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Stitching Quality: Top 5 Factory Custom Embroidered Patches in Malaysia


February 04, 2024

Are you looking for custom embroidered patches in Malaysia woven with impeccable craftsmanship that speaks to your brand voice?

Or do you prefer one with an online ordering system that makes your ordering process seamless?

Malaysia is rich in variety, including manufacturers of custom embroidered patches.  We bring you the best places to get quality embroidered patches that deliver bespoke customization, value for money, and flawless stitching. 

Here is our selection of Malaysia's five best manufacturers of custom embroidered patches. We review what they offer and what makes them stand out. 


Nonwovenbagmalaysia: (An Eco-champion)

Embroidered Patches-1

A Malaysian-based manufacturer, Nonnwovenbagmalaysia is an eco-friendly company that prides itself on delivering quality and affordable custom bags. It will interest you to know that they also make quality custom embroidered patches. In addition, they also manufacture sequin patches for clothes, sublimation patches, varsity patches, custom chenille patches, and chenille patches.


What makes Nonwovenbagmalaysia unique?

Nonwovenbagmalaysia has created a unique identity for itself due to the following key features:

  • Eco-friendly: through the use of non-woven bags, they help lessen garbage pollution, hence lessening the carbon footprint 

  • Unlimited style offering: clients get an unlimited style offering to meet unique needs through unique size, style, and design.

  • Branding: Create a product that speaks to your company ethos and design element

  • Unleash your creativity: users are offered the chance to unleash their creativity, bringing to life how they want their bags to appear.

  • More product offerings: In addition to bags, they also have the following on offer: drink ware, key chains, labels/patches, lanyards & metal, soft toys, umbrellas, running medals, wet tissues, ribbons, and wristbands. 


  • The major drawback of this company is that they don’t offer online ordering; however, if you want to work with this company, you can contact them and talk with an expert for a custom solution. 


 Gumtoo: (Customization specialist)

Embroidered Patches-2

If you aim to get quality custom-made products for brand activation, customer engagement, employee engagement, product promotion, and more, Gumtoo is your ideal partner. 


Why Gumtoo?

With customer reviews ranging from: “Gumtoo is an AWESOME company! They have fantastic and efficient customer service to “We had a great experience with both the service and the product. Easy to order, delivered when promised, and they look fantastic.” 

Over time, Gumtoo has distinguished itself as Malaysia's go-to company for custom embroidered patches and signed household names such as Uber, & Airbnb as some customers, only confirming their mettle for quality delivery.


Other distinguishing features include:

  • You can customize your border type as a Merrowed or Heat Cut Border. The former delivers a thick, uniform border using special over lockers, while the latter delivers a thin, flat border.

  • Three backing options are offered: Iron on Patch, plain backing, and Velcro.

  • Each option has a minimum order of 50 patches per design with a 2-2.5 week’s turnaround.

  • Custom-made patches are available in five options: embroidered Patch, woven Patch, printed Patch, and Bullion Patch.


  • Whereas they have distinguished themselves for their design skill, online ordering would have completed this experience. 


Limembroidery: (22 Years of Stitching Excellence)

Embroidered Patches-3

Located in Selangor, Malaysia, but with services available globally, Limembroidery, over time(over 22 years of operation), distinguished itself as the go-to place for embroidery, digitizing, patches, silkscreen, heat press printings, bags, caps, plus more.

Running on the principle that each customer deserves the best quality of services possible, this company is primarily a logo and t-shirt specialist. 


Why Limembroidery? 

  • Competitive edge: Offers a competitive pricing, 

  • Customer-centric focus: With a commitment to making every client feel unique by delivering the best services possible, Limembroidery has genuinely earned this place as a preferred manufacturer in Malaysia and beyond. 

  • Global Outreach: Orders can be fulfilled across the globe.

  • There is no minimum order requirement, enabling you to get the feel of quality before ordering huge quantities.


  • Absence of online ordering via its website. However, a specialist is at hand to take your order and answer any lingering questions you have.


Other products offered include:

  • Towels

  • Cotton & safety vest

  • Executive jacket/windbreaker

  • Premium gifts and bags

  • Sublimation custom-made t-shirts

  • Velvet boxes

  • USB flash drive box

  • Kids t-shirts 


Magspremiums: (Corporate specialization)

Embroidered Patches-4

Are you looking for a custom premium corporate gift in Malaysia? Magspremiums can help deliver gifts that help promote your brand and inspire your customers and staff. 

With experience spanning several decades, they have the experience, demonstrated quality, and unparalleled services. 


Why Magspremiums?

  • They can deliver embroidery patches for all event types and customize them with any text, design, or message.

  • With doorstep delivery and available customer care service, you can rest assured that you will get the best quality that meets or exceeds your expectations.

  • The minimum order quantity for each embroidery patch design is 100 pieces, and delivery time is usually 2 to seven working days. 

  • A talented and experienced team to meet the varied demands of products and corporate gifts.

  • Extensive product selections that meet the demands beyond the corporate niche.


  • Only available during business hours from Monday to Friday

  • Absence of an online ordering system for custom patches


Some other products they have on offer include:

  • Non-woven eco-friendly shopping bags

  • Lanyards

  • Cooler bags

  • Key chains

  • Stationary products

  • Wristband

  • Drinkware

  • Household

  • Apparel


Vivipins :( World-class patch, delivered everywhere)


There might be many options for custom embroidery patches in Malaysia, but Vivipins is the manufacturer you need. 


What Makes Vivipins World-class?

As a distinguished name in custom embroidered patches, Vivipins delivers quality products and offers express shipping solutions to your preferred location. Other salient benefits that you will get by working with Vivipins include:

  • Unlimited revision on free designs

  • Far pricing that makes you save up to 30%

  • Fast turnaround: within 14 days of making an order

  • 100% money-back guarantee.

  • World-class team and ordering system

Although Vivipins might not have a physical factory in Malaysia, its seamless process that includes working with experienced designers and the ability to get a full refund ensures that you get value for money and have no minimum order requirements. 


You can order the following patches:

  • Printing patches

  • Embroidery patches,

  • Weave patches.


Other quality products delivered by Vivipins include:

  • Ball Marker

  • Neck gaiters

  • Challenge coins 

  • Enamel pins

With a 5-star excellence review such as “Vivipins delivered what I needed with a quick turnaround,” or “If easy ordering on the internet had a face, it would look like the portal at Vivipins.”

Certainly, Vivipins offers all you are looking for in a partner. Over 5000+ customers can attest to this. 


Bottom line:

Your requirements and budget allocations rank supreme when selecting your preferred embroidered patch marker. Whether you are environmentally conscious, prefer experience, or want a company with global outreach, we have detailed above the five best names you can explore to get the best value for your money. 

Feel free to opt for one that meets your expectations.

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