Best Cute Badge Reels

Written by Robin Brown on September 27, 2022
Badge reels are an excellent way to ensure staff uses their ID cards. They are also a perfect substitute for lanyards, especially in places where lanyards could be dangerous. Your business will gain by providing badge reels to your staff and contractors. Employees will be less likely to forget their ID cards. Because they are not rubbing against other cards in a wallet or purse, they will last much longer. Employers who make their life a little easier are valued by their employees. Giving away free badge reels with your logo is a great way to keep your brand in front of the people who matter. The badge reel secures the card to the person, making it less likely to be lost or misused. The most practical way to carry and swipe ID cards is on a badge reel. They are designed to keep cards handy yet out of the way so they won't get in the form of your job. You never have to dig through your pockets or wallet since you always know where your badge is. A badge reel makes it possible always to display credentials securely. This is accurate despite the possibility of lanyards or chains tangling with machines where you work because badge reels are small. In addition to carrying identification cards, many reels can also hold keys. These badge reels are preferred by those whose jobs require access to several locations or by those who want their gym membership card and vault key on the same piece of equipment. Here are some of the top badge reels available:

1. The Cat in Cup Badge Reel

This type of badge reel is built with rubber. This type of badge reel is durable but not always long-lasting. This item is available in many hues. Adolescents primarily utilize this type of film. This appears to be appealing to children. High school and college students favor this type of reel for displaying identification.

2. Pokémon Badge Reels

Most of the 90s kids’ childhood was passed seeing this cartoon. These types of badge reels come in 17 different colors. These badges are glossy plastic and iron made. Each of the badge reels sizes 4 cm—each of the weight of the reel 30g.

3. Rhinestone Angel Retractable Id Badge Reel

These badge reels have a steel body shape with a sparkling Rhinestone on the front. Glue is used to adhere rhinestones to the steel body shape. These badge reels are made to last. You can personalize these badge reels to your liking. These reels are made with various hues of Rhinestone. These reels can be tailored to your specifications.

4. Nursing Student Badge Reel

These types of badge reels are specific for nursing students. The design of these badges is medical or nursing student-centric. These badges are made with durable acrylic plastic; some of these are glossy. The badge reel diameter is 3.2 cm, and the retractable cord length is 55 – 60 cm. 

5. Bouquet Badge Reel

These badge reels are made with Resin. These types of badge reels are long-lasting and durable. The kinds of badge reels come with multicolor. You can customize it according to your preference. The retractable reel length is 60cm, and the weight is 22g.

6. Powerpuff Girls Badge Reels

It’s hard to find girls who don’t like Powerpuff girls in their childhood. Through these badges, they can recall their childhood. According to your customization, you can get these badges in every character, even the professor. These badges are PVC and plastic made. Each of these badges is 18g.

7. Ocean Fish Style Retractable Card Holder Badge Reel

These badge reels are ocean animal designs like giant whales, dolphins, octopuses, etc. Each of the fish looks very cute. People who like to eat seafood can buy these badge reels. These badges come in 7 different colors.  Each of the badge reels is 3cm. These badges are made with plastic and iron. Each of the badges is 30g.

8. Van Gogh Sunflower Badge Reels

These badges are made in keeping similarity with Van Gogh’s sunflower painting. Most of us have a fascination with sunflowers.  These badges are made with plastic and PVC. The badges are very eye-catchy. You can get colors according to this picture.

9. Cat Paw Retractable Badge Reel

Cats are very adorable. Their paws are also cute as well. These badges are made according to the cat’s paw. It comes in different colors, as seen in the picture. These types of badges are made with rubber. These badges are very durable and waterproof. These badges are very lightweight. 

10. Poke ball Badge Reel

Finding who doesn’t see a poke ball on TV in childhood would be tough. A Poké Ball is a spherical object used to capture and retain Pokémon in the Pokémon video game franchise. The series' emblem is the Poké Ball as well. The Poké Ball comes in various varieties, including the Great Ball and Ultra Ball. These badges are just like the shapes of poke balls. These badges come in 5 different colors. The size of each reel is 3cm. Each of the reels is 30g. 

11. Stethoscope Badge Reel

Among two must compulsory things for a doctor’s stethoscope is one of them. These are golden and silver color stethoscopes. These badge reels are made with zinc alloy & plastic. You can customize it according to your preference. This badge has a 60cm long cord.

12. Medical Heart Shape Retractable Badge Holder Reel

These types of badges are made with rhinestone and zinc alloy. These badges are glossy.  You can customize these heart-shaped badges according to your preference. In the picture, the available color is given. Each of the badge reels is 26-30mm. 

13. Bandage shape Badge Reels

The badges are in badge shape. These badges are cotton made. These badges are very eye-catchy. A bandage is a piece of cloth used to support a medical device like a dressing or splint, or it can be used on its own to help or stop a part of the body from moving. In these badges, there is a smiley face.

14. Brain Heart Lung Shaped Badge Reels

These badges are embroidered or cotton-made. Doctors or medical students prefer these kinds of badges. These types of badges are plastic made. You can customize it according to your choice.

15. Nurse Figure Badge Reel

Nurses create and implement medical and nursing care for patients with acute or chronic physical or mental illness in hospitals, at home, or in other settings. Essential qualities of a nurse include compassion, empathy, and the capacity to function in stressful and emotionally charged environments. These badges give a tribute to the hard work of the nurses.

16. Blood Group Bag Badge Reel

In case of an emergency, it is crucial to know your blood type. You'll need compatible blood if you ever find yourself in a position where you need a blood transfusion. Blood cells can cluster together due to an incompatible blood group, which can be lethal. So, these badges can help identify a person’s blood group during any occurrence.

