7 Best Custom Dog Bandanas in Canada

Written by Robin Brown on October 27, 2022
A bandana is a large, colorful piece of cloth with various prints that are often worn tied around the neck or head. A man's dog is his closest friend. It is a gift to have dogs running about our house and elevating our spirits during our darkest hours. Some even assert that a dog's superpower is the capacity to make humans smile despite challenging times. 

Now, You may be wondering how to customize a dog bandana. Bandanas must be safe for dogs to wear on their neck. The materials used for them ought to be soft, pleasant, and non-irritating for your dog. A trendy owner is concerned with the design. The puppy may sometimes be conscious of technique. Create your dog bandana with everything in mind.

Anything may be printed on the bandana, including names, pictures, logos, etc. Bandanas you make yourself may be worn by both you and your dog. These top manufacturers are where you can get your personalized dog bandanas. You may even make unique designs for every family member, including the dog.


vivipins 3
Vivipins is the most acceptable option if you want a hassle-free, cost-effective online shopping experience. They have a reputation for providing excellent customer service and affordable bespoke bandanas over five years. They care about you and your pets. Thus they will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs. They vow to treat your loved ones, including your darling pet, with the utmost unique care and devotion while producing gifts for them. Their primary objective is to make beautiful, sincere prints of the world. They have an in-house design team that can adapt the layout to your requirements without charging you.

Types of bandanas
Vivipins have almost all kinds of Bandanas. You can customize your Bandana as you want. 

Design Option
You may design your dog bandana with Vivipins. They have multiple design options for you. They have an internal design team. They will give you a complimentary digital copy and ask for your approval when the artwork is finished. If you wish them to, they will replace it without expense. They will begin manufacturing as soon as you have confirmed the design. Their design team can help you in that section. Vivipins has been a consumer-friendly manufacturer in recent times.

Order Size
They have no minimum order quantity. Vivipins always care for you as a consumer. Minimum order quantity is a burden for customers. Sometimes people need less than the minimum order quantity. During that time, you can not manufacture your desired quantity, or you have to manufacture extra that you didn’t want. 

Online Order
Vivipins is waiting for you 24/7 on their website. They offer super offers every time you go to their website. It is effortless to order from them. You have to choose from their given options. If you can not select the unavailable bandana you are looking for, you can mail them with your custom design. They will reply within a short time with the necessary information. 

VIvipins has been a cost-effective manufacturer from the very beginning of their business. They have no hidden charge or extra service charge. You can check your money receipt before ordering. They have a 20% discount ongoing. 

Turnaround time
Vivipins typically delivers orders in 7–14 days. Never do they miss their deadline. If you want your dog's bandana urgently, they can make it too. 

Find Vivipins
Vivipins runs its business both online and offline. You can order from the website and visit them in the office at 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. You can call them during office hours: 304-900-0055. Their mailing address is info@vivipins.com.


theroverboutique 1
They think that the most outstanding items, ones that will last a lifetime, should be given to your dog. Because of this, they produce high-quality, enduring items in Canada while paying close attention to design, usefulness, and functionality. Additionally, every purchase you place helps us to support local pets in need.

Types of bandanas

Design Option
They have designs you can not think about. These unique designs are marvelous. Your dog will like it to wear. You can customize your design. But they don’t have any designers. You have to make your design on your own. You may hire a designer for this unless you have no idea about designing.  

Order Size
The rover boutique has no minimum order quantity. You can buy only one bandana for your dog. Rover likes collaborating with incredible merchants in Canada, the United States, and everywhere else. You may sign up for the website's wholesale option or send an email if you are interested in carrying The Rover Boutique goods in your store. 

Online Order
Their website comes with a very user-friendly outlook. You must choose your bandana, add it to the cart, and confirm your order with your payment option. It is effortless to shop dog bandanas from Rover boutique. 

Rover boutique came with a fixed price for every dog bandana they have. With 26 CAD, you can buy your dog bandana very quickly.  

Turnaround time
From Toronto, Canada, The Rover Boutique delivers goods all around the globe. They use Canada Post's tiny packet air service for our shipments. You may choose between a tracked and an untracked shipment option during checkout. Orders are sent 2 to 5 days after you place your order, including delivery time (typically 2-8 business days). Please contact us if you need your order by a specific date. Although they try to keep our clients' shipping prices as low as possible, shipping from Canada may be costly and time-consuming. They provide local pickup upon request and free delivery on orders over $100.

Find The Rover Boutique
Only when an item is flawed, damaged, or the incorrect size do they replace it. Send us an email at info@theroverboutique.com and send your item to 204-20 Foundry Ave, Toronto, ON, M6H4L1 Canada, if you need to exchange it for an identical item.

