5 Factors | How Much Do Custom Neck Gaiters Cost?

Written by Robin Brown on June 22, 2021
Whether you want to use them as neck warmers or balaclavas, neck gaiters are a great accessory for today’s generation. It’s even better when you can get yourself a custom design from reputed manufacturers like Vivipins! 

So, how much are custom neck gaiters? What are the things that influence the price the most? Let’s find out. 

How Much Are Custom Neck Gaiters?

It depends on what designs you want and what quantity you want! When you visit the Vivipins neck gaiters page, you’ll find various price combinations that you can choose from. 

To start with, the neck gaiters we sell are polyester tubular. 

Orders starting from 1 to all the way up to 30 will cost you only $9/piece. Orders from 30-50 custom neck gaiters come with a price tag of $7.5/piece. Similarly, you can order up to 10,000 units from our website and get an amazing deal of $3/piece! 

Based on the design and the number of colors used, the price on your actual quote may vary a little.

Now, let’s find out what are the things that influence the price of a custom neck gaiter. 

Factor 1:The Type 

type image
When it comes to product descriptions, there are various types you can choose from. 

We have the regular ones a.k.a the Polyester Tubular. Then we have the double-layer neck gaiters which will you provide you with extra warmth. 

Then, you have ice slick neck gaiters and winter neck gaiters, specifically designed for cold weather. 

All of these factors will come into play when calculating your quote. It’s only obvious that a double-layer gaiter will cost more than the single-layer one. 

Factor 2 : Size 

size image
Although neck gaiters are often universal in size, we have two distinct categories for you to choose from. We have an adult size that measures 10” x 20”. And we have another category for kids, measuring 9.2” x 18”. 

Factor 3 : Color 

custom color image
Once you get the size right, we require you to select your color options. For up to 3 colors, you don’t have to pay anything extra! 

For up to 8 colors, you’ll pay an extra $0.7 per piece. And when you go over 8 colors, also known as full colors, we charge a mere $0.72 extra on every piece you order. 

Moreover, for your bulk orders, you can split the quantity between 3 different base colors and as many types of finishes as you want! 

Factor 4 :Single Side vs Double Side Prints 

single or duble image
The planes you want your prints on are an indicator of how much it’s going to cost you. The standard quotes include single-sided prints. It means you don’t pay a cent extra than the quote! 

However, when you want the beautifully designed prints on both sides of your neck gaiters. You must pay an extra $0.65 for every piece. 

Factor 5 :The Packing 

packing image
Lastly, the packing you choose for your shipment also has a hand on the final pricing. If you opt for our regular polybag packing, you don’t pay anything extra. For only an extra $0.4, you can have our premium packing. It looks awesome and is the highest quality as well! 
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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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