17. Flower Design Rhinestone Retractable Badge Reel

These badge reels have a durable metal construction with a dazzling Rhinestone accent on the front. Rhinestones are glued to the steel body. Those badge reels will last for quite some time. These badge reels are adaptable to fit your needs. These reels are made in a variety of Rhinestone colors. These reels can be altered to fit your needs.

18. Diamond Butterfly Owl Shape Badge Reel

These types of badges are very fancy. You can use these badges in any program or party. These badges are a bit heavy compared to other badges. Diamond cut stones are used in these badges.  You can customize accordingly. The diameter is approximately 3.2cm, and the rope length is about 65cm.

19. Kawaii Flower Badge Reels

The cuteness culture in Japan is known as kawaii. It can relate to things, people, and animals that are endearing, frail, reserved, and infantile. These Kawaii Flowers are so soothing. 

20. Bow Crown Badge Reel

These Bow and Crown badge reels are represented royalty. These are made with metal and stone. These badge reels are very fancy. Suppose you think about the durability of these badges, not a positive vibe. As these badges are made with metal, they are heavier than others. White and golden badges are used in these badges.

21. Bulldog Badge Reel

Bulldog puppies are the cutest. A bulldog puppy can quickly melt your heart. Bulldogs are described as "loving" and "gentle" today. Bulldogs are affectionate, crave human company, and develop close relationships with kids. These badges are too lovely. These badges are plastic and iron made. Each reel is 4cm, and the weight is 30g.  These badges are available in 3 colors. 

22. Skull Style Badge Reels

Skull is a matter of fear for everyone, but these badge skulls are not a matter of worry but rather cute. Some head with a pirate hat, some with headphones, some with glass, some with flowers.  These badge reels are silicon made. 

23. Owl Badge Reel

Owls are charming birds. Owls make excellent cartoon subjects due to their round heads, bulky bodies, and big eyes; stylized owl motifs can be seen everywhere and vary in their likeness to actual owls. All emphasize qualities that we find to be adorable. Due to the numerous owl connections in mythology and folklore, owls are typically seen as symbols of wisdom and understanding. The owl can also represent change and time in symbolism. This kind of badge is plastic and iron made. The size is about 3.5cm. The weight is about 30g.  These badges are available in four colors shown in the picture.

24. Dairy Cow Badge Reels

Cattle are fascinating animals. They are beautiful to look at and watch because they have sweet-looking faces and don't act too wild. From a scientific point of view, they can get energy from things humans can't use. They have their way of ranking people. You can't see all the different breeds because there are so many. Their colors are beautiful, and the different sizes and shapes of their bodies mean that you rarely see two that look the same. These badges have 12 different colors.  They are plastic and iron made.  These badges are about 3.5-5.5cm, weighing 30g.

25. Delicious Cake Style Retractable Badge Reel

When there is a party, there must be a cake. It brings more joy to the event, stands for success and accomplishments, and is the perfect gift to warm the celebrant's heart. Cakes are the best way to brighten up a party and make it extra special. Cakes can be eaten after your main course, just like any other dessert. They not only help your body break down food, but they also make you feel good. The cakes go well with any food because they taste so good.

26. Disney Beautiful Princess Retractable Badge Reel

The true beauty of a princess lies not in her attire but her character. True princesses always have friendly expressions on their faces. When they are helping others or comforting a friend, they shine. The healthiest princesses are the most stunning. They take good care of the bodies they were given. They are attractive, whether dancing on stage or playing soccer in the mud. Be a gorgeous queen! Princesses have to influence not because they dictate to others but because they are universally admired and looked up to as role models. These badges are acrylic made. These badges are available in different characters. 

27. Disney Winnie The Pooh Retractable Badge Reel

Winnie-the- Pooh gave both kids and adults a chance to feel like they were kids again. Also, the simple plots and illustrations make it easy for readers to find comfort because they can relate to Christopher, Pooh, and his friends. The size of each badge is 3cm, and the thread is 60cm long.

28. Dinosaur Cartoon Badge Reel

A class of reptiles known as dinosaurs has existed on Earth for around 245 million years. The term Dinosauria was first used in 1842 by the English naturalist Sir Richard Owen. It is derived from the Greek words deinos, which means "fearfully big," and sauros, which means "lizard." On all seven continents, dinosaur fossils have been discovered. These badges are plastic and iron made. Each of the reel is 3 cm, weight is 20g.

29. Lollipop & Ice-cream Badge Reel

Chewing gum-filled lollipops may help improve your mood, relieve stress, sharpen your focus, and block pain. A small amount of sugar can give you the willpower you need to do big things like yard work or homework. A candy can help you stay focused for longer. Protein and fat are two things that our bodies need to help keep our moods even. On top of that, the amino acids you get from ice cream, like tryptophan, are known to make your body make more serotonin. That makes us feel calm, happy, and well, satisfied. These badges are plastic and iron made. Each of the reel is 5cm and weight is 30g. 

30. Three Bears Badge Reels

The Three Bears are the three ursines from Goldilocks and the Three Bears that everyone knows. They have a big father bear, a medium-sized mother bear, and a small baby bear. The Bears are three bears from different species who have become a family. They are the main characters of the Cartoon Network show We Bare Bears. The three main characters in the family are Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear. Each has his or her own personality, interests, and skills. These badges are plastic and metal made. Size of each reel is 3 cm and the thread is 60cm long.

Vivipins is the ideal option if you want to customize bade reels in novel methods. Here are the best badge reels available. Custom badge reels are available in a vast array of sizes, styles, and hues. Vivipins is the most trusted source for the speediest delivery of custom-made things that are also economical, high-quality, and eco-friendly. You will obtain distinctive, superior badge reels for your ID card at a discount, and we will go above and above to meet your needs. Each of these badge reels is thoroughly inspected for smells, scratches, and heat and dust resistance issues.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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