Custom Paper Bags

Sustainable paper bags for diverse uses, offering eco-friendly packaging solutions.As low as $0.40.

Paper Shopping Bags with Handles


$0.72 - $1.00

Minimum quantity 250

Item #7

Restaurant Kraft Paper Bags for Food / Popcorn


$0.40 - $0.84

Minimum quantity 500

Item #95

Wholesale Blank Plain Paper Bags with Handles

$1.50 - $18.00

Minimum quantity 10

Item #287

Hight Quality Eurotote | Gift Paper Bags

$1.82 - $4.79

Minimum quantity 100

Item #121

Classic Wine Eurotote Kraft Paper Bags

$3.05 - $6.57

Minimum quantity 100

Item #127

Kraft Paper Bags for Birthday Gift


$0.72 - $1.00

Minimum quantity 250

Item #141

Flat Handle Brown & White Paper Bags

$0.93 - $1.87

Minimum quantity 150

Item #171

Leave a Lasting Impression - Make Your Own Paper Bags

Ready to make your own paper bags for retail packing, gifting, or promotions? 

You have come to the right place. 

With our ‘make your own paper bags’ services, you can design bags that scream your brand identity and message. 

Don’t settle for ordinary packaging when you can create a memorable impact with your own paper bags. 

Customization at Your Fingertips 

You can use kraft paper, recycled paper, and coated/laminated paper to make your paper bags. 

Popular handle options include twisted handles, die-cut, flat paper handles, rope handles, and more. 

Talking about closure - you can choose adhesive, snaps, or buttons. 

Add gussets to the bottom, sides, or both to create more space. 

Want to display the content of your bags? Try window cut-outs. 

For a premium, fancier look, go for laminated paper bags. 

Feeling creative? 

Order paper bags on specific themes and occasions. 

Print the logo on one side, both sides or at the bottom. You can keep your bag simple or add extra details. 

They Are Made of Eco-Friendly Materials

Environmentally responsible paper bag manufacturers, like us, use sustainably sourced wood pulp, which makes these bags eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

Making paper bags produces fewer greenhouse gasses and uses less energy than plastic. 

Why should you care? 

Because lots of places,...

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Hi, I am Linda Martin

Product Manager - Bags Department


Employee Tip on Custom Paper Bags

  • Choose the suitable material for your needs. 
    • Kraft paper is perfect for heavy items like groceries. 

    • Recycled paper bags are suitable for light stuff. 

    • Coated paper bags are used for promotions. 

  • Select handles wisely.

    • Flat and twisted handles are for lightweight stuff. 

    • Die-cut handles are sturdy.

    • Rope and ribbons give a fancy look. 

  • Need help making your own paper bag? At Viviprint, we are eager to help you customize your bag to suit your needs. Call us today to get started. 

  • Check the bag’s weight capacity. If you are not sure, call the manufacturer.   

  • Beware of cheap paper bags. They might tear, or the handles may come off, leaving a negative impression. 

  • Keep your bag simple and elegant. Let the logo shine.