Best Funny Badge Reels

Written by Robin Brown on September 27, 2022
Badge reels are a fantastic method for ensuring employees utilize their ID cards. Additionally, they are an excellent alternative to lanyards, particularly in locations where lanyards represent a risk. Giving badge reels to your employees and contractors will benefit your business. It will be less probable that employees will forget their ID cards. The cards will survive considerably longer because they are not rubbing against other cards in a wallet or purse. Employees value employers who make their lives a little simpler. Giving free badge reels imprinted with your logo is an excellent approach to keeping your brand in front of the individuals who matter to you. Because the badge reel attaches the card to the individual, it is less likely to be misplaced or misused. Badge reels are the most convenient means of transporting and swiping ID cards. They are meant to keep cards accessible yet out of the way, so they do not impede your work. You always know where your badge is, so you never have to search through your pockets or wallet. A badge reel enables the secure display of credentials at all times. This is true even if you work in an environment where lanyards or chains could become entangled in machinery, as badge reels are tiny. Many reels can also carry keys in addition to identification cards. People with employment that demands access to multiple sites or those who wish to have a fitness membership card and vault key on the same device favor these badge reels. Here we listed some best badge reels you can find –

1. Smile Cartoon Badge Reels

Funny Badge001
This kind of badge reel is made with rubber. This kind of badge reels are durable but might not be long-lasting. This comes with different cartoon faces. You can get a mini watch with this sort of reel. Young people are most of the users of this kind of reel. This looks very attractive to children. School-college-going children choose this kind of reel to show their IDs. 

2. Silicone Anime Badge Reels

Anime Badge2
This kind of badge reel is made with silicon. These are anime cartoon-based badge reels with a white or bright background like mickey mouse, SpongeBob, etc. These badge reels are abstract pictures of anime with two big ears.  The thread of reels is not too strong. 

3. Fruit – animal cartoon badge Reels

animal cartoon3
These types of badge reels are made with silicon rubber. Crocodiles, butterflies, bunny, bugs, sheep panda, pineapple, watermelon, and many other designs come with badge reels. Eye-catchy colors are used in those reels like red, green, pink, and yellow.

4. Disney Cartoon Badge Reels

animal cartoon4
These types of badge reels are made like Disney cartoon characters. You can get any characters you want. These badge reels are made with silicone rubber—characters like Green monster, stitch, James Sullivan, etc. 

5. Rhinestone Shiny Badge Reel

Shiny Badge5
These badge reels are made with steel body shape and the front part with shiny Rhinestone. Rhinestones are stuck with the steel body shape with the help of glue. These badge reels are durable. You can customize these badge reels according to your preference. Different colors of Rhinestone are used for these reels. Customization is available for these reels. 

6. Cotton-made Badge Reels

Cotton made Badge6
These types of badge reels are made with cotton. The shape is given by stiff paper. The design is embroiled.  These types of badge reels are not waterproof. If these badge reels get wet, there might be possible damage. These are not that long-lasting. You can customize it according to your preference.

7. Smiley Badge Reels

Smiley Badge7
Smiley badge reels are the funniest badge reels you can find. These kinds of face badges come with so many different facial expressions. Sad, tired, sick, and so many facial expressions you can get. Customization is also available with this kind of badge reel. You can do that if you want to put something on the face. 

8. Embroidery Badge Reels

Embroidery Badge8
These types of reels are fully embroidered—these types of badges are long-lasting. You can do customization in these badges—Snowball, Halloween, American circus hat, and so on. High-Quality Materials: Retractable badge reels have strongly curved metal clips that won't fall off or tear your clothes. Embroidery patches are made of 100% natural cloth and artificial embroidery techniques.

9. Disney Star Wars Badge Reels

Star Wars Badge9
These badge reels are definitely for you if you are a Star Wars fan. You can get any characters from Star Wars. These badge reels are silicon rubber made. You can use an alligator clip or hook for badge reels. In these types of badges, there would be no background. A rubber-made shape will be stuck by glue on the reels. 

10. Christmas Badge Reels

Christmas Badge10
These badge reels are just for you if you want some eye-catching lanyards for holding your ID card in your workplace, school, college, or university during Christmas. Christmas tree, Snowman, Christmas stick, anything you want related to Christmas.  These badge reels are embroidered.

11. Different Dog Badge Reel

Dog Badge11
Different types of dogs or puppies’ shape badge reels are amusing. Dog lovers couldn’t avoid these types of badge reels. Husky, Labrador, German Shepard, and so on design badge reels. These badge reels are made with aluminum or rubber made, what’s why they are lightweight. 

12. Sloth Retractable Badge Reel

Retractable Badge12
Sloths are the funniest animal in this universe because most of the time a year, they remain sleeping. These badge reels are just for you if you are lazy like a sloth. These sloth design badge reels are embroidered. You can make a custom-made sloth design according to your preference.

13. Avengers Holder Badge Reel

Holder Badge13
In this universe, even if there were any multiverse hard to find someone that hates avengers. Thor, Nick Fury, Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and so many avenger cartoon characters badge reels are available. These types of badge reels are silicon made. 

14. Disney Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Retractable Badge Reel

Duck Retractable Badge14
Most of our childhood passed by seeing this Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cartoon. Even in adult life, we can get those cartoons through badge reels. These badge reels are silicon made. These badge reels are only the face of the cartoons. These badge reels have e highlighted border around the face.