3. Sisters unleashed

Sisters unleashed
A family business called Sisters Unleashed creates personalized dog bandanas. Imogen and Simone's grandmothers gave them two sewing machines and some sewing instructions during the epidemic. They thought their first project should be a dog bandana since they are dog-obsessed. Each one is customized to your dog's size, has its name, and offers reflective protection at night. Your dog should feel unique and protected, according to us.

Types of bandanas
Country Plaid
Green Tartan
White Tartan
French Bulldog - black
French Bulldog - white
Toy Soldier
Red Ribbon

Design Option
Our 'walkies,' handmade leash holders of acrylic and walnut veneer, stand almost 8x6" tall. The perfect size to add style and organization to your home.

Hanging hardware and customization included.

Our traditional square bandanas are 100% brushed cotton for added softness. Our fitted triangular-shaped bandanas are 100% premium cotton with a polycotton lining. Our reflective thread border is designed to light up under headlights and bright lights, making it the ideal material for your dog to wear.

Order Size
No minimum order requirements. You can order as much as you need. You don’t have to worry about buying one piece from them. 

Online Order
Sister unleashed is an online-based business. They manufacture handmade dog bandanas and sell them online. You can easily order a dog banda from them. Personalized goods are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Their pricing is so reasonable, starting from 20$. Sister unleashed is no big company or manufacturer with a big bulk option. You can order from them with a small amount of money.

Turnaround time
Sisters unleashed can deliver their order within 3-7 days. Though they are not a reputed company, they are very professional. 

Find Sisters unleashed
If there are any issues with your order, kindly contact us. Contact us at shop@sistersunleashed.ca. 

4.Things Engraved

Things Engraved logo
Things Engraved first "opened shop" in 1982. The business has grown over the years to include more than 100 retail sites from Coast to Coast. The custom dog bandanas with all effort and the most excellent outcome have come from them these years. 

Things Engraved has been Canada's go-to place for customized presents for decades. Mark that important event with a custom engraved or embroidered gift that will be loved. Additionally, they just began selling sublimation items, which let you customize almost anything!

Types of bandanas
Pet Bandana Large Size Bowtie
Custom Pet Bandana Small Size - Checkered Print
Custom Pet Bandana Small Size Ship Wheels Print
Pet Bandana Small Size Canada Flag
Pet Bandana Large Size Leaves

Design Option
You may customize your design with them. They have custom dog bandanas since online retailer Bloomex Inc. acquired them in January 2020. Bloomex introduced and implemented a successful online sales model that allowed current and new customers to order the same high-quality, personalized gifts they have come to know and trust without having to leave the comfort of their homes or travel to a busy mall. With changing, times came changing strategies. Additionally, they transformed their retail spaces into chic boutique-style boutiques that allow one-stop shopping for various gifts and on-site personalized customization. 

Order Size
They have no minimum order quantity, but if you order more, they offer a discount. 

Online Order
Things Engraved offers secure online shopping. The most recent technology keeps your personal information private and safe. Moneris and Things Engraved have teamed up to provide you with safe online transactions. Your information is kept confidential at all times. Your data will never be traded, sold, or distributed by Things Engraved to a third party.
The website has security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and modification of the information under our control. The most sophisticated techniques are used to safeguard every data.

Under our new administration, they will continue to provide Canadians with the best-personalized gifts at reasonable prices.

Turnaround time
They can deliver their product in Toronto in one day. They have available outlets in Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Brampton, Québec, Hamilton, and Laval. Orders placed on workdays after noon are processed the following business day. Over the weekend, orders are not processed. Due to the strong demand over the holidays, wait times may lengthen. Standard Delivery Time 7 to 10 business days. For purchases under $55.00, the minimum shipping fee is $9.99. For purchases above $55, shipping is free. There is no tracking for Standard Deliveries.

You can visit their head office to reach out. 5-4095 Belgreen Dr, Ottawa, ON K1G 3N2 1-800-798-0829.Their mailing id: customerservice@thingsengraved.com

printerstudio 2
They develop new valuable tools that let individuals make online presents that will last a lifetime. Please use our design sets, which include picture drop zones and themed backdrops, to create your own professionally printed bandana. Use the built-in tools to crop, resize, rotate, and add effects to uploaded photographs. Then, please make your purchase right now or store it for later. They will send stunning printed items to your house.

Types of bandanas
All Over Print Doggie Bandana
Custom Imprint Full Color Triangle Doggie Bandana
Custom Imprint Full Color Doggie Bandana

Design Option
Printer studio has a unique option on their website, which is online customization. Easy Pet Bandanas from printer studio is a durable accessory that fits over your dog's collar without tying, keeping it in place. Although it has a sophisticated look, it does need some stitching expertise that we have. The Crafts Channel's Bandana design is simple to create. Thicker fabrics will be challenging to manipulate in this design. Thus lightweight materials like cotton work well. 
When clothing your dog, be careful not to tighten the bandana. The bandana is secured by tying.
Order Size
No minimum order quantity. You can order from them as much as you want or even one piece. 

