7 Best Custom Socks Supplier in Australia!

Written by Robin Brown on October 9, 2022
Although custom socks aren't very complex, they still require skill to distinguish your picture. To compete in this competitive market, you must have access to reasonable, high-quality creations (and products). With on-request manufacturing, you can expect to have cheaper upfront costs, a shorter turnaround time, easier getting, and, shockingly, a free model plan from The/master Studio's configuration team. They'll help you marry your artistic idea with the practical challenges of making socks so your finished product appears just how you want it to.

So if you are someone who is looking for custom face socks or any custom socks, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go through 7 best companies to buy custom socks from!


vivipins 3
Address: 1440 W.Taylor St#989, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Vivipins is one of Australia's most talented producers of personalized socks, having sold more than 600,000 pairs worldwide. Since they have been producing innovative socks for more than three years, they have collaborated with many of the most prestigious clubs and affiliations in the globe as well as many of its top associations. They have also worked with "normal, average folks," such as entrepreneurs who were just starting out and wanted to raise some money by selling their unique goods as well as well-known, powerful VIPs. They all receive the same treatment from them, from the largest company to the lone individual.

Product Description
Vivipins offers free customization for personalized face socks. By selecting "Customize Now" on the right and adding text or a logo, you may personalize your socks on their website. Your guests will receive an important party memento in the form of their socks.

Minimum order quantity
Through Vivipins, you do not need to have a minimum order quantity.

Delivery time
The handling and etching times of the handicraft will largely determine the delivery time. However, you may also choose to just use their expedited service in a few locations!

The cost of each custom sock depends on the type of product and artwork. So, head on to their website to learn more!


2. Tiesnscuff

Tiesnscuff logo
Address: D8A, 101 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW 2199, Australia

They have everything you need if you're looking for personalized business socks, personalized gaming socks, or relaxed socks. Quality handmade socks are created and delivered by Ties n' Cuffs. Customized socks are a fantastic way to improve your reputation and accomplish a vital task. By doing this, you also help your clients continuously think about your brand.

They use various yarns to create a vast variety of personalized socks. Order your customized socks with your own artwork or logos right away! Plan your own personalized promotional socks to further your company's limited-time strategy. Custom-made socks are a fantastic way to improve the recognition of your company's brand while presenting a tomfoolery and bright approach to promotion that may help with fostering group cohesion. View our selection of custom socks and write a note for them.

Product Description
Ties 'n'Cuffs' corporate personalized socks will complete your business attire. Give them to your customers, nail that "sock-out" punch, and defeat your competition in terms of marketing strategy. These factors have a significant impact on how your image is perceived by your current and potential clients. No plan limitations! Shop with them right away to take advantage of amazing discounts on these unique, standout personalized socks.

Minimum order quantity
You ought to have a base request amount before making a request through tiesnscuff. The default request quantity is 10 pieces per request, however, you may increase this to a maximum of 1000 pieces per request.

Delivery time
Typically, delivery takes four to a month and a half when done globally. It could take 5 to 7 days to mail something within Australia.

When making a request through tiesnsfuffs, there are no arranging fees. Visit their website immediately to learn the price of each pair of socks!


CompuKnit logo
Address: 13 Chaffey St, Thomastown VIC 3074, Australia

Since its founding in 1994, Compuknit Hosiery has led the Australian sock manufacturing industry. Following his previous successes as the manager of one of Australia's largest sock manufacturers throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Mr. Antonio Pietrolungo founded Compuknit, a third-generation family business.

While commercial innovations continue to build and improve, Mr. Pietrolungo's background is evident throughout the Compuknit Hosiery method of making socks.

From the first stages of testing until the moment your order arrives at your door, Compuknit Hosiery places a high value on providing its customers with a seamless and comprehensive experience. At our production line, which is located in Thomastown, Victoria's contemporary hub, each cycle is conducted close by.

Product Description
They can assure you that they will provide a product that both meets and exceeds your expectations since they have combined industry expertise of almost 50 years and a great reputation with their present clients. provide you with something you'll be happy to offer your consumers. The model is created using their top-of-the-line Lonati single-chamber circular weaving equipment or Lonati two-chamber round sewing machines, together with meticulously selected yarn suppliers to ensure only the best-unprocessed materials are used.

Minimum order quantity
There is no minimum order quantity when ordering through CompuKnit

Delivery time
The delivery time is usually 5 to 7 days.

To know the cost of each sock, head on to their website now!


Printful logo
Address: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

An on-demand printing and fulfillment company called Printful helps people turn their ideas into brands and products. They can help you with making it happen, whether you want to create your online business or give someone a custom shirt. When someone, such as you or your customer, makes a purchase, they will obviously fulfill the request and deliver the item. Because you put your faith in them, they represent the caliber you can rely on. They're here to turn your ideas into things that leave a lasting, meaningful impression.

They saw fantastic opportunities for economic growth and advancement. Less excess inventory flies into landfills when orders are printed upon request. They want to establish on-demand production as the norm for a world with scarce resources and limitless minds. All you need is energy, and they'll provide the tools to make it happen, including printing and shipping your orders along with specially made reconciliations and configuration tools. Similar to you, their group has heightened its potential for and, both person and activities. They always act with value and trust in mind.

