Custom Shiny Medals for Flashy Races

Written by Robin Brown on August 1, 2022
If you are hosting a competition, you must include medals in the awards sections. For that, you need the best quality customized medals that will reward the excellent accomplishment of the winner and will hold your organization's name. 
My mamma was so proud when I returned with the winning medal. Every medal tells you many untold stories. Stories of winners and stories behind their success. 
Check out this post to learn about race medals in detail.

What is a Medal?

A medal or medallion is a little portable artistic item, often a thin metal disc with a pattern on both sides. They usually serve some form of commemorative function, and many are offered as rewards. They may be worn or hanging from clothes or jewelry in some fashion. They can be struck by dies like a coin or die-cast in a mould.
A medal can be given to a person or organization to appreciate their sports, military, scientific, cultural, intellectual, or other achievements. Military decorations and awards are more specific titles for many forms of state decorations. Medals may also be sold to honor certain people or events or as works of creative expression.
The first known instance of a medal as an award comes from the historian Josephus, who writes long after the event that in the fourth century BCE, the High Priest Jonathan led the Hebrews in aid of Alexander Balas and that in return, Alexander "sent to Jonathan. honorary awards, as a golden button, which it is customary to give the king's kinsmen." These, as well as genuine gold coins, were frequently set into items of jewelry worn by both sexes.
To keep or win the favor of an influential person, it became standard practice in Europe from the late Middle Ages for sovereigns, nobles, and later intellectuals to commission medals to be delivered as simple presents to their political friends. Depending on the recipient's position, the awards were produced in various metals, including gold, silver-gilt, silver, bronze, and lead.
The donor's head would generally be on the obverse, surrounded by their name and title, and their symbol would typically be on the reverse, with a learning phrase written around the margins. They may be up to three inches wide. Although they could have been mounted as pendants on a chain, these medals were often not meant to be worn. The tradition of explicitly giving military awards to fighters emerged from creating medals to honor specific events, including military conflicts and wins, in the 16th century. Initially, only a small number of the far higher-ranking commanders received these medals.
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Why Do Racers need Medals?

The primary reasons for awarding medals are rewarding to work, fostering a pleasant learning environment, and boosting individual motivation. Giving someone a medal after a performance can boost confidence since it provides positive reinforcement linked to a set of performance indicators. For example, if you want to win the sprint next month, glancing at medals will motivate you to give it all in the arena.
Another advantage of awarding trophies is that it may foster a positive learning atmosphere. If players are rewarded for strong performances and good bits of play, they will feel recognized for their efforts and seek to grow and become better people and players as a result.
Another advantage of awarding effort with Trophies is that it increases incentive. If you create a goal for a group or a group of people and present a prize or trophy to the person who reaches their destination, they will be more driven to meet their goal.
Why is any tournament incomplete without medals?
Imagine Usain Bolt holding on to nothing after doing that crazy 958, or picture Michael Phelps not wearing all eight medals at once. 
I know these pictures will not be that significant as they have taken so many pictures in their lifetime. 
Medals are the thing that brings life to those winning smiles. Any racing tournament feels lifeless without winners wearing medals. 
So, I don't need to explain much about how vital medals are in the games.
The custom of presenting medals to victors began with the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. The first-place winner received a silver medal, the second-place received a bronze medal, and the third-place received nothing. The now-famous gold, silver, and bronze medal tradition began in 1904 at the St. Louis Olympics.
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How are medals given in tournaments, and why?

Every Olympics, we get to see some of the best athletes in the world ascend to the podium and accept medals as prizes. Silver is awarded for placing second, followed by bronze, and gold is awarded for winning. Have you ever pondered, nevertheless, why gold occupies the top position? What makes this metal more valuable than silver or bronze, exactly? 
Winners in Olympic competitions weren't awarded gold medals until the games in St. Louis in 1904. Prior to then, victors received silver medals, followed by bronze for second place and copper for third. The champion of the ancient Olympic games was awarded an olive branch wreath.
The rarity of the individual metals used to determine the gold, silver, and bronze medals today.
The periodic table has three metals in the same column that are used to make Olympic medals. This indicates that they have a lot of the same qualities that make them suitable raw materials for making medals. Keep in mind that copper makes up the majority of bronze. The least rare metal, copper, is in the third position since it is at the top of the column. The second position is copper, which is one rung below silver, which is rarer. Gold is the rarest of the three and comes in the first place since it is one position below silver on the column.
Gold has additional qualities that make it perfect for awards and a valued asset.
It is not corrosive. This indicates that gold maintains its luster and has no interaction with the things around it, in contrast to metals like aluminum or steel that may rust.
Since it is straightforward to determine the purity of gold, it is also easy to identify fakes.
Gold comes in a single grade. For instance, diamonds contain a variety of traits and flaws that make certain gems of a higher quality than others. Gold is steady and pretty much always gold Melting and forming it into shapes like bars, coins, and medals are simple.
But remember that the amount of gold in a medal does not determine its value. The medal serves as a reminder that the athlete competed against the finest in the world while working hard. That is priceless. As a reason, few medal winners are likely to sell their medals.
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Running Medals

Running competitions are some of the most popular outdoor activities where competitors get commemorative medallions. These medals can range from participation and finisher to first, second, and third-place medals for various age categories. These prizes are frequently retained as mementos and recollections of a job well done, making them some of the most sought-after aspects of that day.
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Custom your own Medals

It takes a lot of work to plan an event. Still, when you see the happy, weary faces of the people who finish your triathlon, bike, or run events, you'll know that it was well worth the effort to organize a race that encourages competitiveness and fitness in your neighborhood. And because participants train for your race for months, logging miles, swimming laps, and checking the Strava accounts of potential rivals, honoring their efforts and remembering their experiences by giving out personalized running medals is nothing short of appreciated.
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Vivipins for Racing Medals

When you put on a sporting event, Vivipins recognizes the enormity of what you are achieving, and we endeavor to produce the sort of product that matches such an accomplishment. We employ high-quality materials and industry-leading equipment, and we mix it all with the years of expertise of our brilliant and in­­­spired team. We are your one-stop shop for all of your personalized race medal needs, whether it is for a 5k, a marathon, an Ironman, or a Spartan event.
It is challenging to organize races and athletic activities. Bringing people together, fostering physical fitness, encouraging wellbeing, and assisting individuals in setting and meeting their objectives are all vital.
You can send Vivipin your logo or any other race-related materials you'd want to see included in your sports running medal. One of our talented artists will start putting it all together visually, beautifully, and harmoniously. After completing your artwork, our team will go through your customization choices with you. These options include the base metal you want to use, whether or not you want inlay colors or textures, and whether or not you want the metal to have specific shapes, thicknesses, or plating. We may offer you a free proof after your logo customization is complete to ensure you get the exact item you want.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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