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Are you planning a spectacular event? The two most common methods of tracking attendee entry to your event are tickets and wristbands. But which one should you pick? Custom event wristbands are an excellent way to increase the security of the events. Gatecrashers won't be able to enter using stock wristbands, which are typically available at party supply stores or other online retailers if you have personalized bracelets. Your personalized event wristbands have a distinctive design that gatecrashers won't be able to match! We offer five different materials for our personalized, customizable wristbands, each with unique qualities and advantages. Thanks to our online wristband designer, making unisex personalized bracelets has never been easier. We are confident that since we have built the best custom wristband maker online. Create your own wristband right now! 
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Why Custom Event Wristbands

It is important to have personalized wristbands with the one-of-a-kind event so that no one can imitate your design and enter your event with their own custom wristbands. You can personalize the wristband by adding your own logo or graphic. Our custom event wristbands are the best event-personalized wristbands.  
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Often those seeking custom lapel pins have a decision to make – pay much more for high-quality work or receive inferior quality pins while staying within a lower budget. We eliminate this decision for you! With Vivipins you get the highest quality custom pins at prices you can afford. Plus, we have no minimum orders! You can order anywhere from 1 pin to 10,000 or more pins – and you can count on paying cheap prices no matter the quantity of your order. Get your personalized pins now without breaking your budget. We also offer fast delivery and we provide digital proofs for you to sign off on before production begins. Get started now.
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Create your own custom event wristband 

The most popular type of wristband for events is a synthetic fabric bracelet. These tiny paper or plastic bracelets are probably something you've seen (or even worn!) at bars, festivals, and crowded, significant events like golf tournaments. Furthermore, our wristbands are solid and cozy to wear due to their practicality. With the help of event wristbands, event staff can quickly identify paying attendees by spotting who has paid and who has not. 

The use of wristbands at events has significantly increased in recent years as venues and organizers have come to understand their many advantages. Not only are wristbands a great way to control attendance, but some kinds also make lovely mementos after the event is over. We offer many different styles in a variety of materials, such as Tyvek, Fabric, Silicone, and Vinyl. Every kind of event wristband is entirely customizable. No matter what material you select, the wristband will be exclusively made for your occasion. 

Customized wristbands can be used for a wide range of entry management applications at venues and events. They are commonly used in fields ranging from alcohol age verification test ID to VIP access, ticketing, and access restrictions. Whether the event is large or small, using wristbands for events creates a tamper-proof system that ensures you have complete control over activities both within and outside the venue. Security personnel prefers wristbands because they clearly define access or entitlement by looking at the wearer's wrist. 
Wristbands offer an affordable solution for security at any public event, including concerts and festivals. Tyvek wristbands are nearly impossible to transfer or sell to any third parties. They are typically used at events for a while of one to three days. Since they cannot be torn or stretched, they are solid and versatile, ensuring that identification is always possible from the beginning of the event until the very end. 
We can provide the appropriate wristbands for any event you are planning. Vivipins staff has years of experience and will gladly recommend suitable material for your event, whether it is a birthday party, office event or a, get-together stag/hen do, anniversary, festival, charity event, theater trip, or anything else. To personalize the wristband, use the interactive designer to enter any wording or logo details. Choose from a wide range of colors before confirming your order, and we'll do the rest. 
Whereas the wristbands look fantastic and can indeed be embedded with innovative technology, are they truly more helpful than tickets? Yes. And no, It all depends. Tickets remain precious assets for event organizers. Wristbands, on the other hand, make more sense in certain situations. 


Here are some reasons why you should consider using wristbands at your next event. 

