All of us love baseball, its America’s favorite pastime. It’s an amazing feeling being able to go to the stadium and support your favorite team. The best way to showcase your support is by sporting custom baseball trading pins. Here at Vivipins, we have a fantastic collection that’s perfect for any baseball lover!
What are baseball trading pins?

Baseball trading pins are essentially like regular enamel pins. Originally, they were worn by players and exchanged after a game as a gesture of goodwill. Now, everyone from fans to players collects and trades these baseball pins. They are symbols of support and commitment that are lauded by traders everywhere. [ Snippet bait will just place in the first paragraph ]

Players would sport trading pins to symbolize their team spirit and commitment. Trading pins emerged during the Olympic games of the late 19th century.

Their main purpose was to give the players from different nationalities a chance to intermingle and trade pins as a gesture of brotherhood and goodwill.

By the early 19th century, when baseball was introduced as an Olympic sport, things began to heat up. Baseball trading pins became insanely popular and highly tradable. Literally everyone was obsessed with having them

Since then, baseball trading pins have emerged to be a cultural staple, even outside the Olympics. It’s not just for players anymore but, for baseball lovers in general.

Baseball trading pins come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You’ll certainly find the very best custom baseball trading pins here at Vivipins!

What are baseball trading pins
How to display baseball trading pins
How to display baseball trading pins

Wearing your baseball trading pins is a symbol of pride and joy. They depict support for your favorite baseball team. But, there is a code of ethics you need to abide by when you’re in this trade. Let’s go over these ethical codes:

Baseball trading pins should be worn on your attire, namely your shirt, hat or scarf, so that they are easily visible to interested parties.

If you want to physically admire someone else’s trading pins, ask for permission beforehand. You don’t want to come off rude during a trading negotiation. Plus, make sure you have baseball trading pins of equal value before entering a negotiation.

Moreover, be polite, respectful and friendly before, during and after the trading negotiations. Baseball trading pins are a symbol of goodwill and must be shown respect whilst trading.

At the end of it all, remember to shake hands and part ways as a mutual expression of generosity.

Baseball trading pins for Cooperstown

Baseball trading pins for Cooperstown is a great option. They embody heritage, integrity and cultural exchange. There is always a pin out there that’s perfect for you.

The baseball experience is incomplete without trading pins. It’s not just for wearing them today; players often keep baseball trading pins and reminisce the good old days later on in their lives. These pins act as historical symbols for players and teams alike.

That’s not all; baseball trading pins for Cooperstown has high integrity linked to them. They come with a promise and guarantee of high-quality products. It’s very important that trading pins be durable and long-lasting for a great experience.

Plus, baseball pins are for trading right? So, they need to be made from the best materials to ensure that you can trade them freely. No one will question the quality of baseball trading pins for Cooperstown. We guarantee it!

Baseball trading pins for Cooperstown
sizeAverage team trading pin size is 1.75"
1 1/2"1.50" pins are roughly the size of an Eisenhower dollar
1 3/4"1.75" pins are roughly the diameter of a golf ball
2"2.00" pins are roughly the size of the top of a small can of V8 or Red Bull
2 1/4"2.25" pins are roughly the diameter of a racquetball or billiard ball
2 1/2"2.50" pins are roughly the diameter of a tennis ball
2 3/4"2.75" pins are roughly the diameter of an official MLB baseball
3"3.00" pins are roughly the diameter of a hockey puck
3 1/4"3.25" pins are roughly the diameter of a 5 ounce can of tuna
3 1/2"3.50" pins are roughly the diameter of an 11" softball
3 3/4"3.75" pins are roughly the diameter of a 12" softball
4"4.00" pins are roughly the diameter of a large McDonalds soft drink lid
Trading pins size guide

Let’s talk about the sizes of baseball trading pins. You’ll probably come across many shapes and sizes of these pins but, it’s vital to know about the ideal sizes and tradability of said pins. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Baseball trading pins are commonly seen in 2-inch sizes. These are considered the standard when it comes to tradability.

Additionally, you can also make baseball trading pins in other sizes as well. They can range from anywhere between 1-inch to 3-inches.

The great thing about the 2-inch or bigger sizes is the customization options you get with it. For instance, you can add small hanging ornaments to the 2-inch+ trading pins since the 1-inch variant is too small.

