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Custom fun patches are like colorful stamps that can be customized to any occasion. Use them for your shirts, backpacks, hats, or jackets. Add flair with regard to what club you're in or who's running the show by adding a little bit of creativity and personality with these embroidered badges! Custom fun patches are a great idea for groups and clubs. You can create custom fun patches to go with the themes of your group or club! After a long day at work, it's good to come home and have something fun to do. These custom patches are so much fun! Apply them your favorite jacket or backpack and the next time you go out you'll love catching people's attention with your unique look. Why not help promote your favorite sports team with custom-made fun patches? With our fast turnaround, you can get these fun patches made in no time. Order now and get the perfect Custom fun patches for yourself or someone else!
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Why Custom Fun Patches?

Custom fun patches are a great way to brand your group, organization, business name or anything else you want. Patches are an economical and extended-wear option for embroidered logos on clothing that lasts through washes. They have the added benefit of being so small they can be placed anywhere you need them without interrupting the look of your clothing design which makes them perfect for our every day lives!
Show off your individuality and creativity. 
Personalize your clothes, hats, bags, and more.
Make your outfit stand out from the crowd. 
Show off your unique style to the world. 

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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to getting your very own custom patches there is no better choice than us. Why? Because we offer everything you could want in a patch supplier. First off, our patches are custom made so you can get the exact design you want. We are known for creating “thread masterpieces” that stand out and draw favorable comments and reviews. We also do all of this for surprisingly cheap prices. And maybe best of all, we have no minimums! That means you can order as many or as few patches as you want. So to recap, you get striking, professionally designed personalized patches that are of the highest quality and that come with excellent customer service. What could be better than that? Get started today. We also offer fast production and free shipping!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fun Patches?

A fun patches is an embroidered piece of cloth which can be attached with a pin or sewn on to fabric. There are more modern methods, such as iron-on and adhesive that have replaced the need for sewing equipment in some cases but patches still exist because they serve their original purpose - decoration! The introduction computerized machines has turned this once rare art into mass production where anyone could get one without any difficulty whatsoever at all. Fun patches are a way for people to express their interests or share an activity that they participated in with their troop, and on the contrary earn The Night Hike Patch. Girls can also do it themselves; you might try rock climbing and feel really good about pushing yourself into new territory to see how far will go- earning not just one but two patches too! 

Fun Patches are fabric stickers that can be ironed or sewn to clothing. Kids and adults alike love experimenting with funky and personalized patches, and there is something for everyone: you personalize your shoes with a shoe-patch, your jacket with a name patch, or your backpack with a fun design. Custom Fun patches are full of metaphor, from the colors to animals portrayed. For example white means peace while gold suggests generosity and blue shows loyalty with green a symbol for courage. These custom embroidered patches have become popular in recent decades because one can wear them at work or on any other occasion without necessarily being military related; they also make excellent gift ideas! 

Fun Patches are a new kind of tattoo that can be applied to any clothing or item, and they come in fun shapes and colors. They'll change your clothes for the better! A custom fun patches allows people to not only express their personality but also express the person they want to be as well as what they like! There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone rocking their new favorite book on the back of their school bag! Customized patches can help kids connect who they are now and glow up for who they want to be in the future.

One is motivated by the fact that all clothes is an accessory, but it's very difficult to alter one's sense of style on a frequent basis easily. Many days go by where the individual may wish to alter their look or feel more hip than usual with no luck at hand--so we created Fun Patches. Now people can feel contagious through fashion. The fabric is velcro backed and can be removed to place on different things. They come in many designs and colors. Fun patches are an affordable way to cover up any piece of clothing with your favorite design! The fun doesn't stop there either; it's time for you to create your own custom Fun Patch!

Where Do I Put My Fun Patches?

Attaching a custom fun patches to anything you can think of is not only fun, but it also adds personality. They're great for making any outfit stand out in its own unique way! A fashionista should never wear the same pants or shirt twice because there will always come along something new and exciting on their wardrobe list- no matter how much time has gone by since last year’s trends were popular. 