Save time and resources
Are you planning a three-day event? If this is the case, you must wear wristbands. If you don't, you'll have to print three days' worth of tickets, check them daily, and deal with a slew of attendees who lose their paper tickets. You can provide mobile tickets that customers can show on their phones when entering the gate, but they must still keep track of them. People can wear the same stuff throughout the event with wristbands! That's easy as pie! It saves you money, your attendees time, and everyone's sanity. 
Quick Entry and Access 
Crowd Control Wristbands, with distinct serial numbers or barcodes, are easy to manage crowd control and monitor who paid admission. Wristband Resources crowd control wristbands can be fully customized with your own graphics and messaging. 
Tickets and wristbands must both be checked. The distinction is in the speed with which you can check them. Regarding tickets, someone must take out their wallet or check their pockets, take out the ticket, and hand it over to someone to inspect. Attendees flash their wristbands to gain access. That's all! What could be faster than that? 
Additional Security 
If you've ever organized a large event, you know how hectic security can be. People can swarm an event gate quickly, and things can quickly spiral out of control. The last thing security needs to worry about is people sneaking into the event without purchasing a ticket. Security can tell who belongs where by using wristbands. This offers a ton of advantages. A particular wristband color can help security locate a missing child. Security can determine by a person's wristband whether they are 21 or older if they are drinking while underage. Your security team can recognize people more quickly, thanks to color-coded wristbands. 
Adds Value 
Some wristbands are used to enhance the event and to be an admissions tool. For instance, many charities and nonprofits use wristbands to attract attendees while raising money for their cause. For instance, the Susan G. Komen Foundation sponsors 5k races and other activities to support breast cancer research. Participants in the Race for the Cure frequently receive free t-shirts, wristbands, and other swag as a way to remember and promote the event. Additionally, the merchandise increases support for the cause. In fact, since people now associate the color pink with the cause, the vivid pink wristbands have gained notoriety. 
System of cashless payments 
RFID wristbands can speed up service and improve the guest experience. For event services like snack bars and gift shops, these can be used as a contactless payment option. By scanning or tapping RFID readers to instantly share moments that are posted and shared with friends as free advertising for your event, RFID wristbands also promote social media engagement. 

Event Silicone Wristbands 
According to the type of event, silicone wristbands may be ideal for separating people into groups. However, because the band can be removed, it would not be adequate for ticketed events where security is critical. If the event is free and open to the public, silicone wristbands are an excellent way to raise awareness or promote a brand for a particular cause or charity. 
Fabric Wristbands for Events 
Fabric wristbands may be ideal depending on the event type and duration. They are most commonly seen at multi-day events and can be worn for a long time. Woven wristbands are synonymous with outdoor events, like music festivals, etc., because they are durable and fully customizable. Fabric wristbands are typically considered a superior product by event organizers when compared to Tyvek wristbands, which only last up to 48 hours. 
Vinyl wristbands 
Based on the duration of your event, vinyl wristbands might be the ideal choice. Vinyl wristbands are suitable for events lasting two or more days where admission is contingent upon payment of an entrance fee or ticket, making a secure wristband necessary. A tabbed vinyl wristband might be the best option if your event offers benefits or perks, with attendees redeeming a Tab in exchange for a perk. This enables you to run a cashless system where products or services are exchanged for tabs that are already included in the price of the wristband or ticket.  
Tyvek Wristbands for Events 
99% of the time, when people discuss event wristbands, they refer to Tyvek wristbands. The product's ease of use and tamper-proof design makes it possible to enter any event without difficulty. Tyvek wristbands assure event organizers that their event's logistics are safe when using these bands. The best wristbands for big events are custom Tyvek® bracelet wristbands, even though plastic wristbands are simple to customize and are available for any event. Tyvek wristbands are all 3/4 inch wide, affordable, and used for concerts, festivals, and grand openings. Since they are made of paper, they are effective for managing crowds, useful as wristbands for tickets or attendance tracking, and helpful for enforcing some restrictions like age verification. 
Types of event wristbands 
One popular kind of wristband used at events to identify attendees is an id tag wristband. These bands frequently have some identification, like a name or pictures, printed on them. When needed, they are simple to access and frequently small enough to wear on the wrists without being too noticeable. 

If you want something that is particular to your event, a customized wristband is a fantastic choice. This type of band can be created especially for your occasion by including images or text specific to your event. Additionally, they can be customized with your logo or other design components. 

Attendees can identify themselves at an event by wearing a wristband with their tickets. The event's name is printed on these bands, which are frequently yellow or orange. They can be used to keep track of attendance or as a way to recognize attendees when they enter the event space. 

