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Case Study: Complicated Skull Patch


March 21, 2024


Our customer reached out to us via our website requesting embroidered patches.

Complicated Skull patch1

The primary specifications included: Embroidered patches, adhesive backing, 3.5 inches, stitched border, 100% embroidery.



The design featured an irregular shape with a raised nail, was very complex, colorful, and had gradients. Embroidery was deemed unworkable for this intricate design, prompting a consideration to shift from embroidery to printing.



Through effective communication with the customer and collaboration with VIVIPINS designers, the customer successfully received the printed patches.


How We Did It:

Our designer decided to create the patches using "printing + black embroidered border."

We provided a free digital proof and sent it to the customer within 24 hours.

Complicated Skull patch2


Complicated Skull patch3


The customer quickly approved our proposal.

Manufacturing began after proof approval.

The standard production time was around 7-10 days.

We sent a finished picture to the customer before shipping, upon request.


Complicated Skull patch4


Customers were notified by mail at each stage of the process.



Embroidery may not be suitable for some designs that are complicated, colorful, feature gradients, etc. However, we always provide the best proposal based on our customer's artwork. Our use of top-quality materials and artwork, combined with our rigorous quality control, ensures that our custom patches are of the highest quality.

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Simon Davis

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