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Top 7 Custom Hat Manufacturers In Canada


November 10, 2023

Custom hats and personalized caps will keep your brand at the forefront of your customer's minds. Cheap personalized hats are affordable for even the most limited budgets, and larger budgets provide plenty of possibilities as well.
The beauty of customizable hats is that the logo may be placed wherever you want and still provide results.
Custom-printed hats are worn forwards, backward, and even sideways, providing several opportunities for brand placement.


vivipins logo

Location: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach CA 92651
Vivipins is a market leader in the promotional product industry. They have reached new heights because of their unique ideas and diligent personnel. Custom caps are one of their most popular items. Each item is handcrafted with care and attention to detail.
Vivipins provides good discounts and a reasonable price range for all types of clients. Vivipins can provide you with any promotional product of your choice.
For vivipins, there is no minimum order quantity. You may start with only one custom hat for yourself. If you purchase in bulk, you will receive a substantial discount.
You may choose a delivery time on the vivipins order page. Vivipins assures that your order will be delivered on the day and time you choose. Otherwise, you will receive a full refund. Please email [email protected] if you require an urgent order.
Only at vivipins can you find the greatest quality at the best price. Pricing for numerous bespoke tote bags may be seen on their website.

Hats Store Canada


Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hatstore was founded on a real passion for headgear. When entrepreneur Filip Klasson began the adventure in 2012, he saw two things lacking in the headgear industry: range and personalization.
What began as an inventory that could fit beneath a twin-size bed has developed into a worldwide player that is always pushing the boundaries of range and personalization options.
Hatstore thrives in a culture of dedication, tenacity, and setting lofty objectives while never losing sight of the importance of having fun.
Hats store Canada claims to be free from minimum order quantity. You don’t have to buy in bulk. So, you can check samples with only one hat.
The turnaround time for caps from their collection is 3-8 days, and 4-9 days for hats with bespoke designs such as embroideries, flags, labels, and text.
Pricing is an arbitrary thing. Pricing varies with the product type and quality. You can get hats for a cheaper price if you buy them in bulk.

Coastal Reign


Location: 8793 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V6P 3J9, Canada
Coastal Reign is a bespoke hat printing firm that provides economical and high-quality headwear to Canadian corporations, schools, and sports teams.
They assist their customers in bringing their custom hat ideas to reality by combining design and fashion experience with innovative printing technology.
Custom eco-friendly hats have no minimum order quantity. You may purchase as many bespoke eco-friendly hats as you want.
After you approve your artwork, their usual manufacturing time is 10 business days. And deliveries take more than 7 to 10 days.
Pricing is a purely arbitrary concept. Pricing varies depending on the product type and quality. If you buy in volume, you may acquire caps for a lower price.

Custom Caps


Location: Niagara Falls Canada
Custom Hats Canada has been selling embroidered caps in Canada online at CustomCaps.ca since 2016. They have created methods and procedures that enable our tiny firm to give large-scale service.
When you purchase online from custom hats, they recognize that as a small Canadian family-owned business.
There is no minimum order quantity for caps in custom caps. You can start ordering as low as one.
Their tiny company typically turns around items in 5-7 days, and your hats are sent safely and securely by Canada Post with a tracking number.

Vista Print


Location: 447 Advance Blvd, Tecumseh, ON N8N 5G8, Canada
VistaPrint, a Cimpress company, works with small business owners to create professionally designed, up-to-date, tailored marketing - the variety of goods needed to seem professional, prepared, and connected.
VistaPrint offers much more: a varied range of personalized small business marketing options; real-time access to expert ideas and assistance for those in need of direction; and a simple, straightforward experience for those who know exactly what they want.
For example, the minimum order applies to objects adorned with a single color, where just one product may be created.
When applicable, the minimum quantity is mentioned on the product page and while browsing the product category. Choose "No minimum quantity" (if available) while searching a product category to eliminate products with a minimum quantity requirement.
Delivery time is different for different products. Delivery time may vary depending on the shipping medium you choose. Pricing can vary depending on design, complications, and quantity. You can check the prices on their website.

E Promos


Location: 113 5th Avenue South St. Cloud, MN 56301
With 15,000 goods available, it might be difficult to choose the ideal item. That is why epromos works tirelessly to introduce and upgrade website features that will make your life simpler.
With only a few clicks, you can narrow down your possibilities with Epromo's comprehensive site search engine and filtering system.
Do you want some expert advice before you buy? Their award-winning Education Center is chock-full of articles, how-tos, and guidelines to assist you in making educated purchase decisions.
In the case of custom caps, there is no minimum order quantity. You may begin ordering as little as one.
Their little business normally turns products around in 5-7 days, and your hats are shipped safely and securely by Canada Post with a tracking number.
Pricing can differ depending on the fabrics, cap type, etc.



Location: Vancouver, British Columbia - Toronto, Ontario
Etsy is a global marketplace for one-of-a-kind and creative items. It houses a universe of unique, amazing goods, ranging from handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.
They aspire as a firm to lead with their guiding principles and to help promote ideals of sustainability and responsibility, the influence of which may extend well beyond their own business.
The minimum order quantity is different for each type of custom hat.
Etsy predicts that domestic shipping will take 3 to 7 business days, depending on the service selected by the client, while international shipments will take 10 to 30 working days.
For each type of hat, you will get a different type of quote.

Bottom Line

You'll notice that none of the other businesses I listed are as good as Vivipins. Vivipins provides excellent customer service and product quality. There are no free shipping options anywhere on the earth. And you don't have to buy in quantity to appreciate the flavor of the product.
So, what are you waiting for? Call Vivipins right away for the best possible collaboration!

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Article written by

Ryan Johnson

Introduction for Hats

I’m Ryan Johnson. As head of the hats department at Vivipins, I bring that leadership in hat design and customization that transforms our customers’ visions into a headgear reality everyone will admire and wish they owned. My team and I bank on the most innovative hat patterns, styles, and types, and we crown it all with stitching, embroidery, painting, or patches with a durability guarantee.

To be precise, ordering hats with Vivipins taps into these advantages:

  • A team that listens: You can talk to Vivipins about every one of your hats desires. Whether you want baseball, snapback, or trucker hats, our team is at your service 24/7.

  •  Quality that’s trusted: We’ve created vintage, foam mesh, embroidery, and other hat styles for a vast range of customers, from celebrities to fashion brands and renowned Big Techs, and they all keep coming back.

  • Hats you can afford: Vivipins believes in giving its customers the highest quality hats at prices that won’t break your budget. Besides, we let you order what you can, without intimidating you with minimum orders.

  • The customer is the boss: Vivipins prioritizes the customer’s desire, so we work with you until you confidently sign off the digital proof before fashioning that hat to your heart’s satisfaction.

  • Get your order now! We fit perfectly into the fast-moving pace of today’s economy. That’s why we are swift when it comes to fast delivery.

Despairing over finding a custom hat company that will make your headwear swag turn heads? Talk to us now at Vivipins and get that urgent hat order rolling.

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