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Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then, get our custom metal business cards to really impress you, clients! Vivipins makes the finest business cards that enhance your brand image and help you nail those business deals. Metal business cards are the most durable and long-lasting option out there.
Best Stainless Steel Cards
We offer the best stainless steel business cards with one color silk screen printing free! You can make it full color or add as many as you like. That’s not all; our custom stainless steel business cards are made with precision etching for maximum effect. We can make them according to your specifications.

You can customize your cards any way you want with logos and cutouts. Vivipins can produce any intricate design you demand within the least amount of time. With regards to delivery, all our custom stainless steel cards are shipped with USPS Priority Mail so that you can get them within 2 working days!

It doesn’t matter if you order 100 cards or 1000 card, our shipping rates are the most affordable in the market. Vivipins is all about making it convenient for our amazing customers. If you have any queries, do reach out to us by email. Our dedicated team of experts will guide you on what to do next. Whatever your question is, we will handle it.

Best Stainless Steel Cards
We Make The Finest Metal Cards
We Make The Finest Metal Cards (2)
It’s no secret that Vivipins makes the best custom metal business cards on the market! Our metal cards are so durable; they can even last up to 10 years! It’s all about making them fine specimens with precision etching, HD printing, and a quality finish. We realize that metal business cards are the best networking tool that’s taking the world by storm. Hence, you should have the very best to impress people around you.

Law firms, agencies, real estate, and more, trust Vivipins! Gunmetal, black, copper, silver, rose gold & solid gold plated finish on stainless steel looks appealing, and sets the tone with custom business cards. Sharp and sleek, our custom business cards are meant to be cherished. We want your cards to be a work of art. A quality product, stainless steel is 100% recyclable, more durable, and is treasured.

There’s no need to wait around any longer, get in touch with Vivipins today and make your dream business cards! We are always open to consult with you and bring your fantastic ideas to life!

Benefits of Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are strong and durable, unlike paper cards.

Their sleek and elegant finish impresses potential business clients.

They can be etched and customized as per your needs.

Metal business cards have more detailed designs than regular cards.

These are great for making a superb first impression.

Your brand image will be enhanced by their superior quality.

You don’t have to worry about them getting smudged in the rain.

Benefits of Metal Business Cards
Additional Specifications

Approximate lifespan

5-10 years


85 x 54 mm, 85 x 50 mm, 80 x 50 mm, 96 x 63 x 12 mm (custom size available)


0.3 mm, 0.36 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm (custom thickness available)

Raw material

Aluminum, gunmetal, carbon fiber, stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc


Rose gold, white, black, silver (custom colors available)


Signature panel, magnetic strip, scratch-off panel


Brushed, glossy, polished, mirror, matte, textured, solid brass


Offset printing, screen printing, laser engraving, embossed


OPP bag, gift box, carton, velvet pouch


Offset printing, silk-screen printing, plain white, barcode, QR code, embossed number, series number printing, logo printing, UV printing.

How We Work

Custom metal cards can be easy, only 4 simple step
metal business cards design 1

Step 1 : Customize

You can decide every detail you need by the new order system.
metal business cards design 1 (2)

Step 2: Upload design

Share your design and idea, we will make the design with Unlimited Revision
metal business cards size

Step 3: Digital approval

You will get free digital approval before production.

Step 4: Production&Ship

We will process the production and you will get your order soon.

Take words from our customer

“It was quick and easy. I liked the level of customization.“
Faras Aamir

Co-Founder & CEO,

“Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround pin before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“
Ian Enright

CEO & Co-Founder,

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of metal business cards?

There are all kinds of advantages that metal business cards have. Primarily, they are much more durable than traditional cards and express a superior outlook. They can also be cut into any shape or design you want, unlike regular ones. Did we mention that your brand image will go through the roof? Clients will be super impressed seeing these sleek cards!

What raw materials are used to make custom metal business cards?
We use many durable metals to make our exclusive business cards such as aluminum, gunmetal, carbon fiber, stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc. These are the most durable and solid metals out there that makes for great business cards. Not to mention, they can withstand almost any weather conditions, therefore can easily last anywhere from 5 to 10 years!
What printing options do I get for metal business cards?
You can choose from a wide range of options like offset printing, silk-screen printing, plain white, barcode, QR code, embossed number, series number printing, logo printing and UV printing.
What is the production time for custom metal business cards?
It takes around two weeks to make custom metal business cards. This is an approximate measure, as the actual time will fluctuate according to the complexity of your design.
How long will it take for metal business cards to be delivered?
As soon as we finish production, your custom metal business cards will be shipped immediately using USPS Priority Mail. It will take around 2 working days to receive them after we have sent them.
How thick are custom metal business cards?
Vivipins can make any custom thickness for your business cards. We also have some standard thicknesses like 0.3 mm, 0.36 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm. You can consult with us on the optimal thickness for your dream cards.
What choices of finishes will I get for metal business cards?
We have tons of finishes for you to choose from such as Brushed, glossy, polished, mirror, matte, textured and solid brass. Don’t worry; we can help you pick the perfect finish for your card!
Do metal business cards come in a specific size?
Custom metal cards have a variety of sizes like 85×54 mm, 85×50 mm, 80×50 mm and 96x63x12 mm. The first size is the most commonly seen variant. But, we do realize that customers might need custom sizes, so we make other sizes as per your request as well.
Will I get a sample of my custom metal business cards?
We will provide you with a digital artwork proof of your custom metal business card design. Said proof is close to the real thing so, you’ll get a good idea of the final product. However, free samples are also available as per your request and we can send them to you.
What if I am unhappy with the metal business card design?
Here at Vivipins, we have unlimited revisions! This means that you can alter or redesign your card until you are satisfied. We are all about proving convenience for our customers!
What are the payment terms for metal business cards?
We need full payment before we can proceed to finalize your order. However, on a case by case basis, we may allow you to pay 50% beforehand.
How are custom metal business cards manufactured?
Making custom metal business cards are an intricate process. The metal sheets are first laid on a mechanical etcher to be customized as per buyer requests. Next, they are sprayed with a chemical to etch away the excess portions. The finished product is durable and solid.
Do metal business cards come with various colors and crafts?
Yes, they do! Vivipins has a fantastic collection of colors and crafts for you to choose from. We have colors like rose gold, white, black and silver along with crafts like signature panel, magnetic strip and scratch-off panel. As always, we can make custom versions of these too!
What packaging options are there for metal business cards?
There are tons of packaging options for our custom metal business cards like OPP bag, gift box, cartons and velvet pouches.

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