Where to Find Cheap Challenge Coins

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Challenge Coins are often passed from one superior to another subordinate. These coins of recognition are mainly popularized in the American military. They are collected over the years and often are displayed for sentimental remembrance.

Other than being earned and passed down from rank to rank, challenge coins are collected in other ways. They can also be collected from friends and family, or by ordering customized coins online. Here are some places you can customize and/or purchase challenge coins without breaking the bank.


Vivi Pins presents a simplified view and easy ordering of customized challenge coins or pins. They offer a to design your logo or image for free, as well as a discount for 10% off your purchase. For any of your coin or pin needs, you can customize it perfected exactly for you or your cause.

They claim to be one of the finest suppliers of custom challenge coins or pins. With 10,000 customers and more each year, they seem to know how to provide quality. Their range of customers include important CEO’s, Forbes 500 companies, and many more.

Some of their prices include the very lost cost of $0.55 for a simple soft enamel coin. You can order a 2-inch challenge coin with 3D imaging in the quantity of 100 for just $3.02 each. The most expensive coin being ones that have an offset print, offering thirty 3-inch coins for $16.74 each.


Discount Challenge Coins has numerous accessible alternatives that you simply are beyond any doubt to discover precisely what you want. They serve genres from sports, to military, and special events.

They offer a free shipping, a free design picked out by you, and a free quote for pricing. The wait time for your purchase is only 14 business days, delivered by UPS.

The type of coin is offered in three options. Color is offered on either one side of the coin, on both sides, or a simple die-struck coin. For display purposes, the color on one or both sides of the coin offer bold colors to accent.

Die-struck challenge coins present a solid bronze coloring, giving a traditional militaristic design. Original challenge coins were first crafted from any left-over scraps of metal. The emotional value of the coin often stemmed from the location of that coin’s creation.

Coin pricing can vary depending on design preference and the amount ordered. A die-struck coin sized at 1.5” will be about $3.14 with a quantity of 100. Ordering 1,000 2” coins that feature color on both sides, on the other hand, will cost around $4.08.

These prices are of each coin, not as a bundle.


Another website to customize challenge coins is Wizard Pins. The first thing you are greeted with is a small popup box that presents you with a $15 coupon off your first order. You will have to enter in your email and sign up to their emailing list.

Another small box that offers a chat room will also welcome you. Here you can send questions to a customer service provider as needed. There are certain times where the chat box will be present but will not be active. You will see an email address that you can contact for important concerns.

This site offers pins as well as challenge coins. The material of your custom coin can vary from soft or hard enamel, to diestruck, or photodome.

A photodome coin is better when an image or symbol has particularly less color. Wizard pins will balance the model to the metal, then allowing it to cover with epoxy dome.

Products available at Wizard Pins doesn’t stop with your challenge coins. They sell other goods like bottle openers, keychains, cufflinks, medals, bracelets, and lanyards.


In addition to sites offering multiple metal goods, Challenge Coins 4 Less has belt buckles, poker chips, and more. They even offer you custom shirts and wristbands.

Military challenge coins are not the only service coins advertised here. They offer challenge coins specified for others such as the coast guard, navy, marine, and the air force.

At Challenge Coins 4 Less, military challenge coins are their most ordered products. They state that their 15-year experience in this business allows the ability to professionally craft fine coins. You can receive discounts to this site by signing up for their e-mailing list.

A lot of custom challenge coin websites require you to send specified files or templates that they can build your logo from.

This site claims that they accept all files from Adobe files, drawings, scans, or even written descriptions. They show such concern to get your perfect logo, that they claim to accept sketches written on a napkin!

eBay or Amazon?

You can always buy your challenge coins from previous owners who may simply want to downsize or pass on their historic artifacts. The chances that you will find challenge coins at a garage sale is slim, unless the owner happens to be an army veteran. Your best bet is to find deals through online venues.

eBay is like an online “garage sale”. Many products that are posted come from regular everyday people. With that being said, mostly anyone can post a product and claim it is as described. It is true that you can find a lot of single coins for just $0.99 that are for entertainment or was a souvenir.

Amazon seems to have more available options if you’re looking for a specific, or many challenge coins. An elegant military coin written with the message “Thank you for your service” can be bought for $27 as a pack of five.

Amazon provides more options, even display cases for your challenge coins with ranges starting at $5 to hold four coins.

Keep Your Collection Going!

Why are you paying hundreds of dollars to maintain what you enjoy in life? There are many cheaper alternatives, whether personalized of not, to collect your beloved challenge coins.

Be sure to comment on where you like to hunt for your challenge coins. For those that have a medley of these cool collectibles, let us know how long it took for you to collect and how many you have!

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