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Find your perfect custom badge, whether you're looking for patches with the classic round shape or square shapes. You've got style? We do too. Find the best custom badges for all walks of life, including military customs and police departments who want something comfortable that's plenty tough.We'll embroider your pride in a light-hearted manner. Whether they're for a club, team, or family that you want to be part of forever - we can make it real with custom badges patches. Show off your style with these personalized badges!
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Why Custom Badges Patches?

Custom badges patches are great for corporations, conventions, schools and other groups who have a need to identify members uniquely. They can also be printed with promotional messages or company logos that generate brand awareness. Custom badges can even be a more cost-effective alternative to branded apparel. Instead of investing in clothing that may not fit everyone's tastes, less design work is needed with custom badges which ensures more chances for a good fit. 
Create a custom patch for an event, group, or club. 
Make the perfect patch for any occasion.
Customize your badges with a variety of colors and patches. 
Make your brand more memorable with a custom patch.

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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to getting your very own custom patches there is no better choice than us. Why? Because we offer everything you could want in a patch supplier. First off, our patches are custom made so you can get the exact design you want. We are known for creating “thread masterpieces” that stand out and draw favorable comments and reviews. We also do all of this for surprisingly cheap prices. And maybe best of all, we have no minimums! That means you can order as many or as few patches as you want. So to recap, you get striking, professionally designed personalized patches that are of the highest quality and that come with excellent customer service. What could be better than that? Get started today. We also offer fast production and free shipping!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Badges patch?

The humble clothing badge is a traditional military accessory that has been around since the beginning of time. It was originally used to distinguish between soldiers, but with today's modern technology it can also serve as an identifying feature for certain groups like protesters or members in law enforcement who want their identity known from afar away so others know which side they're on when things go south. The history behind these pieces starts back way before America even existed- all throughout prehistory until well into our country’s colonial days where troops would sew patches onto their uniforms depending on what duty assignment they had at any given moment; some were larger than others signifying higher rank.

Today, we see the clothing badge used by fashion brands both on and off of the catwalk. Even Alessandro Michele’s iconic Gucci has incorporated embroidered motifs in recent runway shows to elevate its feel as well give it more character than just print or textiles alone would do so due to its customizability which is one reason why these patches have become such a consistent part of luxury streetwear for revered designers like OFF-WHITE or Stone Island who also embrace this trend with patchwork styles making them stand out among all others.

These embroidered patches are a classic for most projects. The fabric backing provides great quality threads and they have an added benefit of being machine washable! In comparison to embroidery, woven fashion badges are a more cost-effective and durable option. They allow for far greater detail due the tighter weave of fabric into which they're made as compared with an open design like patches sewn onto textiles using thread or small stitches; this also makes them easier on your materials by not creating any excess bulk where you don't want it! Fashion patches are a cheap alternative to embroidered and woven badges. They allow for high-level detail, offer unlimited colour options with screen printing techniques that create great quality finishes! Silver and Gold patches are often used in military uniforms, or those that represent an elite club. These highly durable pieces of cloth can last many years with proper care- they're also great for showing off your flashy personality! Chenille patches are a popular addition to any outfit. They come in all shapes and sizes, with many different textures that range from soft finishes like velvet or corduroy fabric up through rough surfaces such as denim cloth for added durability during sports activities. 
The trend began when lettermen started wearing chenille jackets back on varsity teams decades ago; these vintage looking badges have since become an iconic staple amongst athletic brands today!

What Badges Patch Materials are Available?

For a patch to stand out, there are three very basic components: Fabric, Needle and Thread. The most popular material for these items in recent years has been polyester blend fabrics with threads made from many different types of materials including cotton or nylon fiber strands depending on your preference! You can make something more than just fashionable; it will become an instantly recognizable symbol that tells everyone who you support without even saying anything at all (hopefully)!

PVC and bullion materials are a better choice for attaching patches to uniforms, because they will hold up much longer than fabric. If you want your patchwork design looking fresh even after months in harsh conditions then these two types of attachments should be top notch!

