Cool Dog Bandanas For Your Stylish Puppies

Written by Robin Brown on October 27, 2022
A sizable coloured bandana with various printings generally worn knotted around the neck or head is a bandana. A man's best buddy is his dog. Having dogs roaming around our home and uplifting our spirits through our worst moments is a blessing. Some even believe that a dog's ability to make us smile even in difficult situations is its superpower. Sometimes you want to treat your dog, especially because you are a passionate pet owner and want to thank them for their eternal love. There are many options, but if you want to show your best friend how much you care, we recommend the finest gear and most reasonably priced personalized dog bandanas.

This dog bandana size guide includes the following techniques and reference tables to help you rapidly choose the ideal size, making it easy for you to make the correct choice for customizing your dog bandana. 

Why Dog Bandanas? 

Pets need bandanas for a multitude of applications. While some dogs have them for security or protection, others wear them for style or flair. A square and rectangular fabric are wrapped around the dog's neck or connected to it for aesthetic, comfort, or behavioral reasons.

Outdoor Trekking Trekking of the most refined pleasures is going on a trek with your four-legged best friend, but you will need the appropriate dog hiking equipment. If you are considering taking your dog on an outdoor trip, you need to consider the weather and how to keep your dog safe from the elements.

If your dog is an outdoor adventurer, search for challenging, vibrant bandana patterns to go with their hiking accessories. Dogs may avoid sunburn by wearing bandanas, which will make others more accepting of your pet. Dogs with light-coloured or white coats are particularly vulnerable to sunburn.

There are plenty of good reasons to wear a dog bandana on the head or neck, but it is essential when taking your dog for a hike outside. Cooling bandanas are fantastic as a fashion piece and help dogs stay cool in the summer heat. You will need to keep the cloth submerged in cold water; as it evaporates, your dog will also get cooler.


Dog Bandanas sizes

But picking the proper size may be a hassle for pet owners. However, dog owners must choose a dog bandana size that is appropriate for their cherished companions.

There are many issues present with ready-made bandanas. They don’t always fit on the dog’s head or neck. Firstly, every dog is not the same in pattern. So, the size of dog bandanas may be a problem for you. Secondly, the ready-made one is not always super cool but has a backdated design. Finally, you can’t always find them in every fashion accessories house. Therefore, customizing dog bandanas is always a good option for you as a dog owner. 

We have tried to make things simple since we understand that your pet is unique and that choosing the right size dog bandanas might be challenging. Here is how we advise you to measure your best company. It is a three-step process: 

First, give your dog very little additional fluff or stretch space, and measure their neck or collar lightly. We want your dog to feel comfortable with bandanas.

Secondly, compare your measurement to the chart below, adding around 2 inches. Doing so will guarantee that you have enough space to knot it.

Finally, If your dog is wiggly and challenging to measure, you may apply the following basic rules: Up to 10 pounds, XS, S, M, and L sizes. It is a good and easy way of measuring anything which is not destined. 

Dog Bandanas sizes image
You may measure your pet's neck circumference and estimate its weight using the two measurement techniques below. With these two pieces of information, you may choose your size using the sizing chart below.

Measuring Techniques

For your concern, there are two measurement techniques: one is to measure your pet's weight; the other is to measure its neck diаmeter. Using the sizing chart below, you may use these two figures to pick your size.
Measuring your dog's neck diameter is one technique to precisely determine the dog's bandana size. You are strongly suggested that you measure your dog’s neck using a soft measuring rope or tape. If you do not have either, use a piece of rope and then use a ruler to measure the string. To guarantee that it can fit properly between the bandana and the pup's neck, leave some additional fluff or stitching space at around two fingers. In this manner, there will be adequate space when the bandana is placed on them to prevent discomfort to their delicate necks.

Find Out The Weight Of Your Dog

A different strategy is to weigh your dog. This section will explain how to check your puppy in the most straightforward manner possible. The dog must first be trained to stand obediently on a weight scale before the scale can accurately indicate the dog's weight. If the dog cannot cooperate, you may measure yourself first before standing up and measuring the two of you together. The last data we need is the acquired data less your weight. Of course, your cats may also use this testing technique.

Size chart for dog bandanas on neck size and weight

Size chart for dog bandanas image
You will not be able to get precise neck size or weight statistics or even gain access to the dogs if you are not the dog's owner or wish to purchase dog bandanas as presents for the dog families.

Pet sunscreen is currently advised by over 94% of veterinarians. According to Dr Scanlan of Animal Wellness, the ears and nose are the most common locations to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen cannot be put on the nose because dogs will suck it off very immediately.

Since most dogs lick sunscreen off their bodies after applying it, you need sunblock that will not make your dog sick if he eats it. Choose a solution that is adequate yet safe and non-toxic. While many sunscreens do, dangerous synthetic or chemical ingredients are not always necessary. Dr Nancy Scanlan, a veterinarian, claims that most dogs have coloured skin.

