5 Factors Affecting Challenge Coin Price

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Curious about the price of a challenge coin? You’re not alone. These make great giveaways for employers and people are concerned with price.

This article will tell you why some coins cost as much as they do. You can use these factors when you design coins for your organization.

This will help you get the biggest bang for your buck and give out awesome coins.

1. Design of Coin

Do you want a coin that has no color but a neat design? How about a coin with one side?

Would you like a colorful coin with more than 5 or so colors on each side?

The intricacy of your coin can make a big difference. How complicated or simple you choose to make the design matters.

So, you may wish to look for ways to max out your design but keep it simple. This is a good idea if money is a concern.

2. Coin Edging

How you choose to edge your coins can make a difference. After all, the artisans designing the coin have to put in extra time. This helps them to make the coin to your specs.

If you want to have bezel edges or oblique lines, the pricing may vary.

If you would like a crosscut, or a rope edge, the pricing may vary.

Be sure to check with your designer to get the edge you want. See what the pricing is before you order.

3. Coin Molds

The molds used to make challenge coins come in different sizes.

These sizes are differently priced. We use more materials for a larger coin; therefore, the pricing can change.

We use a different mold for the other side of the coin, and this also affects price.

In some cases, some manufacturers may waive the mold fee if you order large quantities.

You may wish to order enough coins for the whole group in this case.

4. Coin Presentation

A beautiful coin is complemented when presented with honor and pride.

Many givers choose to present their coins in beautiful bags or boxes.

After all, these coins are meant to be treasured and passed down.

If you choose to give your coins in velvet boxes, acrylic cases, or even a capsule, it will affect pricing.

Be sure to factor in how you would like to present your keepsake coin. It is a vital consideration when figuring out your budget.

5. Coin Extras

Would you like to coat your coin in epoxy? How about cut out a shape in the coin?

Would you like to number the coins to notate their exclusivity?

You may also make coins of antique gold, silver or copper. Some can even glow in the dark.

If any of these great extras appeal to you, the price will be affected. They are great for making your coin just perfect.


You can design beautiful coins on just about any budget. No matter the design, your organization will treasure their coin. Please leave a comment about the next coin YOU will design.
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