Looking For Custom Medals in Canada? Here Are 8 Best suppliers!

Written by Robin Brown on October 28, 2022
Medals with a custom logo are ideal for any competition or occasion. They have a full color, personalized design, and are constructed of premium materials. You may add your own logo or message to make them uniquely yours. Any sports or performance event would benefit from personalized medals; they are the ideal method to present your corporate logo, brand name, or sports mascot in a polished manner. 

Custom medals are wonderful because you can design them whatever you like. Designing for medals is very different than designing for the web or for print. We may overlay enamel, electroplating, textures, and forms to create unique medals. They may be customized with your own phrase and image. Even an engraving option is available to finish the design.

So if you are looking for suppliers for Custom medals in Canada, look no further. You have come to the right place. Keep reading below!


vivipins 3
Address: 1440 W.Taylor St#989, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

One of the most prestigious companies in Canada that produce personalized medals is Vivipins. They have been dispersed for around five years and provide a variety of entryways for modification. You might present a work of beauty or just state what your most memorable issue is. They are talented in-house makers who will take your ideas and create a dynamic, attention-grabbing unique line plan at that time.

Product Quality

They provide possibly the best custom medals on the market right now. They have received several positive audits from various clients. Everything you need, including games, decorations for association competition, agent success awards, and much more, maybe swiftly, efficiently, and reasonably built by them.

Minimum quantity

They do not require a minimum order quantity. You can even order from just 1 piece.

Delivery  time

They usually take 7 to 14 days to reach you in person.


Depending on the size and quantity of your request, the prices will differ. You can also reduce the cost per medal further by buying in bulk!


wizardpins 1
Address: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

When it comes to providing outstanding customer service and improving the request system, WizardPins invests a lot. They are kind, approachable, and motivated to provide top-quality goods. Visit them and be amazed at how often they may break new ground to guarantee that your request is fulfilled according to your precise requirements.

Ask for personalized racing medals for your upcoming event. Customized race medals are a top priority regardless of the distance of the event, whether it be a 5K, 10K, half-long distance, or long distance. These final medals are made utilizing lacquer tones and emphasis on iron amalgam. The medals will have a respectable weight and the different types won't blend together with time. Included is custom lace!


There are a lot of possibilities available. Medals can be any size, ranging from 1.5 inches to 3 inches. However, the costs associated with the various sizes mount up over time, making them slightly more expensive. Depending on the form, they can supply an iron or zinc alloy. There are no setup fees and up to 8 colors are provided. On the shopping page, you may additionally add backer cards, laser engraving, or personalized back stamps.

Order quantity

There is a slight catch despite the glitz and glamour. A minimum order quantity is required. The quantity ranges from 25 to any number you want.


The price could be a little high given that you are ordering 25 items. Depending on the piece of art, the beginning price is $300. Additionally, it could vary based on the size of the medals. 


After proof clearance, manufacturing typically takes two to three weeks. It usually takes 3-5 business days for delivery. If you pick the rush alternatives and have a confirmed event date, you may specify a delivery date by sending them a direct email.


Address: Unit 1, Fenbright Works, Northbridge Road HP4 1EH Berkhamsted

The Davidiuk family is the sole owner and operator of the privately held firm UltimatePromotions. In his family, Craig Davidiuk is the third generation to be involved with the lapel pin company that his grandfather Marwood started in 1971. Craig acquired the privately held business (formerly known as Juniper Emblems) in 2012 and implemented an unusual change in strategy. The company started importing medals and lapel pins and started selling unique goods to the general public. 

Many of their clients have been with them for a considerable amount of time, and they come from a variety of industrial sectors, non-benefit categories, and game types. They try to balance the web-based capabilities of our powerful online rivals with the kind of amicable, laid-back relationships you find in a small town. You can count on sage advice and excellent management from Ultimate Promotions.

