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Custom Iron on Patches

Portray a brands personality with style

 Let our experts innovate and create your patch design for free. Once the artwork is finalized, and the concept is brought to life, we will only charge you the wholesale price. Our affordability allows you to save money and allocate it to other areas in your industry.

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How We Work

Custom patches can be easy, only 4 simple step
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Step 1 : Customize

You can decide every detail you need by the new order system.
upload your pin design

Step 2: Upload design

Share your design and idea, we will make the design with Unlimited Revision
digital approval

Step 3: Digital approval

You will get free digital approval before production.

Step 4: Production&Ship

We will process the production and you will get your order soon.



Free design

Unlimited Revision

Fair price

Save 30%+.

Fast Turnaround

Less than 10 days


100% money back

Take words from our customer

“It was quick and easy. I liked the level of customization.“
Faras Aamir

Co-Founder & CEO,

“Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround pin before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“
Ian Enright

CEO & Co-Founder,

Frequently asked questions

Does my patch need to be a specific shape?

No! You're the designer, and you have the option to make a patch of any shape or size you like. Generally, our customers request round, square, triangular, rectangular, or oval. Whatever your wish is, we can make your patch using a hot cut border.

Is 2 the smallest sized patch you make?

No, we can make even smaller sized patches. The size of the patch varies based on the amount of detail needed in the design.

What's the biggest sized patch I can request?

The largest-sized iron-on patch we can make is 15

What is the durability of your iron-on patches?

On average, iron-on patches usually stick for up to 25 washes. Most of the time, this is enough for washing fabric. If you need a patch to last longer, you will need to sew it on to your clothing.

How can you identify an iron-on patch?

To know that your patch is iron-on and not sew on, you will be able to spot a shiny backing. Once ironed on, it then becomes adhesive and only becomes sticky once applied.

What extra can you do to secure an iron-on patch?

To keep your iron-on patch in place, we advise using an iron that is on the medium-hot setting. During the process, use a thin fabric to iron on the patch and press down hard on the fabric. Make sure you prevent the iron from slipping, so sticking does not occur, and repeat this for 2-3 minutes.

Can the washing machine cause iron patches to fall off?

While you can wash iron-on patches, it's best you use cold water and avoid hot water. Moreover, when drying it, keep it away from a dry high heat as this will loosen the adhesive and cause it to fall off. Yet if you're looking to remove it, place the hot iron to a patch and peel it off the fabric.

Can I iron on a patch onto a piece of fabric like satin?

Unfortunately, iron-on patches don't stick onto satin well and can damage the fabric. The best way to attach a patch to satin is by sewing it on. When doing so, you may need to cut out a window shape around your patch and a scrap piece of fabric to protect the satin.

Is there a standard temperature required to iron on the patches?

You will want to preheat your iron to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're using cotton, place it on the cotton setting for an average of 5 minutes and use it once it's hot. Before pressing down your iron, position the patch in the location you want. Next, use a thin cloth or a parchment of paper over your patch. Then iron over the top and watch the patch stick. Do note, if your clothing fabric is wool or is delicate, it's best to use a damp cloth.

Where can I design and create my iron-on patch?

If you're looking to create and make your own patch, visit On there, you will find options for sizes, colors, and a variety of backings. We create affordable and high-quality designs that catch everyone's eye.

Is the design part of patch making free?

Inform us about your idea or upload your image, and our designer will get to work for free.

Can I iron on a patch onto a piece of fabric like silk?

To do this, you will need to press down the iron on a fusible patch on top of the silk or its hole. If you press down well enough, there is less of a chance of the silk scorching. You will need to hold the iron down based on the timeframe suggested by the manufacturer.

Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk?

Depending on the number of patches you order from us, we can provide you with a wholesale discount. Generally, the more you order, the cheaper your total price will be.

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