A VIP wristband is a type of band that is solely given to notable attendees. They are usually made of gold or silver and have various symbols or logos imprinted on them. They are typically worn on the arm and communicate to attendees that they are special and deserve to be treated well during the event. 

If you want something unique and adaptable, this is a great choice. They can be made in a variety of colors and styles, and they can be made with your logo or other design elements. They can be a great way to advertise your event as well as a great way to show off your enthusiasm for it. 
How to choose the right wristbands? 
When selecting the ideal wristband for your upcoming public event, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. The type of event should be taken into account first. Do you have any dance party plans? A gathering for sports? An event? Different event wristbands are required for different occasions. 
For instance, at a dance party, you might want to select wristbands that play music or have flashing lights. You might want wristbands with team logos and colors for a sporting event or ones with rally-style noisemakers. Additionally, bandanas or vibrant fabric bands that you can tie around your wrists might be appropriate for a concert. The wristband's size should be taken into account as the second factor. Most wristbands come in small, medium, and large sizes, but some can be made to order to fit specific wrist sizes better. Before you go shopping, it's crucial to measure your wrist so you can choose the correct size. The band's construction material is the last thing to take into account. Rubber and plastic are the two primary materials used to make wristbands. Rubber bands are more expensive; however, plastic bands tend to break more easily. Although more expensive, rubber bands typically last longer and are less likely to break. 

Pick a band that has a variety of applications. Sports wristbands, like those for football or track and field, are typically thinner and less robust than those for concerts or other gatherings where attire is more relaxed. Think about how frequently you intend to wear the band. A thinner model might be easier to handle if the band intends to use it only once or twice at night. Consider purchasing more full bands if your event requires attendees to wear them all night. When buying a band, take into account the size and weight. Make sure to account for both weight and circumference (the strap's diameter) when sizing bands (the amount of metal in the waistband). Be aware that a heavier-duty belt may be necessary to prevent feeling too tight or uncomfortable on larger wrists. 

The majority of people participate in activities like fun runs because they get the chance to have a good time while supporting causes that are important to them. But it's impossible to deny that everyone also appreciates receiving some gifts. Just keep in mind that consumers still love items they can actually use when it comes to giveaways. They make no difference in how vibrant, inventive, or memorable your free wristbands aree. They won't be worn if they don't fit. Here is a quick guide to assist you in choosing the right size wristbands for your event because the number of attendees will vary depending on the type of event you've planned. 
Youth Size 
 Kids and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 17 can wear wristbands that measure 7 inches. School fairs, kiddie marathons, teen rallies, student conferences, and other similar youth-focused activities are examples of events that can use this wristband size. These wristbands aren't the smallest available, in any case. Even 6.5-inch toddler-size wristbands are an option for events where some participants are under the age of five. 
Medium size 
A wide range of people will typically attend an event. Attendees at a family fun run or charity concert could be as young as four or as old as 80. Teenagers and their parents have frequently invited guests to school events. Thankfully, for occasions like these that serve more than two age groups, medium size wristbands offer a secure option. This size,  7.5 inches in length, provides an excellent middle ground between youth and adult sizes. 
Adult Size 
This is the most frequently ordered size. Adults who are at least 18 years old and of average size use it; it has a circumference of 8 inches. It works well for most events. This covers events like performances, races, parades, club parties, outreach initiatives, and more. 
Extra Large
Fitness-related events have historically raised awareness of a problem or illness. The sheer number of fun runs taking place all over the world is proof of this. However, some fit into the typical adult sizes more quickly than others, especially runners. It is advised to have at least a few extra-large bracelets on hand for occasions like this. After all, most suppliers allow customers to combine two or more wristband sizes into one order. These extra-large wristbands, which measure 8.5 inches, can also accommodate individuals with more muscular builds. 
If you are unsure of the best kind of wristband to use for your event, just let us know your event plans and what you want to do with them. We can assist you in choosing the one that will guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience. 
Do you need custom wristbands close to your place? Don't look elsewhere besides Vivipins! You can quickly and easily order customized wristbands from us and get them delivered anywhere in the world. Uploading your files or creating your own unique wristbands is a simple process with our online configurators. Contact us if there is a particular type of customization in which you are interested so that we can assist you in bringing your custom wristband idea to life. 

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