Product options

They can provide you with full-variety, stock, or semi-custom neck strips at a fair price. They also provide you with a wide range of medal options, including bronze, silver, and gold medals as well as tarnished or even pink metal medals! Medals exceeding 2.5" are often passed on the cast, but medals under 2.5" frequently bite the dust. Additionally, they are receiving a lot of requests for the Conquer style 4" custom medals due to the rise in virtual races.

Order quantity

There is a restriction on the minimum order quantity. It ranges from 25 to 49 pieces to more than 1000. Before submitting the purchase, they will give virtual art for approval as well as complimentary ribbons and artwork.


Depending on the size and the artwork, the manufacturing time takes on average two weeks. If the order is for a higher amount, this might also take more time.


Prices for medals range from $4.83 to $19.10, depending on the style, size, and design of the medal. Their website offers a wide range of alternatives for you to select from. 


Address: 4616 44 St, Lloydminster, SK S9V 0G4, Canada

For more than 45 years, TrophyGallery has provided services to Lloydminster and the surrounding area. Discharged in 1977 they can supply their clients with high-quality products and on-site creation at a price that fits your budget because of our position in the heart of Lloydminster. The right request will be made available when you need it thanks to knowledgeable employees. 

A resource will be created by having a qualified visual artisan who has been working on the site for more than ten years. They provide a variety of products that may be produced to order, including badges, lapel pins, different kinds of treated steel, and glass pieces from different awards with the option to add a corporate insignia. Contact their trained team if it's not too much bother to help you with your individual, group, or organization introductions.


Through their website, you may choose any type of custom adornment from a list of more than 120 different medal types. Each option has its own advantages and benefits as well as a somewhat different price range. You may also choose to have personalized engravings done on your medals.

Order quantity

They vary from others in that they do not have a minimum quantity requirement. You have the option of having only one medal or even a thousand!


Depending on the style of a medal, its size, and the artwork, the custom medal prices can go up from $4. Their website offers a wide range of alternatives for you to select from. 


The items are often delivered to your home in 2 weeks, which is a fairly excellent value. If your order totals more than $200, you can additionally receive free delivery!

Dynamicgift logo image
Address: 1730 Bishop St N #14, Cambridge, ON N1T 1N4, Canada

Custom awards aren't only for competitions. They are perfect for just about any event you might host. They will unquestionably be more treasured than business cards or traditional unique items and are ideal for giving out to representatives and consumers as souvenirs. As a result, DynamicGift provides what is perhaps Canada's greatest custom medals. 

They can help you completely customize your medals when you're ready to purchase them, regardless of what you want to use them for. Once you've chosen the medal's basis, you may choose the medal's form, the design for the front and back, the variety, and the style. To ensure that you obtain the medals you need for any occasion, every component of our medals is fully customizable. You may quickly and easily create the precise award you want with our customization options.


You don't even need to use metal for your medals. They provide options made of plastic, wood, and delicate PVC in unique shapes. If you want anything other than engraved medals, we also provide various carving and dynamic print effects to make your limited-edition medals stand out.

This helps draw the attention of everybody who sees it and includes a thin veneer ink coated with transparent epoxy pitch to ensure the forms keep continuing as far as they possibly can. Additionally, you may go through various finishes and coatings to get the perfect medals. Your possible results are endless with our medals.

Minimum order quantity

Although placing an order with them could be quite alluring for you, there is a minor catch. 100 items must be ordered as the minimum. Depending on the number, print, and delivery requirements, prices may change.


Depending on the style of medal, its size, and its artwork, the custom medal pricing may vary somewhat. Their website offers a wide range of alternatives for you to select from. But they provide Canada's most affordable pricing.


Although the time it takes to produce your goods may be a few days, their quick manufacturing helps you acquire your purchase sooner!


Things engraved
Address: 5-4095 Belgreen Dr, Ottawa, ON K1G 3N2

In 1982, ThingsEngraved first "opened a business," with less than twelve locations across Canada. On a long-term basis, the company opened more than 100 retail locations from Coast to Coast.

