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Case Studies: Custom Car Pin


March 21, 2024


 A customer reached out to us via our website, requesting a custom pin design. The primary specifications included: Hard Enamel, 1.5 inches, Black plating, Custom shape, Butterfly clutch, and Poly bag packaging. The customer did not provide clear-cut artwork but shared a conceptual image of the car with notes: "Please advise if I can mix primary colors. If the minimum order is 40 pcs, can I order 10 silver, 10 black, 10 white, and 10 red?"




The challenge was the lack of clear-cut artwork. The details were numerous and blurred, making it difficult to draw. The requirement also included multiple colors.



By partnering with VIVIPINS designers and after several revisions, our customer received the final, favored car pin design. The pins were successfully delivered to the customer.


How We Did It:

We started by separating the car from the background to get its main profile.



A digital proof was drawn and submitted for review within 24 hours. The revision process included rechecking the proof and advising a change from black windows to gray, which significantly improved the design.





Manufacturing began once the proof was approved. The standard production time is approximately two weeks. We sent finished pictures to the customer before shipping, upon request.






Finished Pins:

car pins1

car pins2

car pins3



Customers are notified via email at each stage of the process.

Adopting a customer-first approach is a core value of our business. We take responsibility for our customers and understand their custom requirements. Thanks to our excellent designers and professional factory, we fulfill nearly every customer's needs.

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