Custom firefighter patches

Own a real piece of American history. The brave firefighters who run into the thick of danger, spray water on flames until they die out - these men and women are heroes every day of their lives. Imagine how proud you would be to have your own custom firefighter patches showcased proudly on your uniform or jacket! The best part? These custom firefighter patches won't just stay with you the hero-they will also serve as a mark of bravery for other first responders to notice when you're in a situation too dangerous for themselves! Our firefighter patches are the best you'll find with their accurate color, design, and construction. The glue is of high quality with a strong hold. We are confident that our firefighter patches will match your expectations with every purchase! Get a Custom Firefighter Patch from us and always keep your brotherhood strong with the most accurate representation of who you are. We offer a variety of shapes, colors, and designs to please any firefighter's individuality! 
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Why Custom Firefighter Patches?

Firefighters refer to the patches on their uniforms as "coat of arms". A custom firefighter patches can help identify which firehouse or battalion you are assigned to. By choosing custom firefighter patches, individuals are enhancing their sense of identity not only with their profession but also with the consequences they face while on the job. As firefighters are often faced with disaster-related situations or other unpredictable events, they depend on personalizing their uniforms for a small feeling of protection and security. 
They are made of durable embroidered fabric so they can withstand the toughest conditions.
Show off how much you love being a firefighter with pride. 
Show your support for firefighters
Honor the hero in your life.

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When it comes to getting your very own custom patches there is no better choice than us. Why? Because we offer everything you could want in a patch supplier. First off, our patches are custom made so you can get the exact design you want. We are known for creating “thread masterpieces” that stand out and draw favorable comments and reviews. We also do all of this for surprisingly cheap prices. And maybe best of all, we have no minimums! That means you can order as many or as few patches as you want. So to recap, you get striking, professionally designed personalized patches that are of the highest quality and that come with excellent customer service. What could be better than that? Get started today. We also offer fast production and free shipping!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get patches from the fire department?

The Fire Department patches have become more than just a way to denote your station. These custom embroidered and iron-on pieces of cloth that can be sewn onto clothes at home, school or work seem like they're popping up everywhere these days! The significance behind them goes beyond being simply an emblem for firefighters around the world - it's also worn as something representative; you wear it proudly so everyone knows where YOU come from (not unlike how we all represent our countries with flagging).

Fire departments around the world have been using patches as a way to distinguish themselves from other emergency services for decades now. Some even design their own, with colorful and unique artwork that will make your heart leap out of its chest! Whether you're looking for old favorites or something new there's always an option available when it comes time to pick up some trading gear at any local department store - which may be just what I need after this week during finals... The newest addition into our collection has made me quite thrilled since each piece is handcrafted by artists who donate part proceeds towards wildfire relief efforts in California following recent devastating fires . Trading and collecting World War II badges is a time-honored tradition. American soldiers would send back patches of the places they were stationed, which soon became popularized as trading tokens in their own right; it's no wonder that after people got whiffed on this trend there was an even greater demand for making new designs! Nowadays you can find anything from tourist destinations to well known brands like Nike or Adidas branded with these tags all over our collective clothing - but do not forget your fellow collector when shopping around because just one item could have hundreds more hiding underneath its surface somewhere else on another garment waiting patiently until someone finds them first! 

In the last decade, collecting patches has become a huge pastime. There are over 100 different types of these unique pieces with each one representing something different to its owner and being considered as works of art in their own right! Nowadays you can find traders all across America trading this stuff too which makes it easier than ever before for people who want more variety when designing their uniforms or just really love what they see on other players' shoulders. You'll find patches everywhere, it's just a matter of looking. Some people go as far to say that you can pick up some good deals at flea markets and swap meets if are on the hunt for rare or unusual ones! 

What is a fireman's badge called?

The Maltese cross is one of the most recognizable symbols in American culture. It's often seen as a tattoo, on fire trucks and badges for firefighters to wear throughout their career with this profession. The origin story behind how it got its place among other iconic designs can be traced back all way from ancient Rome when Christians were martyred by lions at Coliseum Games; through Turkey where Christian Crusaders used heraldry during battles between Muslim Turks (Maltesians) who would spit water into enemy faces while reciting scripture until they were victorious over them - now known worldwide simply. The symbol was originally called "maltese falcon." 

The Badge of a Fire Fighter is the Maltese Cross. It's an ancient symbol that has served as both protection and honor for centuries, with origins dating back to its first appearance in 1477 AD during medieval times when knights would carry them into battle against their enemies on horseback! The cross became especially popular across Europe after King Richard I adopted it as his own personal sigil (his war banner). This eventually led others throughout Christendom began adopting this emblem too--including those who skirmished close enought tfor firefighting duties. 

