Best 5 Website To Custom Enamel Pins Melbourne

Written by Robin Brown on September 18, 2021
Custom pins are something most of us want in Melbourne. For pin lovers, they represent something very personal and special. However, finding the top manufacturers of the pins was a difficult task.

Don't worry, I've scoured the market and found five of the best custom pin makers for you. 

Let's get started.


Promoshop logo image
●Location: Melbourne
●Company type: Manufacturer

Promoshop is one of the first promotional companies in the world to have a fully interactive B2B marketing product website.Promoshop has offices in Melbourne and Sydney, so you can use them as an alternative partner regardless of whether you are in Melbourne or Sydney.

They offer different quantities of online pricing, including different brands, different quantities, etc. They have a pop-up on their website to sign up as a member, and then you get a special membership discount.

They have a minimum order of 50 units for $11.4 each. The unit price for 100 units is $7.28.The unit price for 1000 units is $2.48.That is to say, the unit price will decrease as the quantity increases.

For the choice of accessories:
●Butterfly Clutch
●2 inch Stick Pin
●Standard Safety Pin Clasp
●Wire Safety Pin Clasp
●Roller Safety Pin Clasp
●Piston Clasp (Tie Tac)

The production time is about 4-5 weeks, if you need to see the sample, the production date will be increased.
They also deal with other products such as:
●Hampers & wine
●Bottled water
●Bags & backpack
●Face mask
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Goodthings logo image
●Location: Melbourne
●Company type: Manufacturer
●Number of employees: 20-50

Goodthings has an excellent team, each of whom has a clear division of labor and can cooperate well with each order.

The unit price of their custom products is very competitive and can be as low as $3.06.The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

Custom steps for their lapel pins:
Step 1: Send your product idea to the designer
Step 2: Confirm product design details
Step 3: Product delivery

For product design, if you need help, their team of designers will work closely with you to design excellent artwork that can express your brand.

Once the design is finalized, you can fill out their inquiry form, indicating your customization intentions and design details.
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Cashsawards logo image
●Location: Melbourne
●Company type: Manufacturer
●Year Founded: 2009

Over the past 20 + years, Cashsawards has developed its manufacturing capabilities to include MEDALS, badges, pins, key chains, and other custom products. They are constantly introducing and learning new technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of their users.
They don't say much about custom pin options, but their order history speaks volumes about the quality of their products.

They serve teams, schools, individuals, and other organizations, and 98% of their users speak highly of the products they provide.
If you have an idea of customizing pins, click the inquiry button at the bottom right of their website and start inquiring.

They also deal with other products such as:
●Belt buckles
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Abc2000 logo image
●Location: Melbourne
●Company type: Manufacturer
●Year Founded: 2000

Abc2000 is one of Melbourne's best independent suppliers of printed promotional items. They have a perfect organizational structure, both before and after sales, they do the best service.

Their custom lapel pins are die-cast metal and the color is filled with enamel. Can provide any shape, any color customization. Custom-made products are filled with durable and durable enamel, so there is no need to worry about them during use.

No matter how much you order, they don't require it.Because most customized products can not see the quality in advance, but it doesn't matter, they provide a large number of pictures of previous orders on the website, you can check.

For your own design drawings, if you want to upload to them, please follow their format, otherwise, you can't upload. For details of communication, you can send a message through their pop-up window, and they will reply to you within 24 hours of receiving the message.

They also deal with other products such as:
●Keyrings & key tags
●Drink coasters
●Button badges
●Coffee mugs
●Sticky notes
●Cloth badges
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Vivi.Pins logo image
●Key products: custom enamel pins
●Company type: Manufacturer

●Number of employees: 10-50

If you want custom pins, stop searching. Vivipins is a perfect choice. Not only do we offer high-quality custom pins, but we also offer the most competitive prices in the industry. With our experienced manufacturing process and badge-making knowledge, you can rest assured that you will get what you want.

There is no limit to the number of custom pins we offer, whether you order one or 100, we are happy to complete the customization. But the larger the quantity, the lower the unit price. For any shape, size, and type of custom pins, we can help you achieve them.
As for the turnaround time, you don't have to worry about it at all. We have 40+ staff and two factories, which is not a problem for any order turnaround. The lead time for most of our orders is 10-14 days.

If you encounter difficulties in the customized design draft, then please do not be depressed, our excellent designers can provide you with free design services until the design of your satisfactory work. We will give you a digital sample for your reference before starting production.

We will give the greatest discount to all customers, we hope that our cooperation is built on friendship, not just for temporary interests. We are more willing to treat our customers as friends than partners.

We also deal with other products such as:
●Custom challenge coins
●Custom neck gaiter
●Custom ball marker
●Custom patches
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Choose one of the above listed companies to consult for custom enamel pins to make your designs a reality.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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