Some people love to wear military-style outfits while other prefer a more creative approach. For those who want their patches integrated into an outfit or uniform, traditional fabrics and threads offer the best look as they blend in seamlessly with what you're wearing. If this doesn't interest you but instead something more outside of society's norms (like clothing), then use several materials creatively combined together so that there is depth when viewing your patch from different angles.

How to Choosing the right backing for badges patch?

The backing of your patch is just as important to consider when making sure it lasts. A poor quality adhesive or an iron-on backing may be able withstand some knocks and bumps but it's unlikely they'll hold up over time without falling off, which can cause major damage for brands trying to establish themselves in the market. 

Such as: Velcro backing, Hook and loop backing, Adhesive backing, Thin plastic backing, Magnetic backing and pins. These options sometimes allow for the brand badges to be removed and moved around if this is something you wish to offer your customers. But most fashion brands opt in favor of an iron on backing! The custom patch industry is a booming business, and Elite Labels offers some of the best quality. Our patches can be used for anything from expressing yourself through symbols or messages on your garment to simply adding an aesthetic touch that will make you stand out in any crowd! We pride ourselves not only with our high-quality products but also rapid turnaround times so we provide beautiful designs at great prices too!

Our Custom badges patches are an affordable way to express your unique style and personality. With dozens of designs available, you can find the perfect design for any occasion or event in just minutes! We also offer rapid turnaround times on orders placed today so that all custom patches ship out within 14 business day from purchase date with FREE Domestic Shipping included at no extra cost along side our 100% satisfaction guarantee. if ever unhappy about anything we've done wrong during this process, please let us know. Because customer service matters more than anything else here at Vivipins.

What does a badges patches represent?

The history of police badges dates back to medieval times, when knights wore a coat of arms representing their allegiances and loyalty. They were first introduced as an identification method for those in authority such as constables or bailiffs during that time period; they still serve this purpose today but are also given out on many occasions like promotion ceremonies where employees receive special certificates identifying them by rank within their organization's hierarchy with the word "police" underneath it so people know who deserves respect when seeing these symbols worn proudly upon one’s chest! 

A police badges patches is the most recognizable symbol of law enforcement around the world. It's seen by many as an indication that its wearer has authority, sacrifice and service - three qualities which have been at least partially responsible for this profession's rise in popularity throughout history
The development on badges predates modern day policing patterns with their earliest documented appearance dating back to ancient Egypt where they functioned primarily into identifying government employees rather than those enforcing it  Although closely associated today mostly only among public servant professions such as firefighters or correctional officers , before there were policemen we didn't necessarily need them either!

Badges patches are used to denote group membership, rank and qualification in the military. They can be made from metal or plastic for durability purposes as well as coming with different designs to show what you've accomplished on your journey thus far! Badging is an important part of any organization whether it's scouting or guiding because without them there would not really be anyone who knows how each individual operates within their own community.

Why is badges patches so important?

A badges patches is often the first impression for a lot of people, and it symbols what you do. For public safety professionals though, their badges patches mean more than just an important symbol on our uniforms; we wear them proudly because they represent everything that’s good about being part of this profession: hard work ethic plus dedication to protect others from harm or destruction in times where violence can happen anytime anywhere no matter how big or small your community might be! The profession of law enforcement is not just a job to these officers. They take their duties seriously and wear the badge with pride, which makes them deserving of only premium gear that can withstand rigorous use in any situation imaginable. Being an EMT or firefighter isn't always easy on one's body but it’s worth every reminder when you see someone get saved by your work!

When someone sees the badges patches, the first thing that comes to mind is authority. There's no other piece of uniform insignia quite like it – police officers wear theirs proudly and with confidence, knowing they will be trusted. while firefighters carry themselves similarly but display still feel somewhat different from their peers because there are two colors involved instead one white shirt being visible against dark pants making its wearer stand out slightly less than normal. Police badges patches have long been a symbol of authority in many parts of the world, and to see one is always an indication that you’ve come into contact with law enforcement. The feeling only deepens when we think about how people feel toward firefighter or EMS personnel - their reputation speaks for itself as well!

Custom badges patches

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