The Saracens' weapon was fire, and it inflicted unbearable pain on those who were brave enough to fight for Christ in His Holy Land. The Christians called these men "Knights of St John," but they weren't really knights at all; instead just warriors with nothing more than armor and a shield against an enemy that used weapons like flamethrowers or arrows dipped in tar which could burn its victims from afar while leaving little smoke behind as cover so users would be hard-pressed finding him before he finds them again - much less get close enough themselves!

The Crusaders advanced on the walls of Jerusalem with glass bombs containing naphtha. When they became saturated, Saracens hurled a flaming torch into their midst before hundreds could be burned alive or risk getting hurt themselves in order to save brothers-in-arms from painful deaths at the hands (literally)of this new weapon that had been invented just before battle began - an innovation which is said not only changed battles forever but also started The First Crusade!

Firefighters have always been willing to sacrifice for others, and they are not afraid of dangerous situations. Our first firefighters were awarded crosses by their peers in a courageous display that would serve as an inspiration for future generations. The Maltese Cross is a powerful symbol of protection. The Fire Fighter who wears this cross will lay down his life for you just as the crusaders sacrificed their lives in defense of Christianity so many years ago, and that's why we're all glad they did!

Why Does a Fireman Have a Firefighter Patches?

The badges that firefighters wear have a long history, stemming from hundreds of years ago. There are many types of them and they signify different things depending on who it is being worn by: whether speaking to where these professionals came from or how rank affects their appearance in society (i.e., captain). As you become more senior within your fire department's hierarchy - starting off as an officer-wearing recruit then progressing through each higher ranking position until retiring with service letters after decades spent protecting homes at all hours throughout night; wearing any given badge will change accordingly! 

The Knights of St. John were a group from Malta that worked to protect the Christians in their home country and abroad, so it's not surprising these knights became firefighters centuries ago when they came across native tribes whose main weapon was fire. Even though there are many versions about how this story goes down - some saying European crusaders first went up against natives with naught but flame while others say locals fought back by throwing pots filled wood ashes at them- all agree on one thing: The Maltese Cross sign is now emblazoned onto badges worldwide as confirmation of humanity's oldest profession. The first North American firefighters wore a large megaphone around their neck, known as the bugle. This was common for people to know who were in charge and communicate with others on duty using this device - but it soon became outdated when more sophisticated communication systems came about. Today one might still see an officer sporting his insignia of office by having two bugles worn together; these are lieutenant badges! 

Fire departments often have military-inspired badges, as they are tightly knit to the armed forces. The first professional fire department was organized by Napoleon in 1800s France and he ordered members of his army to protect Paris with manual pumps - this tradition continues today! Captains may wear two bugles or bars on their badge mimicking a symbol from military rank structure for Captain (Capt). The number of stars that a military officer wears can vary depending on their position in the chain of command. Battalion Chiefs may wear three bugles, or one star for this rank; Assistant/Deputy chiefs will have four additional metal rings while District Chiefs are granted five different colors to decorate themselves with as they see fit! 

What does a firefighter patches look like?

The Maltese Cross has been used as a symbol for protection and loyalty in many cultures around the world. This eight-pointed star, which dates back to medieval times during Christendom's Crusades when knights battled over possession on holy land Malta; it was then that they discovered fire could be weaponized against them by their enemies like weapons today suchs swords or arrows but with differing results depending upon who manged victory at this epic battle located thereon island - one side emerging victorious while another unfortunately lost some very brave Americans died heroically defending what we now know is called tyranny!

The center seal of a firefighter's badge is typically an image that depicts fire, specifically in the form of an axe and ladder. Some variations show other symbols like helmets or hydrant but they all serve to represent preparedness for whatever may come next on scene during their shift at work!

The color red is often prevalent throughout the scramble or Maltese Cross. There are two origins for this bold hue’s presence on firefighter badges, depending upon who you ask- one says it represents flames of a fire; another claims that they're just there because many firefighters wear their trucks bright colors so drivers can be seen easier in traffic- but either way these symbols have always held meaning to those brave enough (and skilled) enough protect us from danger!

Prior to radios, in the early days of American firefighting, orders at a scene were given using brass bugles. The person holding them was identified as leader and communicated with others on hand through this device known as "the bugle". Fast forward today where it can signify seniority such include lieutenants or Chiefs among other things depending upon your department's rules about who wears one- but most importantly these symbols now communicate that you are ready for anything without language barriers between yourself and those around!

Custom Firefighter Patches

Pick your options, share the artwork of your custom firefighter patches,
and we’ll get you a mockup within 12 hours.

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