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The guard of honor is a time-honored tradition.Are normally used for special ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, this unit can also attend the official visits and other high-profile events, in order to respect and precision timing display of military power, playing Musical Instruments sound loud enough at the same time so everyone to know that they are receiving due attention from those most deserving - the capital of the head of state to visit their country!
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Why Honor Guard Challenge Coin?

The honor guard is the public face of the military and usually leads any ceremony.They kept traditions, such as military uniforms with gold braid to signify importance, so that their compatriots could see it when they showed up at ceremonies or events.The soldiers who perform this task ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and pride throughout the process by keeping in formation with precision.Honor guards are usually conspicuous in their attire and in their organized, cohesive movements and rituals.The soldiers of the honor guard are often the public face of the government army, best represented by the display of military challenge coins.
Honor bestowed on a guard of honor.
Differentiate from other departments.
A souvenir from a member of the honor guard.
Recognition of the excellent performance of the honor guard.

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Honor Guard Challenge coins are given to members as gifts

For more than a decade, units from all branches of the military have turned to Vivipins for their custom challenge coins. we offer high-quality and affordable products that can be engraved with unit coins or pins so members will never forget where they came from.

Our long history of designing and delivering challenge coins gives us a deep respect for the men and women who serve our country. We are committed to producing only top-grade military products, every ounce of which is generously invested until you have a real one that will last forever! We are proud to be able to offer these high-quality Honor Guard Challenge coins at an affordable price.

One of the most valuable things you can give honor Guard members is a custom challenge coin. We at Challenge Coin USA make sure our customers get their coins and other souvenirs for the time of the event, so contact us now if this will be important to you! And what better way to give back to the honor guard than by making souvenirs?

Each branch of the U.S. military has its own honor guard. The Honor guard stationed in Washington, D.C., represents the entire military and the United States as a nation and performs numerous ceremonial functions on behalf of the President of the United States. These units are also not locked into operations in or around national capitals and often travel around the country and the world as needed.

Specific honor guards in the U.S. Military include:

The United States Marine Corps Flag Platoon - This platoon presents the Flag and Marine Corps combat colors to provide appropriate military honor and to show the Marine Corps' illustrious history of operations throughout the Nation's capital region and throughout the United States at ceremonies.

Army Honor Guard (3rd U.S. Infantry) - The regiment holds commemorative events to honor fallen comrades, and holds ceremonies and special events on behalf of the U.S. Army to tell its story to American citizens and the world.

U.S. Naval Ceremonial Guard - The primary mission of the Naval Ceremonial Guard is to represent the President, joint armed forces, the Navy, and public ceremonies in and around the NATION's capital.

Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard -- represents the commander, the Washington Military District, and the U.S. Coast Guard through ceremonial actions held in front of world leaders and dignitaries.

The Canadian Armed Forces honor Guard can be brought in from anywhere in the country to provide protection. Some countries, such as Canada and Australia, have taken a more holistic approach, providing ceremonial escorts for heads of state or dignitaries who need extra security measures beyond ordinary military escorts. In these cases, their armed forces usually take a unit for special training, etc.

In addition to regular sentinel duty at the National War Memorial and Rideau Hall, the ceremonial guards perform regular ceremonies and speeches. These regular duties include the changing of the guard, the governor's examination of the guard, and the colors of the troops.

The British armed forces do not have a dedicated guard of honor. Instead, they rely on units from all three services that are deployed overseas to rotate and share public duties at major historic landmarks across the country - this tradition continues today! Traditionally 5th Infantry Regiment (a part of the army) performs ceremonial roles while Cavalry Regiments use their horses as a symbol for power in military might.

Challenge coins are typically commissioned by superior officers to reward amazing bravery in the line of duty, build team unity and spirit, or express gratitude for service. Since honor guard members often do not receive an additional pay bump like other positions might enjoy; thanking them with these special tokens goes a long way!

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Custom Honor Guard Challenge Coins

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