxurious felt linings not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide gentle cushioning to protect your precious pins.

Ideal for those on the go, this display case serves as a perfect travel companion, ensuring your pins are safely stored and ready to be showcased at any moment. It is particularly well-suited for housing premium and limited edition pins, offering a secure and stylish home for your prized collection.

If you are in search of a traditional, durable, and premium-quality display case, look no further. This exceptional option promises to meet and exceed your expectations, embodying the essence of timeless elegance.

12.Navaris Hexagon Felt Board Tiles

Embrace a contemporary and innovative method of showcasing your pins with these Hexagon felt board tiles. This modern approach provides you with unparalleled versatility, allowing you to unleash your creative instincts and craft unique shapes and patterns.

Comprising six tiles, you have the option to hang them together for a cohesive display or spread them out to accentuate different areas. The availability of three vibrant colors ensures that these tiles will infuse a delightful burst of energy into any room they grace.

Discover the freedom to express your individual style and bring your vision to life with these remarkable Hexagon felt board tiles. With their modern aesthetic and limitless arrangement possibilities, these tiles are the perfect choice for those seeking a fresh and dynamic way to exhibit their pin collection.


Don’t hide your pins inside a bag or pouch.

You should be displaying your pins proudly and sharing their beauty with the world. Now you have exactly what you need to choose the cutest display case on the market.

Don’t neglect your pins any longer. Buy one of the display options listed above and get pinning.
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Article written by Robin Brown
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