When the hippy look became popular, a custom fun patches were a must-have for any self respecting long hair. They’re great addition to your denim jacket and jeans as well! For a 90s metalhead look, add fun patches and studded denim to your outfit. Wear it with an oversize band tee in white for the ultimate 80's vibe. Add black leather pants or leggings as well as one of those sweet belt pouches-it'll be hard not have this combo make you feel like cruising into town on behalf of Satan himself! Forget about what society has told us--wear whatever makes YOU happy!! To bring the punk edge back in 2016, mix black skinnies with a studded vest and leopard creepers. Pair this look together by wearing unnatural hair color for an edgy appeal that is not too over-the-top or feminine - just right! Add some flair to your outfit by tying off all of those loose ends on top before ending it up with one last twist: wrapping them around each wrist into leather bracelets so they won't fall down during any activities where you might get sweaty (such as running). 

The easiest way to start incorporating the patches trend into your wardrobe is by taking an old tee, finding a motif you like and then applying it. Where there’s one custom fun patch, many more will follow. Pairing these pieces together would make for a grungy look that's sure not be going unnoticed among peers! Place your fun patches where they’re meant to be – on a military jacket. As if the eerily cool and badass already weren't enough, now you have even more ways of showing off how tough (or stylish) YOU really are! Take one single patch from our selection and place it over any sleeve; add some jewels or pins for extra flair-and there ya go: instant streetwear chic without breaking out sweat at all. If you're looking for a military-inspired outfit, keep the rest of your clothes all black. Wear an army green jacket with a fun patch on it that match what's in style now or add different ones to make sure no one will know which era they belong too! 

For a sporty chic look, place several pins and fun patches on one side of the navy blazer. You'll be sure to stand out in any fashion story! This kind of jacket truly makes the outfit--for this awesome sporty chic look paired with your favorite black varsity dress for that casual yet sophisticated vibe! Finish off the whole ensembles by tying up both ends into bandanas before wearing them around town or over one shoulder like I do here at home every day because it's so comfortable whenads are hot outside. This is a perfect weekend outfit to wear with your favorite tunes. Pairing the retro trend of track jackets, which can be paired seamlessly into any style in shoes and accessories like patches or epaulets that will make you stand out from all others- you have accessorized for life! For an edgy look try adding some aviator glasses as well so no one misses those signature Jared Leto features everyone’s been taking note off lately when he posts pictures online wearing his Gucci patchwork jacket along side some tropical flowers too while on vacation somewhere warm this summer time. 

Some people wear custom fun patches to show pride, others use it as a fashion statement. The best thing about this style? You can add or subtract pieces depending on the situation! Here's how: If you're going for laid back casual Friday look with jeans and tee shirt then just stick one patch - no problem; but if your ensemble calls for more color there'll be plenty below (and don't forget that studded bag!). Now get stitching because tomorrow is Saturday!! OR, you can wear your customized jeans with a simple black tee and lace-up sandals for an elegant look. Pair it into the outfit by adding some chain necklaces or bracelet Ed Hardy style!

You don't need to go out and get a new phone any time soon, but you can still make it look like your old one is ready for retirement. Add in some tattoos on top of an outfit that features black jeans with flower patterns lining them up at the seams or across the back pockets - lots going on here! Mix things up by adding tan ankle boots instead so nobody will know what kind-of moody personas are running around inside those covers. Be an instant rock star with this leather jacket. Pair it up and go all out for a cool yet tough look, or just add some patches on the sleeves to make you instantly recognizable while still being delicate in appearance. Either way, don't forget about some studs! Maybe lace overtop of that shirt? It's really up your alley if those clothes match perfectly together. The Chucks can be dressed up with these fun patches that add a little spice to an otherwise plain outfit. Cute and effective, these are perfect for spicing up your favorite pair of jeans or Air Force Ones!