Online Order
We develop new practical technologies that let individuals make online presents that will last a lifetime. Use our design sets, which include picture drop zones and themed backdrops, to create your own professionally printed games. To make your article even more entertaining, add a caption. Utilize the built-in tools to rotate, crop, and add effects to photographs you have uploaded before placing an order right now or later. We will send stunning printed items to your house.

The pricing is very reasonable. They have unique options such as designing and selling. You can sell your custom design to them. 

Turnaround time
PrinterStudio.ca provides a variety of shipping options to suit your requirements and sends products all over the globe. Every shipment leaving our facilities is expertly packaged before delivery. They utilize our custom-created shipping boxes to guarantee that your product will not be harmed during transportation. Your shipping and handling costs are shown at checkout, and our carriers' websites allow you to monitor all of your shipments. You have to calculate your delivery cost by selecting the options of your product, place and quantity. 

Find Printer Studio
They use a support ticket system to organize help requests and provide better service. Each support request is given a unique ticket number that may be used to monitor its progress and online answers. We provide complete archives and histories of your support requests for reference. The ability to submit a ticket requires an active email account.

6.Puppy Riot

Puppy Riot5
Puppy riot is a cherished Canadian (Newfoundland) brand. We are a female-owned and -run business that places high importance on the unique bond we have with our pets.

Types of bandanas
Blush checkered Dog
Blue Plaid Flannel Pet Bandanas
Bright Autumn pet Bandanas
Beach Blue Dog Bandana

Design Option
They have come with some unique designs that you will definitely go with. 

Order Size
They have a minimum 35 pieces minimum order requirement. So. It will be an incredible journey if you plan to work with them. 

Online Order, Pricing & Turnaround time
All products are created to enable customization and the best sizing possible. It might take us a while to get an order ready for shipment. You will hear from us and get an approximate ship date. Typically, ship dates range from 1 to 5 business days.

Find Puppy Riot:

1 (877) 315-0992

Bags of Love logo
With our customized presents, we have been making people across the globe happy since 2002. In addition to being a specialty of ours, creating photo presents is something we enjoy. Who doesn't like images? They preserve your memories and chronicle your life since even a single picture may evoke all of your precious memories and the associated feelings.

With our professional assistance, you may individually create over 400 exquisite presents and bring joy, laughter, or even tears to the recipient. Your presents are painstakingly handmade in our London artisan work businesses. Our picture gifts are even more unique by the considerate approach of a large, joyful crew. That might be why so many of our lovely clients have entrusted us with bringing their memories to life for nearly two decades. That is enough about us, however. Let us demonstrate how we may assist you in making a unique item rather than a typical present. Please browse our selection of creative gifts, and let your creativity guide you to the ideal one. We would be thrilled to create it for you.

Design Option
Any dog lover would be delighted to get a present, which may be personalized and printed with their favorite images or logos. These customized dog scarves come in three sizes and are perfect for small, medium, and big dogs, including Yorkshire Terriers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, and more. Print a lovely pattern onto our silk satin material for the classiest canines, and cotton is best for dogs that like digging in the mud.

Order Size & Online Order
You may make orders for your dog bandanas in Canada via their website. They have no minimum order quantity at all.

All your fabric orders will be discounted by 30% for students with a minimum cart value of $35. We are committed to turning your fabric prints into a reality, whether for a fashion, design, or crafts project. Using our specialized digital printing technology, we can print onto 111 different types of textiles.

We are happy to have you here if this is your first time purchasing with us. You will get a discount voucher code on your first order of fabric, label, or paper printing when you first buy a test print, fabric swatch pack, fabric label sample pack, or paper sample at the total price.

Turnaround time
Many of our products may be produced within 24 hours of receiving an order. Our skilled team collaborates in the same facility, allowing us to oversee every stage of the printing and manufacturing process. This enables us to maintain our high standards for our upscale items. Each product's production time varies, and further information is accessible on each product's website. Please be aware that manufacturing time and delivery time are not the same. Most of our items, for instance, are "Ready same day" or arrive in 1-2 days. This does not imply that you will get your order immediately. Instead, "Ready Same Day" would mean that your order is prepared for shipment that day and would be loaded into the FedEx vehicle. It may take an extra one to two days when we need to reprint an item, which happens seldom.

The shipping process typically takes two days. On every purchase, we provide different delivery and billing addresses. Create one of our goods easily as a present, and we will send it to the receiver.

Find Bags of love
For further inquiries, visit www.bagsoflove.ca/ or call us: at +1 (646) 712-9715.


There is no replacement for quality when picking a dog bandana. Fortunately, the small particle size of these headbands means that spending only a few dollars extra may significantly increase the bandana's total worth. The Vivipins, our top pick overall, is the way to choose if your dog is primarily an inside dog who does not get outside much since it has numerous designs that genuinely pop.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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