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Do you want to make customized logo stickers for yourself with the best quality available? If so, you are in the right place because ViviPins offer you a double advantage. It can provide high-quality logo stickers made of solid materials at a budget-friendly cost. You can have metal stickers or enamel logo stickers; we also offer 3D effects there at a good deal. We don’t compromise our quality and customer service. No company in the industry could beat us in the delivery time and customer service till now. That’s not all; you can get your customized logo stickers at a 20% discount now without any limitation as we don’t have any minimum order quantity. Moreover, you can also have bulk custom logo stickers from us and stick them anywhere, which will help you promote your business. 
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Why Custom Logo Stickers? 

A logo sticker can be inexpensive to promote your business because no matter what type of material you use to make them, they are not costly. Moreover, you can put them anywhere you want and they are eco-friendly. So, they won’t be harming nature, but stay with the object you want. It doesn’t make any difference which shaped logo you want to make because you can have them for sports, bands, and educational institutions apart from custom stickers for business. However, logo stickers can ensure security to educational institutions and business items if used wisely. A sticker with your company logo will be very helpful to promote your business and make it stand out among all the competitors. We are here to help you get some awesome and attractive logo stickers for your business. 
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No minimum order limit
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Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“

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Overall good experience - some delays with shipping ... Item quality was very good. I am a repeat customer.

Customer Reviews

Understanding and easy to work with! Quick response times and I'm very happy with the quality of the products I received!

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Make Your Own Custom Logo Stickers

Why does every company want to make their custom logo stickers for business? The main reason logo stickers are so famous is business promotion, which is the cheapest way to grow your business. 

You can prepare a logo for your institution or growing company with the help of our graphic designers. Next, you can get them printed as many times as you want. You can stick the logo stickers anywhere. 

For instance, the vehicles, equipment, badges, id cards, products, etc. For example, suppose you have printers, refrigerators, tables, chairs, or even high-end equipment in your office, showrooms, or even factories. You can get custom logo stickers from us to stick on all of your company belongings. 

Having logo stickers for your company not only identifies you as an individual brand in the market but also ensures your security. When you use a unique sign on your company logo with a hologram on your manufactured product, it will be hard to make a duplicate one. Thus, you can secure your business from frauds who may want to use your name and save your company from any possible scandals.

Moreover, a logo sticker can work as a safety measure; for example, you can enter your office if you have the company or specific department logo on your id card or the vehicle you use. Thus, no outsider will enter the private area and get your company's confidential information. 

A logo can also differentiate the departments of the same company, especially the teams, such as the sales team will not have the same logo as the marketing team. However, logo customization is necessary for multinational companies or brands that work with multiple sub-brands. 

It will also help you have more recognition as a brand because you can promote all types of product you manufacture and offers with a small logo of your company. Suppose you are sponsoring a show and want to distribute some items for free among the attendants; that's when the logo sticker will work a lot to promote your business. People will love your products if they are of outstanding quality, and the logo will be in their memory. As a result, they can identify you even if they don’t remember the company name; the product logo will lead them towards you. 

Another advantage of getting custom logo stickers for businesses is that it has no limitations! For say, a car sticker is only suitable for sticking on a vehicle, mainly on the back or front glass. On the other hand, a logo sticker is specially made so that it can stick to any type of surface, and thus, it has broad and multiple uses. 
Moreover, ViviPins offers various types of logo pins made of various materials. You can go to our website and see the types of surfaces where we can print or engrave your company logo. However, paper logo stickers may not be very durable, so we offer soft and hard enamel, 3D logos, and even metal surfaces to have your custom logo stickers. 

You can choose any type while designing and placing an order for the logo stickers. Moreover, we provide high-quality stainless steel instead of low-quality metals. So, you shouldn’t be worrying about the durability and rust. Stainless steel doesn’t catch rust so easily. 

You must think that so many companies are offering cheap logo stickers customized at a cheap rate, but why should you choose ViviPins? Many companies offer customized logo stickers at a cheap cost, but they are not high-quality. So, if you want high-quality products, you should not only think about saving money. 
Ordering customized logos from us is easy because we have all the items on the website. You can enter the website and find the logo pins option. To avail of the running 20% discount, you must click on "Get 20% Discount". Next, you must click on "Get Started" to proceed further. You will find 5-6 options for yourself, but you must go to the "Design for Me" option if you want to custom logo stickers for business. 

All you have to do is send us your desired designs with the necessary details via email. It's okay if you can't design the exact picture or logo you want because you can draw the picture freehand and send the sketch. If that's not also possible, you can call us on our hotline; we are available at your service 24/7. 

We can hear your description and instructions and work according to that. According to your description, we will send the logo designs that our creative graphic designers have made. Once you approve one of them, we will start making as many as you have ordered. We then send the package to your given address, and the shipping takes less than 10 days unless there is a problem. 

As the leading brand, we offer our valued customers a flexible payment method. You can make some advance payment if you like, but that's not mandatory. However, you will also not find anything to complain about our packaging and delivery method. If you find any defect in the products, you are free to call us, and we ensure to exchange them within 30 days for free. If you call us after 30 days of getting the delivery, we may take the return due to our 30-day warranty, but we can't promise free shipping.

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Custom Logo Stickers

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