What Other Fun Patches Do You Have?

Girl Scout leaders and volunteers are constantly hunting for just the right fun patches to motivate their troops. Whether you're looking for a little motivation or an activity-specific memory keepsake, there's something on our wide variety of custom pin cover (almost) every Girl Scout experience! Our catalogs also help facilitate girl led activities when planning out this years' events in advance so that they have more time with friends while exploring new things. During my years with Girl Scouts, I’ve seen the fun patch craze grow! These patches quickly fill up backpacks and serve as an important form of decoration. Girls love showing off their hard-earned badges or what they did in service projects for hours at a time; it's inspiring to see them so proud about how far they've come while looking through all those memories together. Whenever girls shopping around these days get asked "how did you earn your badge?" Most will respond proudly telling me stories from field trips abroad - even if some may not have gone quite right this time around (but then again sometimes life just doesn't go according ot plan. For me, I’m always thrilled to see what new designs become available and hear about the troops' exciting activities. We have our classics like Holiday Caroling or Pool Party but did you know that we offer more than just patches? For example, there is Outdoor Skills where one can earn their patch if they complete certain requirements such as having completed 50 different outdoor tasks! There's also Astronomy which teaches how stars work in space while Spa Days encourages relaxation with facials special treatments by registered spa professionals at designated times throughout your day off - it doesn't get much better then this!!

Get your troops involved in a service project by lending their hands to those who need it most. Our furry friends are more likely than ever, so give them the chance for love and maybe earn some patches! If you enjoy having pets at home or have recently become addicted as we all did back when our favorite animal was just an innocent puppy; then this Pet Supply Drive may be perfect addition on how Service Projects can benefit us too while getting together with friends/troops - even if only once every two months (sometimes). 

Paper airplanes are an easy way to get the engineering lessons into your next troop meeting. Fly paper planes, and you can sneak in some engineering knowledge while having fun with friends!

Science is all around us, but it's often hard to see. Science has gone from being a dusty corner of our world that most people don't think about or understand too integral and necessary for everyday life in ways you never expected! You may be thinking your child isn’t engaged with what they learn at school...but have they ever been so caught up on an experiment as soon as I showed them how? And even better than just having kids get excited by cool science experiments -- scientist themselves are starting emerge onto the scene again because there was such shortage back when Challenger exploded (and still some now).

Gather your girls for a campfire adventure with this outdoor skill! In the old days, children would learn how to use their compass instead of relying solely on technology. Nowadays it's almost unheard of because most people carry around phones in case they need directions or help navigating unfamiliar territory but you can still have fun teaching them some history by doing something simple like making s'mores over an open flame without any electronic devices at all- just wood and hot chocolate (or coffee).

Leave a place better than how we found it. This patch will remind your girls of Mother Nature and the sense for preservation, so they take only memories when you go out into nature together as Girl Scouts!

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is a time when girls are encouraged to think about the numerous things they have achieved in their lives. The patches that complement this experience should be fun and non-traditional, as well as acknowledging an accomplishment or two from each girl’s past year of service with GSUSA!

Next month our council will launch new patch styles - one for every skill set underrepresented members can show off: cooking (the foodie), emergency management skills like 911 operator cardiopulmonary resuscitation...and more still coming soon so check back often if you don't see your passion showcased yet ;)

How Do You Earn Fun Patches?

There is a debate among Girl Scout leaders as to whether their troops can earn fun patches. The way it works, though not everyone knows this yet!

