Bulk Custom Badges: Free Badge Design for Police [ start from 30 pcs ]

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Now that summer is here, you can use this time to do custom badges. Designing your own badges would be a great past time for adults and children alike. 

There are also a bunch of different ways to do a custom badge. This would result in different kinds of effects on what you made. But, hold on, what are custom made badges?

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1. What Is a Custom Badge?

Badges are like accessories that you can use or wear anywhere. You can put your badges on your clothes, and bag, or your wallet, or wherever you like. Usually, they contain the symbol of an organization or group, and symbolize your affiliation or loyalty. 

However, as badges have grown in popularity, people have also been using them for other things. Now, you can do your own badges for whatever you like. For example, it can be a good do – it – yourself project with the kids or to decorate your things. 

Examples of badges are those that the police or NBI have that they show to people to signify their position. 

Other people in the military, like the army, marines, or navy, also have badges. Even girl scouts have badges. Some organizations also have their own custom-made badges, which can signify membership or position.


2. Types of Custom-Made Badges

When you make your own design or you make the whole badge yourself, you can call this a custom badge

They make badges from a wide variety of materials. You can make your custom-made badges from plastic, metal, rubber, textile, leather, fabric, or other materials you can think of. 

You can even attach them anywhere, and make like a custom badge wallet, a pin badge, or any badge that suits your needs and wants. Let’s know a little about a few other custom badges, which are getting popular these days.

3.Custom Police Badges- The Most Identifiable Badges

I think the most identifiable badges worldwide are police badges. These custom police badges and sheriff badges became quite popular because they appear quite often in movies and television programs. 

Police officers display these badges on their uniforms and keep them inside their wallets. It is easily recognizable and is a symbol of authority. It is also a sign of public trust and a duty to serve. 

For police officers, they have badges per department. For example, the LAPD badges would be different from the NYPD badges. This also holds true for security badges and sheriff badges. 

Security officers from different agencies would have different badges, like First Class security Officer badge, for example. There are also custom sheriff badges and military badges. 

For firefighters, it may not be obvious, but they also have badges. They are considered officers who do public service, and so they have custom fire department badges and firefighter badges.

4.Custom Pokemon Gym Badges- Are You A Fan of Pokemon?

Well, a fan or not, you have probably seen people getting ecstatic over their Pokemon Gym badges. You have seen Pokemon gym badges being featured in both the games and television shows, although Ash doesn’t seem to do a very good job at getting those badges. 

Kidding aside, yes, the term “badge” is general, so it can refer to any accessory. For Pokemon, a Pokemon gym badge is an insignia of success and pride. 

You can achieve a Pokemon gym badge if you beat the Pokemon gym leader, which is an amazing feat in itself. However, before you reach this level, you have to go through a plethora of its underlings and beat all of them. 

If you want an accessory to let people know you love Pokemon and you love winning, then this is the one for you! 

You can display your Custom Pokemon Gym badges on your clothes, in your wallet, on your bag, or basically anywhere you like. You can even do this as a custom badge DIY project or order it online.

5.How to Get Cheap Custom Badges?

Because custom made badges are now gaining popularity, you can now find them on the internet or novelty shops and stores all around the world. 

As said, badges can become accessories, so you can pick whatever design you like. You can buy anything you want on the internet! However, you have to be careful because not everything sold online is of good quality. 

On the internet, one such website that caters to customers who want to have custom made badges are vivipins.com. Aside from custom pins, they can also provide custom made badges

They also feature thousands of designs in their website which you can choose from. If you want to design your own custom-made badge, you absolutely can! You can submit your design on the internet, and they can make the badge for you. 

Aside from their products being of high quality, they offer affordable options! For more information about vivipin.com, we’ll talk about this website later in the article below.

6.Multicolor Printed Custom Metal Badges

With the rise of custom-made badges, multicolor printed custom metal badges are now also gaining popularity. These metal badges can be custom made online or on your own, then just submit your design online to have it made in a shop. 