Things Engraved has long been the go-to place for Canadians searching for personalized gifts to commemorate special occasions with handcrafted or custom-engraved presents that are sure to be treasured. Additionally, they've recently started selling sublimation products, which let you customize practically anything!

Under their new authority, we will keep on offering the best-customized gifts that Canadians need at serious costs.


You may browse several programs and types of medals for your unique event on their website. To further distinguish your particular medals, they also provide varied scratching and dynamic print effects.

Additionally, you may choose from a variety of coatings and treatments to give your medals the greatest aesthetic. The options are pretty much endless when using our medals. Every choice provides a remarkable combination of benefits and advantages, as well as a relatively particular pricing range. Additionally, you have the option of having your medals personalized.

Minimum quantity

They have no minimum order amount, which makes them more appealing when placing an order. However, the lack of a minimum number makes them a little more expensive. 


The cost of a medal may differ slightly depending on the kind of metal, its size, and its artwork. There are several options available on their website for you to choose from. They also boast of having competitive costs.


As soon as your order is finished, they send your things to your door. Additionally, they provide free delivery on purchases over $55!


Address: 314 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1N1, Canada

Artik began operations in Canada's Downtown Toronto in 1985, and the journey that followed has been incredible. They have grown from a tiny beginning to become one of Toronto's most renowned printing companies. They have continually held fast to their values even when they expanded into larger spaces, hired more salespeople, and acquired more advanced printing equipment. Each employee at Artik is committed to providing our clients with the greatest exclusive goods, reasonable prices, and kind support.

You can send them your prepared plan or get in touch with them for help. Anything that strategy you use will ensure your venture is fruitful and that you have an incredible encounter managing us. They are completely dedicated to you and your venture.


Medals are perfect for any type of game or social gathering. They respect, perceive, and even progress! Custom medals are a fantastic way to demonstrate that you will go above and beyond for your members, customers, and clients! They provide completely customized medals as well as a variety of measurement and form options. 

Minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity for Artik is 100 medals, although this is only a benefit. Pricing per piece decreases as you place more orders.


Typically, it takes 10 to 15 business days after the artwork has been approved. The merchandise is then delivered as quickly as possible to your doorsteps.


Artik's medals have a varying price range. Each style of the medal has a distinct price, which makes them unique. Visit their website to see the prices for each kind of medal they have available!


Address: 1318 Britannia Road East Mississauga, ON L4W 1C8

For a very long time, Wilson Trophy Company has been dedicated to meeting all of its clients' honor requirements. The creativity of their employees and the greatest craftsmanship division in Canada enhance their ability to think of novel ideas and build the perfect honor and grants program.

They are always looking for fresh ideas and innovative solutions for our consumers, and this goal has inspired us to offer the finest purchasing for seasonal products in Canada.


Insert whatever logo you want into a medal. You may begin by selecting a medal base, the number of medals you like, and a neck ribbon. You might also wish to consider stock insert medals. After you make your order, they will provide a complimentary art proof so you can see an example of how your medals will look.

Minimum order quantity

For medals with a personalized logo inlay, they need a 48-piece order. However, the variety of features they provide will probably convince you to place your purchase with them.


It usually takes two weeks for custom insert medals to arrive at your door. The order may typically be printed and assembled in 5-7 business days. From there, ground freight shipping takes 3 to 10 days. Generally, you can choose a fast delivery option, but if your deadline is in the next seven working days or fewer, they will politely decline.


The cost is different for types of medals. You can take a look at their website to know more about the costs.

Final words

Consider this. To earn one of your medals, your athlete or your participants put in months of effort. Let's make sure the award's design is appropriate for the achievement. This article goes through the 7 best custom medals in Canada. They offer killer deals, high-quality products, as well as competitive prices. Some of them require a minimum order quantity, which might be ideal for some of you.

Now that you know the best suppliers out there, it is time for you to design your own custom medal. Good luck!

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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