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Custom pins bulk quantity in wholesale price

We create stylish custom pins to fit any group or occasion. Mark a special event or a unique milestone with an attractive pin. That is sure to be treasured by the recipient or recipients for a long, long time. We offer free design, wholesale pricing, and fast delivery of everything you need. To start your project, click the button below.

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5 quality custom pins style


Soft enamel pins

Looking for a traditional look and great quality for a low price? This style of pin is perfect for you! We’ll make a die with your design and then strike the design into a copper or iron base.

Hard enamel pins

These pins, which are jewelry grade products, are created using a multi-step enamel process. Your design is struck in a copper or brass base metal.

Offset printing pins

Great for more complex designs that include multiple colors, color blends or photo reproductions. This is the same process that is used for printing photographs and other complex images.

3D cast pins

Offer a unique level of detail and depth not available with other styles. We use multiple surface levels and angles to create an attention-grabbing 3-dimensional look.

Die struck pins

These pins are recognized for their simplicity and elegance. We use a soft brass or copper base metal to achieve high quality stamping.

Cutom pins is simple now

No matter you need soft enamel pins, 3d cast pins, printing pins or haft enamel pins, just choose the pin style, choose custom elements, upload your design. We will take care of the rest complicated process.

Soft Enamel//Most popular As Low as $0.55

69 reviews Customize Now

Offset Printed//Glossy finish As Low as $0.56

49 reviews Customize Now

Hard Enamel//High value As Low as $0.70

89 reviews Customize Now

3D Cast//Intricate outer shapes As Low as $0.58

47 reviews Customize Now

Creat quality and unique enamel pins

Get the exact pins you want with our pin customization process! We bring your pin dreams to life. We’ll listen to what you want and create a free design based on your specifications.

We offer over 59 custom optimizations and unlimited design revisions so you get exactly what you want. Plus, our simple four-step process makes it easy to get your order quickly. We offer no minimums and allow bulk orders.


Attachment option: 6+


Plating color: 15+.


Upgrade option: 7+


Packing option: 5+

How We Work

Custom enamel pins can be easy, only 4 simple step
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Step 1 : Customize

You can decide every detail you need by the new order system.
upload your pin design

Step 2: Upload design

Share your design and idea, we will make the design with Unlimited Revision
digital approval

Step 3: Digital approval

You will get free digital approval before production.

Step 4: Production&Ship

We will process the production and you will get your order soon.

Pins We Make




Quick Delivery

In 10 days.
Our streamlined and highly efficient production process allows us to produce your pins very quickly.

No Minimums

Start from 1 pieces.

We can fulfill orders as low as one piece. That means no paying for extra pins you don’t need.

Highest Quality

We use the best materials, the best production processes and the best technicians to ensure your pins are of the highest quality.

Retail Ready

Creating pins you want to sell? We can also provide custom backer cards and individual pin packaging with your order.

Free shipping

We ship pin orders for free to any location in the United States. Rush service may also be available, contact us to learn more

Numerous Options

We offer over 59 different options with your pin order so that you can get truly custom pins that meet your wants and desires.

Free design

Unlimited revision.
We can fulfill orders as low as one piece. That means no paying for extra pins you don’t need.

Wholesale Pricing

We also offer wholesale pricing so that you get your pins for the lowest possible cost.

What Makes Us Different?

As one of the best custom lapel pins and challenge coins suppliers, we understand that each piece of jewelry needs to be personalized and unique. We are immensely proud that we are able to create over 10,000 tailored products each year! Our customers have included Fortune 500 companies, top humanitarian organizations and NGOs, among many, many others. During our most busy times, we have shipped hundreds of orders around the world!


You can rest assured that once we create your pin its design will be yours alone. We value confidentiality. In fact, each of our pin designs is covered with a legal copyright that makes you the owner of that design. No other customers will be able to access or use that specific design unless you have granted them permission in writing. Your logos and ideas are safe with us!

Easy Ordering

From 30 custom enamel pin orders to 100,000 piece orders, each customer is valued equally at Vivipins, and we would never want you to wait a minute longer than necessary to receive your pins. With our easy ordering process, you will only need one minute to place your order! You also won’t need to be an expert in enamel pins: our team is here to provide all the attentive help you might need and to guide you through the many high-quality design options.

Quality Control

Even for the largest orders, we never let one pin out of our factories that isn’t perfect! We test each artwork carefully for quality so that there are no printing blurs or mismatched colors. Also, we don’t start production unless you are 100% happy with the visual image and have signed off on the digital proof. Vivipins makes getting custom pins easy!

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Make your own pins now

Soft Enamel//Most popular As Low as $0.55

69 reviews Customize Now

Offset Printed//Glossy finish As Low as $0.56

49 reviews Customize Now

Hard Enamel//High value As Low as $0.70

89 reviews Customize Now

3D Cast//Intricate outer shapes As Low as $0.58

47 reviews Customize Now

Frequently asked questions

How do I order custom pins from vivipins?

Simply visit Once there select your pin options and place your order.It’s that easy!

How much do custom enamel pins cost?

When ordering custom enamel pins there are a number of factors that will determine the final cost. Those factors include: 1)Pin size – obviously the bigger the pin, then the higher the cost. 2)Pin quantity – Thanks to our discount pricing, the more pins you order the lower price per pin you will pay. For example, if you order 1,000 pieces of a 1″ pin, the unit price would be around $2, but if you order 3000 pieces, the unit price would come down to 78 cents 3)Pin color – The more colors your pins have, the higher the cost will be. 4)Pin style – Certain styles cost more than others. For example, an offset printing pin costs more than a hard enamel pin and a hard enamel pin costs more than a soft enamel pin. Please keep in mind that we have our own factory, so by ordering from us you could save 30% of what you would pay another company.

How long until I receive my pins?

Normally, we require 7-10 working days for production and then 3 days for delivery. So you should receive your pins within 10-13 days from the date you place your order. Rush processing may be available, contact us for details

Will I get to see a sample before production?

Yes, before production starts we will send you a digital proof. At that time, if you require changes you can submit them and we will make them and then create a new digital proof.

Can you reproduce my logo and design exactly?

Yes, we are able to replicate just about any design. If you have a complicated design with many details and gradient colors, we can use the offset printing pin style to ensure it is reproduced accurately.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, if you dislike our design, if there is an issue with for the final product or if we cannot deliver your order on time, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

What is the difference between hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins?

The main difference between these two types of pins is the surface. Hard enamel pins have a flat and smooth surface. This is because the surface is polished many times during production, which results in the surface looking as smooth as glass. Soft enamel pins have bumpier, uneven surfaces, which allow them to express detail much better.

Is there any minimum order quantity for enamel pins?

No, you can place orders as low as just one piece. However, if you order a minimum of 30 pieces your per pin cost will be much lower.

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