Just like metal or enamel pins, these can display any design you want, and you can usually display these on your shirts, your jackets, your bags, your notebooks, or even your locker. The sky is the limit with the designs you can own.

Soft enamel and hard eaneml 


Also, like custom made enamel pins, multicolor printed custom metal badges can have two general categories. The two are soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. So, in this case, you can have soft enamel pin badges or hard enamel pin badges. 

Both of them start off with a design, either: one you made by yourself or a design made for you by the custom shop. Next step is the manufacturing and painting of the enamel pin badge. 

For soft enamel pin badges, they place the colors only in the depressed areas of the design, so you can still feel the metal ridges and edges when you touch them. And for hard enamel pin badges, they place the colors on top in larger amounts than what they put in soft enamel pin badges. 

Then, they flatten the enamel pin badge, so the end product is smooth when you touch it. You won’t feel the ridges and edges.


Embroidered Cloth Badges


When people think of badges, their minds usually first go to police officers with police badges. This is all thanks to western television shows and movies. These badges are hard and made of shiny metal. 

However, badges can also be made of cloth and stitched on to clothing. These are usually the ones you can see on denim shirts, denim jackets, pants, and backpacks. 

They call them embroidered cloth badges, and you can put them almost anywhere. These badges gained popularity in the 1960s or 70s because people started putting them on their clothes. They used embroidered cloth badges for self – expression. 

Back then, the popular designs were the peace signs, flowers, smileys, and the like. However, they have always been around. Remember the uniform blazers of private school preppy girls? That’s right, they are also embroidered cloth badges.  

Now, embroidered cloth badges have evolved to a lot more designs. Students and school staff alike still use them at schools in their uniforms to signify their school and use their school logo. 

They also sell custom made embroidered cloth badges at festivals and novelty shops to feature bands and other designs. Learn more about them in the next following paragraphs.


Did you Know about Blizzcon Custom Art Badges? 

Held at Anaheim, Blizzard Entertainment organizes Blizzcon which is a gaming convention happening every year to feature the company’s major franchises that are Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and Warcraft. 

Hundreds of gaming fans and players alike attend the convention. Last year, they estimated that about 40,000 people attended. This year, the Blizzcon details were just announced and will happen in the beginning of November at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

There will be three badges to signify the three tiers of the tickets. These tickets all differ in prices and depending on what you get, from the basic Blizzcon badge to the most expensive one, will be your perks for the week – long event. 

There will also be an additional one badge you can buy to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Warcraft. 

During Blizzcon, you can buy Blizzcon custom art badges that feature designs from the company’s different games. There will be stalls and different events during Blizzcon.


Custom School Badges 

As said earlier, schools feature badges that hold the school logo and sometimes their motto and school values. The badges can also feature their mascot. These school badges are more prominent for private schools because they feature it on their uniforms. 

Apart from identifying your school, custom school badges also appear in school merchandise, so it is not limited in school uniform. All schools, from grade schools to universities, usually have them. 

If you want to make a custom school badge for your school or design a new one, there are online stores in the internet to do this. You can also search online for inspiration. Designs can be range from basic ones to very intricate designs.


Novelty Western Badges

Novelty western badges are the ones you see in historical western television shows and movies. These are the ones wherein you see a sheriff’s star on their polo shirt or on their pants. 

These designs are usually available in novelty shops, both physical and online. Novelty western badges are also available for sale for people who are collecting badges. You can search online for designs of your favorite western badges and have them replicated. 

Some of the popular custom novelty western badge designs are the detective badge of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, the Badge of the Old West PIN27, the US Marshal Tombstone Old West Badge, the Tombstone Sheriff Arizona Territory, and the CSA Western Atlantic RR Old West Law Badge, among others.

Custom Blazer Badges- Not Limited to Schools

Custom Blazer Badges usually appear on uniforms of private schools in the United States and private and public schools in the United Kingdom. 