Oh, and don’t forget to be mindful of how much you want to spend on baseball trading pins. Bigger sizes will naturally be more expensive as compared to smaller variants.

Baseball Pin Collection guide

Now that we’ve covered the basics of baseball trading pins, let’s get into details about building a decent collection of them.

First of all, you will need to consider what type of pins you want to collect. There are many varieties like soft enamel and offset out there. You’ll get to know about them in the next section.

Remember, you can buy stock designs from online stores but there will always be some custom, rare baseball trading pins that you can’t purchase. Keep in mind to occasionally spot and trade rare designs to boost your collection.

Moving on, conventions and trade shows are excellent events for getting great pins. Baseball trading pin enthusiast from around the country will gather to showcase their collections and so should you.

Finally, there’s nothing like going to an actual baseball game and trading pins on-site. The game is where the real trading action is.

Baseball Pin Collection guide
Soft enamel baseball trading pins
Soft enamel baseball trading pins

If you want the most customization options coupled with great quality, soft enamel baseball trading pins are just the thing. This is one of the types of trading pins that we mentioned in the previous section.

Soft enamel trading pins are actually crafted from a shaped metal like iron, brass or copper. The shaped metal is topped with enamel and designed as per customer specifications. Eventually, the pin is heated to secure the materials in place and that’s how a pin is made.

There are two ways you can get soft enamel baseball trading pins. One is by ordering the default designs you find on our website and the other is by ordering your own custom design. Plus, there’s trading baseball pins with friends as well.

Overall, you’ll find tons of great design ideas if you choose soft enamel baseball trading pins. They make ideal pins for you to collect.

Custom Baseball Pin Design

We all want our very own custom baseball trading pin, right? Well, not to worry because Vivipins can make that happen!

The process of getting your own custom baseball trading pin is very simple. First, start by making a high-quality artwork of your intended design. It could be your team logo, for starters’. Remember, you’ll need technical expertise for this step.

After you’re done, send us the said artwork and we will supply you with a digital proof and price quote. You’ll get the opportunity to revise your design as much as you want.

Finally, when you’re happy with the revised proof, it’s time to order! We will have them made within 7 to 10 business days. Delivery will follow soon and you’ll have your very own custom baseball trading pin in no time.

Wait, that’s not all. We don’t have any minimum order quantity (MOQ). So, you can even order 1 pin if you want to!

team trading pins
Offset printing baseball trading pins
Offset printing baseball trading pins
Another type of pins is the offset printing baseball trading pins. These are a bit different to soft enamel baseball trading pins. Let us explain what it is:

Offset printing baseball trading pins originates from a vinyl layer on top of an iron sheet. Said sheet is printed and punched with a design and covered in clear epoxy. Eventually, you get a design that is protected in said epoxy which gives a nice, clean look.

Such pins come in many different sizes that range from 1-inch to 3-inches. Depending on the size you pick, costs will vary. As we said earlier, 2-inch is the perfect size option as it allows for modifications. Please bear that in mind when you choose sizes.

These types of pins are ideal if you want some wow factor by adding spinners and danglers to them. We will talk about said wow factor in the next section.

How We Work

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Step 4: Production&Ship

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Take words from our customer

Wow factor of the pins

There’s many ways you can put the ‘wow’ in your pins. Enhancements like lights and spinners can really make your baseball trading pins stand out of the crowd. You’ll be able to drastically enhance the desirability for your pins at conventions and trading shows. Let’s look at some of the enhancements that we make:
Spinner Option


One of the most highly sought after trading pins at conventions is a spinner, which is like a second pin attached to the first which twists and turns. It’s a great way to make a really unique baseball trading pin. 


Put some sparkling dazzle on your trading pins with glitter, which is one of the cheapest ways to make a baseball trading pin more desirable. This is one of the most common enhancements out there.


Special glowing enamel looks amazing in the dark, but it’s only available in a select range of colors. Therefore, you need to specify early if you want this type of pin so that we can make it perfectly for you.
Slider Option


Sliding all the way! It’s a really cool feature that makes baseball trading pins more desirable. A hollow is made in the main pin and a smaller pin is fitted so that it slides side to side. It’s pretty cool, right?

