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Case Study: Custom Ball-marker


March 26, 2024


Our customer reached us on our website that he requested an custom ballmarker. 


The major description: Ball Marker, Soft Enamel, 1inch, Gold plating, Poly bag packing, with hat clip, others are pending.


Neither soft enamel nor hard enamel is not suitable for this design.


By partnering with VIVIPINS designers,the customer has successfully received the upgraded ball-markers.

How We Did It:

Our designer decide to make it by “ Hi-res printing”, instead of “soft enamel “.


Small Rant: Usually, if customers have no special requirements and the artwork is applicable, we default to standard printing. High-RES printing comes at an additional cost. We will recommend High-RES printing only if the design is unsuitable for standard printing.


We drew the digital proof and sent it to customer within 24hours.


The customer approved our proposal quickly.


Start manufacture after proof approval.


The standard production time is around two weeks.


Send finished pictures to customer before shipping if required.

Revised and re-checking the proof, advised changing the black window to gray which is much better.

Finised Pictures:


Customers are notified by mail at each status.


Neither soft nor hard enamel has the means to show multi-layered, gradient colors. If your design is of this type, it is recommended that you choose to print directly..


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Linda Martin

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