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Written by Robin Brown on September 22, 2021


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●Company type: Manufacturer
●Year Founded: 1980

Mr. Nesbitt, custompin's owner, argues that it cannot afford to lose sight of the quality of its products while ensuring competitiveness. Price is important, but so is quality.

Their team has mastered the technology of custom lapel pins, allowing your custom pins and designs to showcase your brand.

Their customized products are recognized by companies, teams, schools, associations, and individuals around the world.

They provide a fast delivery service and they will provide you with digital samples for your reference approximately 1-3 days after the first contact. After you approve the final design, they will go into production with a turnaround time of approximately 21-45 days.

They have been in business for more than 40 years and have met countless customers, 10% of whom choose to repeat their orders. They highly approve of the quality of custompins products.

They also deal with other products such as:
●Name badge
●Custom challenge coin
●Dog tags
●Money clips
●Tie bars
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●Company type: Manufacturer
●Year Founded: 1985

Denverathletic was founded by Denver natives who have served local schools, companies, and sports groups for decades. They have always prided themselves on providing excellent service and high-quality products.

As there are too many types of custom pins to introduce them all, we will give you an example to help you understand their pricing and turnaround time as well as other customization details:

Printed round lapel pin:

They mainly use full-color prints. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, the unit price is $3.4; The customized quantity is 300 pieces, the unit price is 2.7 USD; The customized quantity is 500 pieces, and the unit price is $2.4.The larger the number of custom pins, the lower the unit price of a single custom pin.

If your customization options are too complex, you may be charged an additional fee, depending on the complexity of your customized product design.

They also deal with other products such as:
●Youth polo
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denverpromotionalproducts logo image 1
●Company type: distributor 
●Year Founded: 2002

Denverpromotionalproducts is a distributor of Kaeser & Blair. Founded in 1984, it was originally a printing and paper products company. Now it has developed into a promotional products company, which is one of the most famous promotional products operators in the area.

They believe that the first impression of a brand depends on the brand logo, so they are very careful about the design of the brand logo.
If you entrust them with custom branded pins, that's also a good choice.

Their brand promises:
●100% on-time delivery of orders;
●Experienced team;
●Competitive pricing
●Excellent design team

Their web page lists every kind of custom pin a user can think of and explains the price and other details for each one.

For example Die Struck Pins, the minimum order quantity is 150 pieces, the unit price is 2.48 USD. The unit price is $1.22 for a custom-made quantity of 500 pieces. They also and other operators are the same, are to adopt the principle of small profits but quick turnover.
Their production time is about 15-25 working days, depending on the quantity of your order.

They also deal with other products such as:
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nextdoor logo image
●Company type: Manufacturer

Nextdoor is a company that brings neighbors and organizations together. They are committed to creating a good world.

They can accept custom pins, but there is no option for customization on the website page. You can choose to text or call their staff for customized communication.

Of course, you can check out their photo collection to see if their custom style is what you like.
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Vivi.Pins logo image
●Key products: Custom enamel pins
●Company type: Manufacturer

●Number of employees: 10-50

Vivipins is a large custom pin manufacturer with over 600K + orders, 5000+ repeat customers, and 2 well-run factories.

For each order, we can offer a 30% discount. We hope to be friends with our customers for mutual benefit.

Our factory has introduced advanced equipment, so we have the most complete customization options for custom pins on the market.No matter how many colors we can supply.

Have I not told you about our minimum quantity? The answer is that we can order any number, including one.

We have enough workers and assembly lines, so you don't have to worry about the turnaround time at all, we provide 14-20 days turnaround time, if your order is urgent, please contact the staff, we will do urgent processing for your order.

We also deal with other products such as:
●Custom Challenge coins
●Custom Neck gaiter
●Custom Ball marker
●Custom Patches
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Finding custom enamel pins doesn’t need to be complicated. With this list, you should have all the information you need to get your custom pins created and delivered.

Visit one of these websites listed above and bring your design to reality.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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