Most white dogs usually have pink or reddish skin, but most of it is covered in hair to shield it from the sun. The two places where skin cancer from continuous sun exposure most often manifests are:
The noses of white dogs.
Canines with pink noses.
Puppies with white marks on top of the snout.
Short-coated dogs, like lying on their backs in the sun to sunbathe, are also more likely to get skin cancer.

Of course, dogs that like spending time outdoors and participating in various outdoor canine activities throughout the summer are most at risk for sunburn and skin cancer since they are continuously exposed to the sun.

When looking for pet-friendly sunscreens, look for ones that include all-natural UV protection ingredients like raspberry oil, arrowroot, carrot seed oil, and dog-safe oils like coconut oil. Your dogs must be "lickably" safe from any substance you put on their skin. So, choosing a good sized dog bandana is very important and healthy.

Do not fear dogs. I have provided you with a list of the most prevalent and well-liked dog breeds in the United States, together with pertinent details and suggested sizes. You may freely choose the size based on the recipients of your gifts.

Average Neck Size image
Select the Softest, Stretchiest Fabric possible. From the viewpoint of the dog owner, finding the ideal dog bandana requires consideration of both the fabric's comfort and size.

Cotton and polyester are the most popular materials in the market for dog bandanas. Their suppleness, in my view, is insufficient to provide us with a range of flexible size alternatives.

Custom Design Options For Dog Bandanas

Once you are done with sizing the dog Bandana, then you may go to customize your dog bandana with a variety of designs. Now, you might be thinking about how to choose a dog bandana? Dogs must be able to wear bandanas without harm. They must be made from comfortable, high-quality fabric that will not irritate your dog. The bandana will fit your dog most comfortably if it is curved to resemble the natural neckline of your dog. It should be made to fit comfortably while removing extra fabric, folds, and bulk. Keep these things in your mind before you custom your bandana: 

Stretches four ways for comfortable application and simple "on and off"
Easily washable to keep your dog clean and to combat the infamous "wet dog" odor and bacteria
Wicking away water
lightweight and quick to dry
many different prints, designs, and colorways
priced affordably for households with multiple pets.

If your dog is an outdoor adventurer, search for tough, vibrant bandana patterns to go with his or her hiking accessories. Dogs wearing bandanas may avoid sunburn and gain the favor of others. White or light-colored coated dogs are particularly vulnerable to sunburn. We can
talk about thousands of benefits of using a dog bandana, particularly while trekking outside with your dog. Cooling bandanas are fantastic as a fashion piece but also keep pets cool in the summer heat. The cloth must be kept moist with cold water, and as the water evaporates, your dog will also get cooler.


Selecting the appropriate material for your dog's bandana is essential. Is the substance transparent to air? Is it too weighty for your dog to wear daily, and how simple is it to clean? Since they are manufactured of more delicate fabrics or include logos or prints that can come out in the washing machine, several available bandanas are "spot clean only." Ensure you understand how to protect and care for your dog's bandana because you will undoubtedly need to wash it at some point.

Bandanas may be the ideal accessory to shield your dog's ears from sunlight, dirt, and severe itching while healing after an accident or ear surgery. Make your custom dog bandana for your purposes. 

If you want a hassle-free online buying experience, Vivipins is the best place for you. They are renowned for their top-notch customer service over five years and inexpensive personalized bandanas. They care about you and your dogs, and they will go above and beyond to meet all of your expectations. Their main goal is to create beautiful, heartfelt prints of the globe, and they promise to take extra special care and affection when making presents for your loved ones, including your adorable pet. They offer a staff of in-house designers that may, free of charge, customize any design to your needs.

There is no minimum order amount, free shipping, and a 20% discount package from Vivipins.

• The high-quality cloth in their standard handmade dog bandanas protects your pet from sunburn.

• They also sell custom dog bandanas of the highest quality made of cloth made entirely of cotton.

• They have a group of qualified artists on staff who can assist you with the creation of your unique dog bandana designs and provide comments and pointers on how to make them better.

• The ability to have a double-sided print on their machine washable premium dog bandanas is another distinctive quality.

A premium, limited-edition design is offered by Vivipins. For the finest custom lanyard printing, you may choose dog bandanas in various widths. Since it is easy to use and we can instantly get the design files by utilizing the concept link they provide after the sessions, we recommend visiting and using their design lab for beginners. Professionals could use Photoshop or Illustrator to create their designs before sending us the high-resolution design files for customization. The bandana may be customized with anything, including names, images, logos, and more. Both you and your dog can wear bandanas that you can manufacture. You may get a pair of bandanas from Vivipins. You may also create custom-made designs for every family member, including the dog.

You may browse their items on their official website and make your selection. If you want the highest-quality bandanas for your pets, VIvipins is ready and waiting for you. You may also stop by their office, which is located at 1968 S. Coast Hwy. #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. During business hours, you may reach them at 304-900-0055.  is their postal address. Now go check them out!

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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