Glass crystals

Brighten up your baseball trading pin game with glass crystals that resemble jewels, adding texture and finesse. We have tons of colors and size choices, and they look great for the team supporters cheering from the sidelines. 
LED lights(Max 2pcs)

LED lights

Baseball trading pins with blinking lights of various colors are very desirable for traders at conventions. This pin consists of a small light powered by a battery. It flashes on and off which can really attract collectors and traders at night.


These pins are extremely in demand for baseball pin trading. Bobble-heads are fixed to the main pin by a tiny spring so they can bounce around when you touch them. As they are a little more fragile than other enhancements.


Danglers stay hung from the primary pin via a chain, which makes the baseball trading pin design more interactive and interesting. This is great if you want to add the year of a championship win to a trading pin. 
Remember, we can make ALL of the enhancements above to really give that wow factor to your custom baseball trading pins!

Frequently asked questions

What is a baseball trading pin?

Baseball trading pins are like regular lapel pins but for teams and their respective players. They primarily wear it to symbolize their team spirit and commitment. Plus, after games, they trade it with other players as a sign of goodwill and brotherhood. Supporters of teams can also sport these baseball trading pins and collect them. These great pins come in many different designs and their tradition dates back to the late 1800s.

How do I wear or display baseball trading pins in public?

Baseball trading pins are a symbol of support for your team. Just like regular lapel pins, you can wear them on your hats, scarves and shirts. But, there are codes of conduct to follow in regards to this. Always be respectful of other pin collectors and traders. Plus, be courteous while entering into negotiations and trade deals. Make sure to end the trade with a handshake as a gesture of goodwill. That’s pretty much it; wear your baseball trading pins proudly and respect other’s choices as well.

Do sizes of baseball trading pins matter?

If you’re looking to be an active baseball pin trader, then yes size matters. 2-inch baseball trading pins are the most common size out there and most desirable. You can always have any pin size (1-inch to 3-inches). But, smaller pins are at a disadvantage since the bigger variants allow for enhancements (danglers, spinners, LED lights, sliders, glitter, etc.). You will be missing out on these if you go for smaller pins. It’s best to mix it up keeping your budget in mind.

How can I make a baseball trading pins collection?

Collecting and trading baseball pins is a craft that anyone can master. All it takes is a bit of dedication. You can start off by buying some stock pins from online stores like Vivipins. Remember to always look out for rarer pins and be ready to trade them in. Additionally, conventions and trade shows are an excellent way to increase your collection. Pin collectors from around the country usually attend these events. Most importantly, always go to actual baseball games for the best opportunities to trade!

What are the different types of baseball trading pins?

Baseball trading pins come in different types of designs. Firstly, you’ve got the soft enamel version which is crafted from metal (copper, brass or iron). These are subsequently topped off with enamel and heated to finish the process. Furthermore, there’s the offset printed baseball trading pin. This variant starts off with a vinyl on iron sheet that’s printed and punched. Eventually, it’s topped off with epoxy for a nice, smooth finish.

What are the various enhancements on baseball trading pin?

Here are the various ways you can enhance your baseball trading pins and add a ‘wow’ factor to them:
● Add a spinner element to it. This is a smaller pin fixed to the primary pin so that it rotates and gives your baseball trading pin that extra attraction.
●Glittered pins are a common and cheap version to get an enhanced pin.
●There’s special enamel that glows in the dark which would really make your pin look cool, especially during the night.
●Speaking of additional pin parts, you can always add a slider that can move side to side or up and down.
●Add some glass crystals that resemble jewels to give an upgrade to your pin.
●Who doesn’t love lights? Put some battery-powered lights on your baseball trading pins. This is another great enhancement that would look good at night.
●Another pin part, bobble-heads are attached to the primary pin with a spring so that it bobbles! Be careful though, they can be delicate.
●Dangling pieces can be attached to your trading pin to commemorate a championship year or any other significant team milestone.

How can I order custom baseball trading pins?

Vivipins specializes in taking orders for custom baseball trading pins (any quantity). They don’t have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) so; you can even order 1 pin. All you have to do is send them your artwork file and they’ll send you a quote and digital proof. After revisions, you can order your custom baseball trading pins from them. Production takes about 7 to 10 business days and you can expect delivery in no time. It’s that simple! Vivipins makes sure that you get the best quality baseball trading pins at the fastest possible time.

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