Product Description
You will feel more comfortable wearing their handmade socks because they have cushioned bottoms. May you never have chilly feet! The ribbed leg of the socks is perfect for sublimation designs with beautiful tones that won't blur, while the dark foot provides comfort. Let your personalized socks serve as a representation of you and your sense of style. You may use them to make compelling arguments, crazy schemes, or wonderful demonstrations.

Minimum order requirement
There are no minimum order requirements when ordering through printful.

Delivery time
The delivery time is somewhere between 3 to 4 weeks, but it is much less within Australia.

Each pair of customized socks costs AU$14.70. If you buy more than 25 sets, you can save up to 18% on your purchase.

PrintYo logo
Address: 5 Wall St, Thomastown VIC 3074, Australia

They are an Australian company operating out of Melbourne, and they have a great deal of authority in the field of custom printing. All of your custom-printed socks express different types of devotion and intend to fully express them. They give in to the belief that excitement typically sparkles more brilliantly than any substance. However, if it is introduced to any content, it will only improve the justification for the actions.

Each product at Printyo is given a unique form using our superior printing technology, creating something distinctive for you to cherish. They support this goal with outstanding planning techniques, customization, and printing innovation. Your selection might make the largest impact in their eyes. They develop plans, but we carry them out according to your preferences and the way you need to plan your socks.

Product Description
You may be sure that Printyo's customized socks will provide you with quality, variety, and the complete flexibility to design them whatsoever your whims and preferences dictate. They're offering our consumers the option to ditch their standard shades of gray and blue and match their attire to their personalized face socks. In Australia, Printyo offers a vast array of printing services for customized socks, including team socks, pet socks, bicycle socks, face socks, photograph socks, socks with faces, and more. They collaborate with a team of Australia's top plan custodians and printing specialists.

Delivery time
Depending on the magnitude of the request, large requests take time. Following your request, they inform you about it. Our normal shipment time for various orders is between 24 and 48 hours. Delivery to metro metropolitan centers and rural areas often takes 1-2 working days. We send messages through Australian Post.

Minimum order requirement
There is no minimum order requirement.

The cost of each custom pair of socks starts as low as AU$10!


ThePrintCave logo
Address: 6/7 Daley St, Elwood VIC 3184, Australia

Their founders Lucie and Tomas started a printing test in their carport in Melbourne, Australia, in March 2019. The Print Cave is now one of Australia's largest businesses that offer customized gifts. Visual computerization was Lucie's absolute favorite. Tomas had extensive knowledge of all aspects of printing. Additionally, they all cherished presenting gifts to one another. After that, they by chance had an entrepreneurial idea, tried harder, and started working. The remainder is history.

Even though The Print Cave has grown, they have stayed true to our humble beginnings. They haven't forgotten about our responsibility to provide high-quality goods and reliable help. In this way, their little crew is in charge of whatever you ask for. Behind the computer screen, Lucie is enhancing each modification. To make sure nothing is overlooked, Tomas is running the printers. They also take your calls, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your request. … And all of it is so you may share a moment of happiness with the people you care about.

Product Description
The best-rated socks from our face socks collection are Custom Face Classic Socks, which will accomplish everything with surety like no other when you need to put socks on your grandma or an old person. They attempt to use a high-quality image in hopes of being astounded by the print quality we can produce.

Minimum order requirement
There are no minimum order requirements.

Delivery time
The production time is 3 to 5 business days.

The cost of custom face socks is AU$35 per pair!


MyFaceSocks logo
Address: 151 Radnor Dr, Deer Park VIC 3023, Australia

Socks are always there for you, according to MyFaceSocks. Socks are always going there, whether you're marching through town, accepting your degree, or in any case, declaring your dedication to your first love. They will also always serve as that "great present" for that "wonderful someone."

If you've captured a priceless moment, your companion's captivating face, or a picture of your beloved dog, they're here to revive it in the comfort of socks. According to them, people should express their love for the special someone in the most spectacular way possible. They should be aware of who you're willing to travel with you at all times.

Product Description
To realize your unique, creative ambitions, myfacesocks only hires the greatest planners, customer service specialists, advertising-trained experts, and more. They are a small group of 25, yet each couple independently thinks beyond the box. The sky is the limit now that they have expanded beyond socks and clothes to include nightgowns and Hawaiian shirts.

Minimum order requirement
There are no minimum order requirements.

Delivery time
Delivery times for socks are 1-3 business days.

The cost of each pair is AU$25.95!

Final thoughts

Choosing the proper kind of custom socks is crucial as you advance in your field. Whether you want printed socks or socks with a logo, you should choose a few high-quality pairs. Each personalized sock is shipped with a polyester basis that ranges from 50% to 80%. These socks' delightful blend of fabrics includes nylon, which is obviously versatile and will keep the socks up. So, make sure to choose the right size for you and your loved one’s foot!

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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