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Case Studies: Masonic Challenge Coins


March 21, 2024


Our customer reached out to us via our website requesting a custom coin design.

The major description included: Soft enamel, 1.5 inches, Antique brass plating, Round shape, Rope Edge, PVC Pouch packing.

No artwork was attached, but there were notes: The front of the coin features the Freemason square and compass.

At the top, it says, "Consuelo Lodge # 325 F&AM."

At the bottom, it says, "Worshipful Master Jesse D. Middleton - 2021."

The back of the coin depicts the Masonic Beehive. Beneath the beehive is the quote, "Fortis In Arduis".


No artworks.

The Masonic Beehive design is complicated, it is hard to draw.

Change soft enamel to antique die struck.



By partnering with VIVIPINS designers, our customer was able to transform his design idea at a final, eye-catching coin. The customer has successfully received the coins.


How We Did It:

After looking up the information of “Freemason square and compass” & “the Masonic Beehive”. Our designer draws the sketch draft according to the customer's description for checking.

And advised antique die struck instead of soft enamel which is better for the design.

Masonic Challenge Coins case studies chat record


Masonic Challenge Coins case studies mockup


Draw a formal digital proof after confirmation. The formal digital proof was submitted within 24 hours.


Masonic Challenge Coins mockup


Masonic Challenge Coins client chat record

Start manufacture after proof approved. The standard production time is around two weeks. Send finished pictures to the customer before shipping if required. Customers are notified by mail at each status.


Masonic Challenge Coins physical product



Customer-first is our value in business. We take responsibility for our customers and understand their requirements for customization. Thanks to our excellent designer and professional factory, we fulfill almost every customer requirement.

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