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15 Types of Enamel Pin Backs


April 02, 2024

Enamel Pins Back is the perfect remedy for securing your favorite lapel pin. With the right enamel Pin Back, you can proudly display your preferred pin with peace of mind that it will be securely held in place even in the most adverse conditions

As will be detailed in the buying guide below, Enamel Pin Backs come in different shades and each has pros and cons.


Types of Pin Backs available with Vivipins

Here’s our top pick for the most appropriate enamel pinbacks including the pros and cons for each.


Butterfly Clutch Pin Back

Butterfly Clutch Pin Back

Image Source: Vivipins.com

A butterfly clutch, is sometimes also referred to as a military clutch. It is a common type of enamel pin fastener. The butterfly clutch is characterized by two metal prongs that can be squeezed to fasten or release the enamel pin.

These backings are widely used for enamel pins and are available in multiple finishes such as gold or silver.

Pros of Butterfly Clutches

  • Secure and easy to use.
  • Versatile as it has a small profile and no sharp edges.

Cons of Butterfly Clutches

  • They come loose with repeated usage.
  • They only work with pins with attachment points.


Magnetic Pin Back

Magnetic Pin Back

Image Source: adafruit.com

Magnetic Pin Backs enable you to transform enamel pins into magnetic pins. Typically, these Pin Backs comprise two pieces: a metal bar with an adhesive strip to attach to the enamel pin and a plastic piece embedded with strong rare-earth magnets.

With a robust magnet affixed to the enamel pin, it can securely adhere to any magnetic surface.

Pros of Magnetic Pin Backs

  • It allows you to attach enamel pins to any magnetic surface.
  • Versatile and works with all shapes of enamel pins.
  • It doesn't damage the enamel pin.

Cons of Magnetic Pin Backs

  • Magnets don’t work on some surfaces.
  • Strong magnetism can have negative effects on electronics.


Jewelry Clutch Pin Back

Jewelry Clutch Pin Back

Image Source: allaboutpins.com

Jewelry clutches typically utilize a metal locking mechanism, offering superior security compared to conventional butterfly or rubber clutches. Attaching a jewelry clutch is straightforward: you elevate the metal nub, insert the pin needle into the hole, and release.

These pinbacks are renowned for their refined design and powerful grip. Their locking mechanism ensures a secure hold on various fabrics, preventing any movement caused by the wearer.

Pros of Jewelry Clutch Pin Backs

  • They offer a more secure attachment option than other pinbacks.

Cons of Jewelry Clutch Pin Backs

  • They typically cost more than conventional pinbacks.


Ball Locking Clutch Pin Back

Ball locking Pin Backs

Image Source: Nationaldutysupply.com


Ball locking Pin Backs feature an internal locking mechanism designed to keep the pin securely in place, even during rotation, without causing wear or damage.

The internal mechanism consists of a ball and spring mechanism that applies tension to the stem of the pin. As the pin is inserted into the backing, the ball moves along the post until it locks within an indentation, effectively securing the enamel pin in place.

Pros of Ball Locking Clutch Pin Backs

  • They provide a firm grip on the enamel pin.
  • They hold the pin securely without causing wear.

Cons of Ball Locking Clutch Pin Backs

  • They are more demanding to use.
  • They often cost more than other pinbacks.


Safety Pin Clutch

safety pin clutch

Image Source: Vivipins.com

A safety pin clutch closely resembles traditional safety pins and is crafted to prevent pins from rotating when affixed to fabric. This straightforward design guarantees that the pin remains securely in place.

Safety pin clutches are ideal for one-time events like trade shows or situations requiring extra security to keep the pin firmly positioned. They provide a reliable locking solution for attaching pins to clothing or accessories, minimizing the risk of them loosening or falling off unexpectedly.

Pros of Safety Pin Clutches

  • Easy to use and can be attached to any type of fabric.
  • Provides secure attachment and prevents rotation.

Cons of Safety Pin Clutches

  • Safety pin clutches have sharp parts that can cause injury if proper pinning is not followed.


Screw-in Pin Back

Screw-in Pin Back

Image Source: Vivipins.com

Screw-in Pin Backs are widely regarded as the most secure method of attaching enamel pins. This is achieved by screwing the backing onto the threaded pin post, ensuring a firm and stable attachment.

Pros of Screw-in Pin Backs

  • They provide a way to secure enamel pins reliably.
  • They are perfect for permanently securing enamel pins.
  • Threaded connections provide extra security.

Cons of Screw-in Pin Backs

  • You need a threaded pin post to use this type of Pin Back.


Stem Style Pin Back

A stem-style Pin

Image Source: Vivipins.com

A stem-style Pin Back requires two punctures in the fabric for vertical insertion. For added security, a metal or rubber cap can be attached to the end of the stem.

This attachment style is unique and is often chosen to enhance a specific fashion statement by the wearer.

Pros of Stem Style Pin Backs

  • It makes the wearer stand out with its unique style.
  • It is suitable for clothing, bags, and other accessories.

Cons of Stem Style Pin Backs

  • It is not suitable for all types of clothing with its large size.
  • The Pin Back needs two puncture points on the fabric for it to work.
  • Stem-style Pin Backs are not suitable for all pin types.


Tie Clip Pin Back

Tie Clip Pin Back

Image Source: Amazon.com

The Tie Clip Pin Back is designed for individuals who frequently wear ties. This Pin Back typically features a mechanism that securely attaches the tie clip to a shirt or tie, preventing it from shifting or falling off.