15. Dragon Ball Z Badge Reel

Dragon Ball Z Badge15
This cartoon is another one that most of us watch in our childhood. Goku is our favorite character for most of us.  We can get back to our childhood cartoons by using these badge reels. These badge reels are silicon rubber made with a white background. You can customize characters according to your preference. 

16. Cartoon Large Size Animal Style Retractable Badge Reel

Retractable Badge16
These badge reels are different types of animal cartoons—Dogface, cat face, the giant blue whale, and so on.  These badge reels are silicon rubber made.  These badges are long-lasting, and these badge reels are waterproof.

17. Cat Cosplay Marvel heroes Retractable Badge Reel

Cat Cosplay Marvel heroes17
Catwalk by an actual cat! These badge reels are with avenger’s costume wearied cat tail part. It looks so funny. We all love a cat as well as avengers. So, these badge reels would be desirable to cat lovers and avenger fans. 

18. Husky Dog Badge Reel

Husky Dog Badge18
Dogs are the most loyal animal to its owner. If you are a Huskey dog lover, these badge reels are for you. Huskies are mainly used for security purposes.  These Huskey badge reels are silicon rubber made. You couldn’t avoid these badge reels if you are a dog lover. 

19. Santa Claus Badge Reels

Santa Claus Badge19
Christmas means a gift. We all love to get gifts. The gift we got during Christmas given by Santa Claus. These badge reels are Santa Claus’s design. Different types of Santa you will get to see. Snowman, Deer, and Christmas Tree design badge reels are available.

20. Pug Dog Face Badge Reels

Pug Dog Face Badge20
A pug face cheers you up for the whole day. So, why not carrying as a badge reel. These types of badge reels are very funny. These badge reels are cotton made with border embroidered. You can use an alligator clip to attach it to your clothes.

21. Halloween Costume Badge Reels

Halloween Costume Badge21
Halloween Festival is a center of attraction for everyone. These types of Halloween costume badge reels are fully embroidered. These are long-lasting, high-quality materials used in these badge reels. It comes with an alligator clip to attach with clothes.

22. Chinese Zodiac Animals Retractable Plastic Badge Holder Reel

Plastic Badge22
Zodiac Signs are the kind of the fact that everyone is excited about. The Chinese zodiac is an ancient system of classification based on the lunar calendar that allocates an animal and its supposed characteristics to each year in a revolving twelve-year cycle. Your Chinese zodiac sign is based on the year you were born. This can be tricky, though, because the lunar calendar differs from the solar or Gregorian calendar. Since the date of Chinese New Year changes every year, people born in January or February need to pay extra attention to both their birth year and birth date. There are 12 signs of the Zodiac. Choose a badge reel according to your zodiac animal. 

23. Big Eye Wild Animals Style Retractable Badge Reel

Big Eye Wild23
When something that is not normal seems funny to us, in the same way, these wild animal cartoons with big eyes badge reels are very eye-catching and funny. Usually, wild animals are very serious in our thoughts. But when we see those animals in an abnormal, that undoubtedly seems us funny. These big-eyed badge reels are silicon rubber made. 

24. Bandai Naruto Retractable Badge Reel Cartoon

Bandai Naruto24
For fans of anime, an interchangeable badge reel is available. This is an excellent accessory to add color to your uniforms or any other plain outfit. Each design is attached to a belt clip or an alligator clip badge reel and measures around 1.5". All designs will be affixed to belt buckles if an alligator is not used. This is a beautiful gift for a birthday or thanks to you, for Valentine's Day, for stocking stuffers, or secret Santa.

25. Teeth Style Retractable Badge Reel

Teeth Style25
If you are a dentist, these badge reels are made for you. Different types of teeth cartoons can easily attract any patient. These badge reels are entirely white with a medical red cross. A tooth in a dentist’s look. These badge reels are plastic made. So, these are fully waterproof. These badge reels have a glossy look. 

26. Star Wars 360° Rotatable Badge Reel

Star Wars26
These badge reels can rotate 360 degrees. These are plastic and metal made. These types of badge reels have 14 different colors. The size of each badge reel is 3 cm. The weight of these badge reels is 30g. 

27. Large Size Dinosaur Retractable Badge Reel

Triassic period reptile animal dinosaurs can be found through these funny dinosaur cartoon badge reels.  These types of badge reels come with 12 different colors. These badge reels are made with plastic and metals. Each of the badge reels are 5 cm. The weight of each badge reel is 20g.

28. Korea Bears Retractable Badge Reel

Korea Bears28
These badge reels are plastic made. These types of badge reels come with 5 different colors as you can see in the picture. Each of the badge reel in 15g. 

29. Mexican Cartoon Badge Reels

Mexican Cartoon29
These Mexican themed badge reels are so attractive. These badge reels are silicon rubber made. You can customize this kind of bade reels according to your preference. 

30. PVC Retractable Badge Reel

These types of bade reels are fully customizable. You can choose everything according to your preference.

If you're seeking for unique ways to customize bade reels, Vivipins is your best choice. The ideal badge reels are available here. The bespoke badge reels are offered in a huge selection of sizes, shapes, and colors. Vivipins is the most dependable source for the quickest delivery of specially created items that are also affordable, high-quality, and environmentally responsible. They promise that you will receive distinctive, premium badge reels for your ID card at a discounted price, and we will go above and above to satisfy your needs. Each and every one of these badge reels is examined to ensure that it is free from odors, scratches, and problems related to heat and dust resistance.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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