The first step in earning these coveted badges (and getting cool stuff) from your local council-level organization like girl scouts or boys & girls club? You have to take part in community service projects and do good deeds within the Gem State that will make us proud. Girl Scout fun patches are a way for the girls in your troop to express themselves. They typically require an activity, but some do not have any specific requirement attached; such as being able to wear "My Mom Is A Leader". Other examples include 100th Anniversary Fun Patches or “Happy Birthday” patching ceremonies which can be used when celebrating someone's birthday within one of their ranks (such as cookie mom). Girl Scout fun patches are a special way to represent your girl’s troop. They cannot be worn on the front of their uniform, but they must instead take up space behind or next to whatever patch designates what organization she belongs in; this could include anything from sports teams (for instance), arts organizations like ballet classes - there's an option for everyone! A Girl Scout can earn these coveted pieces by participating in activities both inside and outside camp while also working hard at meeting all requirements that come with being part of her specific group within either one large " councils" based out New York City . While some people might choose different hobbies than someone else does , each individual still deserves recognition. Girl Scout leaders have a question that comes up in both forums and Facebook groups. It has to do with fun patches, how they're earned, who can get them-and if exclusive for activities done together as part of your troop or just something you did while being on this board? For example: cookie sale patches are awarded only by selling cookies at one time during the year; QSP (Qualifyingbadge) is given after earning 10 badges over 9 months).

It takes a lot of time to plan Girl Scout events, and some leaders don't want the responsibility. They prefer that all their energy goes into what they feel are more important things like planning activities for troops instead of overseeing something as minor but nonetheless mandatory in rank advancement atGSEC (Girl Scout Leaders' council). Others believe that a girl's interest in wearing the Boy Scout uniform patches was just outside of troop time and therefore doesn't count.  If she is going to an art exhibit or museum, then what does it matter where they went? The point being made by this argument goes back onto its origins: girls should do something more than play games with their friends all day long! There are a whole range of special nights at water parks that cater to scouts. These offer troops or those active in scouting discounts, and they also provide an opportunity for girls who can't wear their badges on a vest-they have them laminated with stickers so you don't lose it like I did! Scouting offers many opportunities: camping trips where kids sleep under the stars while cooking over fires; high altitude training courses complete with oxygenueless mountain crossing exercises - all this is done as part of my commitment towards making sure every child has what he needs from start (or nearly) until graduation day.

Perhaps a child took part in a community service project on her own or with the help of her place of worship. This is most certainly worthy! What better way to show your pride than by wearing patches from all those things that make you great? Some girls may want to wear their council patches even if the entire troop did not attend an event. Accordingly, giving them a patch makes sense as it’s representative of their hard work and dedication in participating at all these extra functions outside regular meetings that can sometimes take place over weekends or holidays for many townships across different parts-of ,or near large cities such; this could help establish some kind term self esteem among young kids which will benefit us adults too! When a girl scouts troop does not meet over the summer, it is important that they are still able to explore and learn on their own. They can earn patches which will help them grow into leaders who know how act in different situations; this also includes being self-discovery for young women. Girl Scout troops have fun doing archery because of these types if activities available with cool designs! 

I remember when I was a little girl, and my dad would take me out into the woods. It didn't matter if it was summer or winter- we were going on an adventure! He taught us how to build fires using sticks from deadfalls nearby so that way there's always light in case of emergencies. I also learned about trapping animals like rabbits which are good sources for food - but not too many since you don’t want them overpopulating your campsite. 

Girl Scout Troop leaders can earn colorful embroidered symbols during a meeting. For example, if the girl scout wants to do some activities that don't tie into her new Girl Scout Journeys but still want their badge for it then she will use this as an substitute instead of having no symbol at all which is what would happen otherwise! Branching into different areas of responsibility, you may earn "council credits" for serving your troops in a positive manner. These range from going on field trips or volunteering at local events to doing community service projects such as canning food drives and baking cakes with the kids! Girl Scouts have been around since 1935, but the Girl Scout program didn't come about until 1963. During this time there were no official patches or badges for girls to earn; instead they had their own award-specific pins and necklaces that could be worn on an individual's uniform as decoration. In more modern times these now serve a dual purpose - with some being used both off-duty (eccentric) while others are considered "in" style during everyday activities such as sports games where everyone is expected dress up nicely! 

Custom fun patches

Pick your options, share the artwork of your custom fun patches,
and we’ll get you a mockup within 12 hours.

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