These Pin Backs are essential for maintaining a neat and polished appearance when wearing a tie clip and enamel pin. They ensure that the tie remains in place, prominently displaying the enamel pin.

Tie clip Pin Backs are particularly suitable for formal or professional settings, where they add a touch of style and sophistication to an outfit while preventing the tie and enamel pin from moving or flapping around.

Pros of Tie Clip Pin Backs

  • In addition to displaying enamel pins, they keep the user neat by holding the tie in place.
  • They are easy to secure and take off.

Cons of Tie Clip Pin Backs

  • The tie clip can become loose over time.
  • It is less secure than other Pin Backs.


Tie Tack Pin Back

Tie tack Pin Back

Image Source: Vivipins.com

Tie tack Pin Backs are used to secure a necktie to the underlying shirt, preventing it from swinging or flapping around while also holding an enamel pin in place.

Typically, they feature a decorative top piece, a pin that pierces through both the tie and the fabric of the shirt, and a backing mechanism to secure the entire assembly in place.

Pros of Tie Tack Pin Backs

  • Easy to use.
  • Stylish and fits with many fashion choices.

Cons of Tie Tack Pin Backs

  • You need to pierce your tie and shirt to use it.


Rubber Clutch Pin Back

Rubber clutch Pin Back

Image Source: Etsy

Rubber clutch Pin Backs are typically crafted from synthetic rubber and offer a reliable grip for pins. They are commonly used as alternatives to pricier metal butterfly clutch pinbacks.

These rubber Pin Backs are soft yet provide a secure attachment for enamel pins. They are versatile and suitable for affixing pins to a variety of items such as jackets, bags, or other accessories.

Pros of Rubber Clutch Pin Backs

  • They are lighter than metallic pinbacks.
  • They are skin-friendly.
  • Less invasive and comfortable than metallic Pin Backs.

Cons of Rubber Clutch Pin Backs

  • Rubber loses strength over time.
  • Rubber can lose strength in hot weather.


Flathead Pin Back

Flathead pinbacks

Image Source: Etsy

Flathead pinbacks feature a flat and flush design that conceals their functionality. They incorporate an internal locking system that ensures a secure attachment, resistant to loosening over time. This stands in stark contrast to standard rubber pinbacks.

In addition to their discreet design, flathead pinbacks are user-friendly and provide unparalleled security, keeping pins firmly in place without the risk of them coming loose.

Furthermore, flathead pinbacks offer fashion advantages. They are available in various styles, including metallic colors that can be coordinated with the pin's color and clothing. These finishes, such as gold or chrome, enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal for enamel pin owners.

Pros of Flathead Pin Backs

  • They have a low-profile design that fits anywhere.
  • They hold enamel pins in place securely and don't come loose over time.

Cons of Flathead Pin Backs

  • Their small size is not suited for larger enamel pins.


Pin Locks With Tools

Pin Locks With Tools

Image Source: Amazon

These custom pinbacks lock in place with specialized tools and are tailored to fit a specific niche that cannot be accommodated by conventional designs.

Pros of Pin Locks With Tools

  • They are custom-designed to fit whatever niche you have in mind.
  • You need tools to unlock them, giving them an extra security layer.

Cons of Pin Locks With Tools

  • They cost more than conventional pin-back designs.
  • You need tools to attach and detach these types of pinbacks.


Adhesive Pin Back

Adhesive Pin Back

Image Source: PCL-Media

An adhesive Pin Back is a type of pin attachment that utilizes a self-adhesive pad for convenient attachment to a variety of surfaces, including metal, canvas, and others. These pinbacks are designed to offer an effortless and secure method of affixing pins without requiring traditional pin clasps or backings.

Pros of Adhesive Pin Backs

  • They can stick to any desired surface.
  • They can be used to decorate brooches, bags, and other items that would not allow the attachment of enamel pins.
  • Adhesive Pin Backs are extremely practical for decorative work.

Cons of Adhesive Pin Backs

  • Adhesives can lose strength over time.
  • Moisture and heat can weaken adhesives.


PVC Clutch Pin Back

PVC Clutch Pin Back

Image Source: Gosupps.com

PVC clutches, as the name suggests, are made of soft PVC material. They are accompanied by a sharp pin post that pierces through the fabric of the enamel pin owner and attaches to the clutch.

Pros of PVC Clutch Pin Backs

  • They are cheap.
  • PVC material is lighter than metals.
  • PVC is comfortable against the skin.

Cons of PVC Clutch Pin Backs

  • PVC loses strength over time.
  • PVC is sensitive to temperature changes.


Deluxe Clutch Pin Backs

Deluxe Clutch Pin Backs

Image Source: Pinkeeper.com

Deluxe clasp Pin Backs are a premium class of metallic Pin Backs renowned for their high quality and style, providing a secure attachment for enamel pins.

Available in two styles—flat head shapes and ball top shapes—these pinbacks are ideal for individuals seeking maximum security and durability for their enamel pins.

Pros of Deluxe Clasp Pin Backs

  • They are more secure than conventional pinbacks such as butterfly clasps.
  • Deluxe clasps are secure but you don’t need tools to secure and unsecure them.

Cons of Deluxe Clasp Pin Backs

  • They are heavier than other pinbacks.
  • Deluxe clasps are larger and bulkier than other pinbacks.


Bottom Line

Securing and displaying enamel pins can be achieved through different methods, each offering varying levels of effectiveness, security, convenience, and aesthetics as explained in the buying guide above.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the most suitable Pin Back for your enamel pin. This ensures a secure and visually appealing display that meets your needs and preferences. Check our custom selection of enamel Pin Backs and order one that fits your needs.


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