These, as said above, feature badges that hold the school logo and sometimes their motto and school values. The badges can also feature their mascot. 

However, their use is not limited to schools. You can also design custom blazer badges for your own clothing pieces and accessories. You can have blazer badges custom made online or you can buy them in shops or stores. 

You can then stitch them to your denim jacket or place them wherever you like. I personally like simple designs that only feature solid colors, like a heart or a smiley face.

Custom Family Crest Badges- Tradition Means A Lot

For olden families, traditions mean a lot. If you come from an old, large family, chances are you have your own family crest and even a family tree reaching hundreds of years ago. 

If you like historical drama or series, you can see a family’s crest displayed in their homes and, when in battle, on their flags and the tops of their helmets. They do this to prominently show their heritage and where they came from. 

This is also for people, enemies and allies alike, to identify who they are and for whom they side. Family crest badges are treated similarly as the family coat of arms. 

For these kinds of families, they usually have family reunions or the like. They can also have their family crest made and stitched into badges and give them to other family members to place in their homes or their clothing. You can also opt to make them into pins, so it is easier.


Custom Made Badges as a Hobby

Since the 1980 ‘s, collecting custom badges as a hobby has been growing steadily in popularity. People who are hobbyists liked collecting novelty badges from different places, organizations, and celebrations. 

Their ever – growing collection became like their badge of honor, pun intended. As time went by, more and more people became interested in custom made badges. As the digital era started, it became easier for people to access information. 

This meant people can now search about how to make custom badges and it was now easier to buy these badges online. But where did these badges come from in the first place?


Origin of Badges

Badges started out as jewelry and accessories in between the 5th to 15th century. Common people usually had badges made out of lead or other base metals, while the rich people had badges made out of precious stones or materials. 

Badges also signified your status in life or your accomplishments back then. Usually, these are pilgrimage badges and livery badges. A pilgrimage badge denoted a person finished the journey of pilgrimage. Meanwhile a livery badge pledged allegiance to a king or a house. 

As times evolved, so did badges.

They were then most often used to denote a soldier’s place in the army and what squad he is part of. In the 19th century, badges became part of uniforms, which we can see until now. 

Private schools still have their uniform badges, usually on the breast pocket of uniforms. Uniformed officers also have badges of their forces. 

Even computers have badges, just not the ones you are familiar with. These are usually stickers and are also found in video processors and cards. 

The most modern badge are the digital badges. These are not physical badges per se, but are certifications online or in the web, used to signify credentials or completions of seminars, among others. 

The badges most commonly collected nowadays are textile badges, button badges, and pin badges. These types are also the ones which you can do by yourself (a. k. a. DIY them) and are then called custom made badges.


Custom Made Badges DIY Project 1: Button Badges

One way to create custom made badges is to create button badges. You can get a couple of pins and design on a paper your preferred design. You can even get kids to do this. 

So first, prepare your materials. Get circular button pins, paper, drawing and coloring materials, scissors, and glue. If it is easier for you, draw out the outline of the button pin on your computer then print it out on paper, just like the image above. 

Next, write on the paper or decorate however you want. Then, cut the paper and glue it to the button pin. Finally, pin it on clothes or display it. You are now done! 

This can be a fun project to make with students in preschool or grade school, then they can write what they want on the paper and award it to themselves or to their classmates.


Custom Made Badges DIY Project 2: Stick on Badges

Another easy and fun way to create custom made badges is to create stick on badges. Like the previous DIY project above, this is perfect to do with kids. 

So first, prepare your supplies.

Get foam sheets with sticky backs (you can get the brand Silly Winks), pattern or outline of the badge or badges of your choice, drawing and coloring materials, scissors, and mod podge. 

If it is easier for you, draw out the outline of the badge on your computer then print it out on paper. You can also search for badge images on the internet, or any cute pictures you want as a custom-made badge, just like the image above. 

Next, cut out the foam backs and the images you drew, designed, or printed out.

