Custom Printed challenge coins

If you want your picture to appear in a coin design, we only need one image for formatting. Our team will convert this photo so it can easily fit on our custom metal die and print onto an authentic coin with none of those pesky ink stains that ruin its beauty! This technique is called "foil stamping" because instead of using wax or something directly onto paper as most printing techniques do; these stamps are created through an adhesive-based process before being transferred over top another object such as fabric—perfectly capturing what's happening right now at home (or where ever).
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Why Custom Printed Challenge Coins?

If you want to design a coin that represents nature's beauty and wonder, then the best choice is definitely engraving with an engraved hole. Although some designs work better on 2D or 3-dimensional coins, other style prefer stamping out their images rather than these kinds of manufacturing methods for more creative results; which we think will be interesting enough in itself without having another layer added onto them too!
Reproducing complex and small details.
More design elements can be added.
Unlimited custom options.
It takes less time to make and costs less.

How We Work?

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Why Choose Us?

We have made it our mission to create the highest quality, most attractive custom challenge coins for our clients. When you work with us you can count on receiving highly responsive customer service as well as a unique attention to detail that ensures your coin looks exactly like you want it to. We specialize in creating custom-made coins that draw rave reviews and create intense demand … all for what are considered very cheap prices. Plus, we have no minimum order. You can order as few (or as many) coins as you need. So don’t delay, start creating your custom coins now!
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Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“

Customer Reviews

Overall good experience - some delays with shipping ... Item quality was very good. I am a repeat customer.

Customer Reviews

Understanding and easy to work with! Quick response times and I'm very happy with the quality of the products I received!

Customer Reviews

custom Printed Challenge coins

Coins are usually given as tokens of appreciation and respect to those we esteem in our lives. They're used by military units, which it is imperative for them to show their gratitude through excellent service with bravery and personal accomplishments; receiving a coin can be seen as an honor or positive symbol depending on how you look at things. However there may also come times where custom minted coins would commemorate fallen heroes who've left behind loved ones such as family members or friends - these types might sometimes offer more emotional value than others simply because they were important people next door that everyone knows!

We are always humble when our products serve as a means for remembering those who have been important members in one's life. Our production team pays particular attention to ensure that the engraving process is flawless, which results in near perfect and close-to designs all around.

When deciding to create offset challenge coins, this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice other customization options on 2D and 3D coins.Offsctdruckereien inserts can be added to one or both sides, or even to a tiny spot, without having to occupy the entire surface of the coin.The rest of the space can be used for other processes, and the two processes are not in conflict.

The rest of the space can be used for other designs such as raised or sunken text, complex color fillings, and even custom edges and engravings.The customization options are unlimited.By adding offset printing images to your coins, you are sure to get the most realistic image of the coin design.

Custom printed challenge coins

Pick your options, share the artwork of your Custom printed challenge coins,
and we’ll get you a mockup within 12 hours.

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