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Metal in and of itself is a difficult material to work with, let alone the extreme level of patience required to do so. Whether you are in charge of a business, working at a firm, or have any other job, having a well-thought-out business card says a lot about you. Since most cards made of paper are easy to get ruined, custom metal business cards have been steadily growing in demand. There are several online pages, as well as local shops that have been involved in making custom metal cards with absolute precision. This is why metal cards cost quite a bit more than using paper would cost, although, with metal, you can rest assured knowing that you have left quite the impression and possibly drawn attention to yourself. Additionally, since metal cards are durable and hard to crumble up, anyone who has them can easily identify to who the card belongs. 
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Why Custom Metal Business Cards? 

Metal business cards can effectively leave an impression on your clients or whoever you are providing the cards to. Most high-end companies do custom metallic business cards and offer several benefits with their orders. Some of these benefits are mentioned below - 
Free of cost delivery or minimum charge for long-distance deliveries
Reasonably priced while ensuring quality 
No minimum number of cards to order is required
The quick turnaround time to ensure delivery in time
Emphasizes brand visibility

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Customer Reviews

Understanding and easy to work with! Quick response times and I'm very happy with the quality of the products I received!

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Make Your Own Custom Metal Business Cards

The main purpose of handing out business cards is to offer your contact information to discuss further engagement with the business. This is why one of the key factors to keep in mind while designing your metallic business card is to draw attention to your designation, contact number, and company name. 

The first step in making “my metal business cards” is to start with the artwork and design. Custom metal business cards can feature your choice of font, color, shape, and feel to the touch. A minimalistic theme can be an eyecatcher and allow you to address it as your “my metal business cards.” 

Combining these personalized choices and implementing them on the cards can make it a one-of-a-kind business card that suits your and your business’s aesthetics. Keeping everything rather straightforward and clean provides an elegant and effortless look. It is important to remember that your card needs to corroborate and have similarities to your company’s logo, design, shape, and overall look of it. These similarities help link your business card to the company by its look. 

Although you can make changes to the card, a few things are better when left standard and classic - such as the size of the card. Although you can make changes to the card, a few things are better when left standard and classic - such as the size of the card. 

The classic size for business cards is 0.5mm thick, which is easy to store in wallets or bags without overfilling the wallet. Keeping the size similar can make it seem more legit and professional. The length and width of a standard business card are 3.5x2 inches, respectively. 

Having a length of 3.5 inches gives you enough space for metal business card engraving and any other personal touches. The 2-inch width allows you to add enough details about your designation, the company’s morals, ethics, social media usernames, and contact number.

The choice of font needs to complement your aesthetic without compromising on having some fun with it. The font you choose for the card must be clean and clear for people to understand, as metal business card engraving can sometimes make it difficult to read what is written on it. 

This is why choosing a bold font can be easily read even in low-light settings. You can also choose various colors for your font if you want to make it funky and specific to your personality. Or choose the timeless classic contrasting colors against the base color for your font. 

You can add your signature, an emoji, a silhouette of something you frequently use, or an image of something resembling you. These additions can make your card more personalized and sentimentally attached to be calling it “my metal business cards.” It is recommended not to use several different fonts on your card as it could lead to seeming overcrowded and give the illusion of everything being squeezed onto the card. Keeping everything sophisticated and clean is the ideal way to design metallic business cards. 

Once you have chosen everything and finalized your decision for the metallic business cards, a very detailed and fine print of the design is printed at a very fine resolution onto a metal sheet, similar to a photograph being developed due to chemical bath and exposure. 

There are a few ways to etch. The most common way to do it is by chemical etching, where acid is sprayed with precision and care on both the top and bottom of the metal after the sheets are placed onto the etcher. 

Once the card has been etched on either side, any specific area without determining the final design of the card as this is where the cutouts are made and given a final shape to it. This etching process leaves an unintentional engraving on the part yet distinctly left on the card.

If you enjoy the feeling of a metal business card engraving, you can also ask for the card to be etched 50% through the card. This is also where you must have pre-determined the card finish you want. At this point, the textured finish of the card is also applied to specific areas that have been requested or have no design on them. 

To keep the card feeling consistent throughout on either side, any spot without anything written or designed gets the textured finish to add a more sophisticated and classy look to it. 

This is the step where you get to be creative with your color scheme and have fun with it. As the cards have been etched away, received their finished texture, and made the cutouts, any area without any design or color can receive an individual handprint from professionals with experience. Matching with the solid-coat PMS color as instructed on the digital proof. 

The colored scheme can be applied on either side of the card and printed onto the card’s surface of the etched areas. Most of this part truly depends and varies from person to person who has a specific image of what their versions of the metallic business card look like. 

This adds another touch of personalization and specificity to the user as it is so well personalized to suit your personality. Not only does this step allow the cards to be filled with colors, but it also protects the card and allows it to be durable and long-lasting. 

Adding the color also helps you signify individuality and a sense of power. This is the final stage where you can make any changes in color and design to the card, which is why it is essential to plan out the design of your card thoroughly. 

Since metallic business cards go through such a long process of making, it only makes sense to add an extra feature that prevents the card from being scratched away or caused damage by water exposure. This is why having thorough water and scratch-resistant finish is essential. This allows the card to be durable and long-lasting in the long run with just enough care. 

Since metal is prone to scratches against harsh objects, the card must be very well sanded with special tools and fluids to ensure its longevity. Water against business cards or any other cards, for that matter, could cause irreversible damage, such as fading away or having its writing or design rusting away. Scratchproofing the card also helps it to retain its shiny and smooth texture, which keeps it looking as fresh as new for years to come. 

Business cards are a fantastic way for you to represent both your business or job and yourself, which is why it needs to be very well planned out. These need to be simple, creative, yet distinctly yours. 

The design and nature of the cards should instantaneously be able to relate to you and your job. While it can be a little more expensive to make, design, produce and hand out these cards, it is undeniably worth it. The durable and long-lasting nature of these cards leaves the client with an impressive first impression of you and your company. 

Metal cards are very sophisticated, and not many people consider making business cards out of them, which makes it all the more interesting for you and your business and ultimately helps you grow. 

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Custom Metal Business Cards

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