Apply mod podge to the foam sheet then immediately place the images on the foam sheet to make the badge. 

Once you stick the paper on the foam, apply mod podge over the paper then let it dry for at least 5 minutes. Once the paper plus foam combination is dry, take the paper off the sticky side then stick it to your shirt, or, bag, or anywhere you want. And then, viola! You are now done! 

Like the previous DIY project, this can be a fun activity to make with students in preschool or grade school, then they can write what they want on the paper, make the badge, and stick it where they want. It is easy to do this activity and only takes 25 minutes to make.


Custom Made Badges DIY Project 3: Paper Rosette Badges

The third fun way to create custom made badges is to create paper rosette badges. This is an elegant way to design for events or create badges for your lunch parties or picnic dates with your girlfriends. 

So first, prepare your supplies.

Get scrapbook paper strips, drawing and coloring materials, card that has been cut into circles, printed messages (if you want to put a message), scissors, ruler, glue gun, double sided tape, badge pins, and score board. 

If it is easier for you, draw out the outline of the pin on your computer, like a circle, then print it out on paper. You can also search for badge images on the internet, or any cute pictures you want as a custom-made badge, just like the in the project above. 

Next, cut out your scrapbook paper into strips of your desired size.

You can also cut out tails for the badges if you want. Then, use a score board (which you can substitute for an embossing tool) and a ruler to line every inch on the scrapbook strip. 

Flip the scrapbook strip then, starting on the 0.5-inch, line every after an inch. Fold along the lines you made to make an accordion shape. Attach two scrapbook strips together to make a circle. 

After making the circle, use both of your hands to press the top of your circle down to make the rosette flatter. Use a glue gun to apply glue on the center of the circle. Press the circle card you cut out in front of the rosette. 

Flip the rosette and press another circle card at the back. You can then attach the tail at the back. Lastly, glue a badge pin at the back. And now, it is finished!


Displaying Your Custom Badges

Now that you already have some custom badges in your collection, why not display them and show them off? You can display it in your room, locker, or desk. 

This will serve as art, as a mood board turned inspiration board, or a discussion point and conversation starter with other people who see it. 

Here is a fun way to upcycle some products and turn them into a display station for your badges. Amanda Kingloff from Etsy made this project.

So first, you prepare the materials: paint, cork board or fabric, photo frame, knife, scissors, glue gun, and cardboard. With all the materials already prepared, you can then proceed to the making of this DIY frame. 

Get the wooden or metal part of the photo frame and paint it somewhere safe. Wait until it dries completely. Trace the back of the frame onto the cork board or fabric, depending on your preference, then use a knife or the scissors to cut along the tracing. 

Glue the cork or fabric to the cardboard. Lastly, place the board inside the frame. And done, it’s now ready! 

That was so easy, right?


Custom Made Badges Online

I know you are now curious about custom made badges and you can’t wait to have some to start, or even add, to your collection. However, I also know that sometimes, you just do not have the luxury of time. What can you do if you want to own some custom badges? 

Thankfully, there are now stores online where you can get different designs and types of custom-made badges. Think of the luxury of just staying home and just ordering online. You only have to wait some time and voila! You have your custom badges on your doorstep already. 

A well-known site where you can order custom made badges is 

galls,smithwarren,badgeandwallet, Vivipins.  

It is also awesome that they have the feature wherein you can make your own design, submit it on the website, and they will deliver the finished product to you. Very convenient! 


Phew! We have learned different ways to make custom badges (and even one to display them!). 

All in all, making custom badges is a good way of self-expression and also designing your clothes (or even your bag or room). This is a fun activity to do by yourself or with other people. 

The resulting products can be given as gifts or can be sold, in addition to you having them for yourself. If you don’t have the time to do them, you can just buy them online. 

But, if you do have the time, use the steps we put above and do those badges! You can then post your custom badges online, so you get to spread the word about custom made badges.



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