10 Adorable Enamel Coffee Pins For All Coffee Lovers Out There

Written by Robin Brown on May 3, 2022
These enamel pins possess an appealing charm thanks to their lustrous appearance achieved through enamel paint. Not only do these pins serve as a fantastic substitute for jewelry, adding a touch of diversity to any outfit, but they also prove to be remarkably versatile. You can utilize multiple pins to adorn a collective display or elevate the aesthetic of a handbag. Moreover, they make for delightful gifts that coffee enthusiasts among your friends will truly appreciate.

Explore the enticing selection of 10 adorable coffee enamel pins, ideal for accessorizing your attire, adorning your vacation backpack or everyday tote bag, or presenting as thoughtful gifts.

1. Iced Like My Heart

Iced Like My Heart image
There is an enamel pin for iced coffee fans. This pin showcases a brown coffee cup adorned with a flower, complemented by scattered ice cubes. Notably, it boasts a lid with a light green straw reminiscent of the iconic Starbucks iced coffee.

What sets this pin apart is the inclusion of the quote "Iced Like my Heart," capturing the essence of your inner self. Individuals who resonate with having a cold heart can proudly display this pin on their backpack, purse, or even their T-shirt.

2. David 

David image
The Mr. Bowie Pin features a striking design with a red lightning bolt in its right eye and flames adorning its head, symbolizing the intensity of hot coffee.

For those who have an unwavering passion for hot coffee, we have crafted the ideal enamel pin. This design beautifully balances a sense of tranquility and fierceness. The closed eyes represent the calmness that precedes a storm. Whether you choose to adorn your study table or carry it with you in your backpack, this enamel pin serves as a perfect companion. Get your enamel pin today and embark on a delightful coffee-filled journey.


3. Enamel Pin That melts your heart

Enamel Pin That melts your heart image
Surprise your beloved ones with this beautiful enamel pin. Its adorable appearance is sure to instantly captivate their hearts. The charming coffee cup design holds a heart symbolizing the depth of your affection for them. To add even more sweetness, a cute smiley face graces the pin. This lapel pin possesses a truly distinctive quality. It will elevate your overall aesthetic, no matter what item you choose to embellish with it.


While opinions may vary, in my eyes, cats reign as the most adorable creatures. If I spot a cat-themed design on my preferred beverage, I'm compelled to make the purchase. Whenever feelings of loneliness arise, this cute coffee pin is sure to bring a smile to your face. Who knows? It might even offer a moment of respite with a cup of coffee during challenging times. Alternatively, you can carry it with you, proudly displaying this delightful pin to share your joy with friends.


Begin your branding journey with Lapel pinsPresent these lapel pins as gifts to your customers as a promotional effort. Customize them by adding your brand's logo or name in the designated areas. Spread awareness about your presence and convey a simple message: "Just Drink a hot Black Coffee."

This pin is crafted with high-quality hard enamel and measures 1 inch by 1 inch. It features a sleek black nickel plating and is secured with a black rubber pin clutch.

6. Once Upon A Time There Were Ghost On a Coffee!!

Once Upon A Time There Were Ghost On a Coffee image
This enamel pin showcases a vibrant crimson coffee mug with ghost-like figures swirling above it, resembling rising steam. Etched on the side is the quote "Caffeine Fiend." It embodies a pure artistic expression, blending a playful design with underlying introspection. The interpretation of these profound thoughts is left to your imagination.

Surprise your loved ones with this delightful gift; they are sure to cherish it. And if you happen to be planning a proposal, who knows, this pin might bring you some luck! The dimensions are perfectly suited for lapel pins, measuring 1 inch by 8 inches.

7.  Dark As Night

Dark As Night image
I've always drawn parallels between the night and a cup of coffee. This lapel pin holds a special place in my heart. It's an ideal accessory for those who appreciate rich, dark coffee like myself. The design exudes an artistic and cool vibe, featuring images of the moon, stars, and Saturn on its face. Over these shimmering objects, the quote "Dark As The Night" is elegantly inscribed.

Whether as a gift for your loved ones or for personal adornment, this item is sure to captivate.

8. Coffee Machine 

Coffee Machine image
This Coffee machine lapel pin is a visually stunning piece. It represents a magical contraption that brings forth the essence of happiness for coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee has been a faithful companion during countless sleepless nights. Present this pin to any coffee lover, and their excitement will know no bounds.

Alternatively, you can utilize this mockup to create a logo that reflects your brand's identity and value.

If you own a gift shop, consider offering these enamel pins as giveaways to your customers. They will become brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your business and propelling it to new heights.

9. Coffee Please!!!

Coffee Please design image
"Coffee Please!!" is a delightful phrase that resonates deeply with coffee sellers. A coffee mug adorned with these charming words is sure to be a sought-after item among coffee enthusiasts.

This coffee pin has gained considerable popularity. I've noticed many college students proudly sporting these pins on their bags.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to customize the wording to your liking. You can imprint your brand's motto or even the brand name itself on this enamel pin.

Such a strategic move will undoubtedly propel your business to new heights, unlocking its full potential.

10. Wake Up Coffee Repeat

Wake Up Coffee Repeat image
The love for coffee is a passion that hits close to home for me. As a fellow coffee enthusiast, I can truly resonate with the sentiment expressed on the lapel pin.

During my time in San Francisco, when I was on my own for work, coffee became my faithful companion. To manage my demanding workload, I relied heavily on the energizing effects of coffee. It became an integral part of my daily routine.

Each morning, I would start my day with a cup of coffee, and throughout the day, I would continue to indulge in this caffeinated beverage, as it kept me alert and focused on my tasks.

During that period, I had a lapel pin similar to the one mentioned, and it held a special significance for me. It served as a magical source of motivation, reminding me to savor my coffee and dive into my work with enthusiasm.


We all like coffee. Snatching a coffee cup is like snatching my heart out. There are many coffee lovers all around the world. The coffee culture made a revolution after FRIENDS TV show was first aired. Then this industry did not look back. Today it is a billion-dollar industry. Tea loving countries like Uk and Indian Subcontinent also have huge coffee enthusiasts. 

And it is very usual to run into a lot of competitors. You need to do something totally out of the box to stand out. 
Lapel Pin can be a good way of marketing. You can give away small enamel pins to the customers. Then you can see the change in the business. 

Sometimes small things can make a significant change. So, brace yourself. You are about to get lucky in your marketing sector, and Happy sipping.
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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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