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Best 9 Manufacturers To Custom Your Own Wristband


November 13, 2023

In the modern world, mass-produced apparel often results in a situation where we all look like copies of each other. You may need some flair, such as color matching, to stand out.

This is not limited to what we wear also, on wristbands, we wear t to complement our attire or pass a message.

Luckily, current technology enables the creation of wristbands with the desired color or a combination of colors that suits your vision.

Considering this perspective, we will explore the top nine custom wristband manufacturers worth trying.




Vivipins is an impressive manufacturer with the ability to manufacture various customized products.

For custom wristbands, Vivipins has enormous experience with thousands of repeat customers. Their dedicated team of skilled professionals is on standby, and they can guide you through any path that lets you bring your vision into reality.


Positive Customer review: “I have ordered several times, and if I need to make any changes, the customer service team gets back to me promptly. Products turn out perfect every time!” - Shopperapproved.com


Reasons to choose Vivipins: In addition to the availability of highly experienced staff, the company can work with clients in different budget categories, an interactive design process, and two factories for quick product turnaround, No minimum order quantity, so they can deliver the exact number of custom wristbands you want.


Disadvantages of Vivipins: Faster deliveries will cost more than free delivery for standard delivery.


Pricing: Vivipins’ prices depend on the product and design, but they are experts at delivering custom wristbands of the right quality at fare rates. In addition to this, they also offer free shipping and 20% discounts for all purchases.


Product turnaround: The company ships products within 7-14 days, but express shipping is available for more money.


Wristband Resources


Image Source: Wristbandresources.com


Wristband Resources is a global player with one of the largest manufacturing capabilities for custom products.

They create custom wristbands using various materials and the latest manufacturing technology.


Positive Customer Review: “Super easy to design and fast shipping at a reasonable price!” - Shopperapproved.com


Reasons to choose Wristband Resources: The company can create custom wristbands from silicone, plastic, vinyl, direct thermal, or cloth.  Additionally, they have quick product turnarounds, excellent customer services, and fast product turnarounds.


Disadvantages of Wristband Resources: They have a minimum order quantity of at least 100 custom lanyards, and prices vary wildly depending on the design and material used.


Pricing: Wristband Resources’ pricing depends on material selection, design, and product type, but they have a minimum order quantity of 100.


Wristband Resources Product Turnaround: The company has one of the fastest product turnarounds. They can ship in-stock products on the same day the order is placed and custom products on the next business day.


Rapid Wristbands


Image Source: Rapidwristbands.com


Rapid wristbands create products exclusively from silicone and Tyvek. This material choice lets them create custom wristbands of different sizes, colors, and symbols.


Positive Customer Review: “These bracelets came out better than expected! The order came promptly, and I loved that because I ordered 100, I received 200 more. This made my order super reasonably priced. Wins all around!” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to Choose Rapid Wristbands: Rapid Wristbands have no minimum order quantity, the company also has rush production and rapid shipping. You can receive your order in as little as one business day.


Disadvantages of Rapid Wristbands: Prices vary significantly depending on the custom wristband's design, color, and size.


Pricing: Rapid Wristbands’ per-unit pricing drops with more oversized orders. For instance, a half-inch custom wristband will cost you 0.72 dollars each. It can decrease to 0.22 dollars if you increase the quantity to 100000. Moreover, when you order 100, you get 200 free.


Rapid Wristbands Product Turnaround: The company usually delivers its products within six days, but it can expedite shipping at the client’s request.


24 Hour Wristbands

Image Source: 24hourwristbands.com


24hour Wristbands is a custom product manufacturer established in 2006. They focus on in-house products for the best customer experience and quick product turnaround.

With over 1 billion products delivered, they have enormous experience delivering high-quality products at low prices.


Positive Customer Review: “I've been using 24 hours for years for our fundraiser. I love the ease of customizing our wristbands for several events for the weekend, not to mention the quick shipping. They have never missed a date and expedited one year when we had a miss-print...Great customer service!!” - Shopperapproved.com


Reasons to Choose 24-Hour Wristbands:  The company has one of the quickest response times in the industry. They react to tickets within 24 hours of receipt, In addition, they maintain in-house manufacturing, which means they can produce high-quality goods with the latest technology. Also, they have no minimum order quantities.


Disadvantages of 24-Hour Wristbands: You need to use their ticketing system to air any customer service concerns, you must create an account on their website to place an order.


Pricing: Their pricing depends on the product time ordered. For example, custom wristbands from 24 Hour Wristbands cost you 0.25 dollars per unit if you order 500 pieces simultaneously.


Product Turnaround: The company responds to tickets within 24 hours and ships products within two weeks of purchase. For clients in a rush, they have express shipping options.


Wristband Bros


Image Source: Wristbandbros.com


Wristbandbros is a silicone product manufacturer based in New York. Founded in 2012, the company has grown from a side hustle into a flourishing eCommerce operation.

The company produces high-quality wristbands with 100% latex-free silicone. Their customization process includes debossing, debossing with ink, screen-printing, and more.


Positive Customer Review: “I placed an order and received items within a week, had great service, and had a great follow-up. I was able to track my shipment via USPS. I would order from wristband bros again” - Trustpilot.com.


Reasons to Choose Wristband Bros: The company has an easy-to-use design tool that lets clients add color or personal messages in minutes. Also, they don’t charge or add hidden fees for extra design features such as clipart.


Disadvantages of Wristband Bros: Their wristbands are only made of one material: silicone, they have a minimum order quantity of at least ten items.


Pricing: Wristband Bros’ prices reduce with bigger orders. To illustrate, if you order 10000 pieces, you can get a debossed and ink-filled custom wristband for $0.20.


Wristband Bros Product Turnaround: The company delivers custom wristbands within 14 days of purchase. For rush orders, Wristband Bros charges an extra fee for express shipping.


Reminder Brand


Image Source: Reminderband.com


With nearly two decades of experience, Reminder Band is one of the best manufacturers of custom wristbands.

They focus on making a few high-quality products rather than a wide variety of mediocre products.

With such a philosophy, Reminder Band is one of the best sources for custom wristbands.


Positive Customer Review: “I wanted to have a wristband that would remind me of an extraordinary and important day(to me). I received it earlier than expected today, and it’s beautiful.” - Amazon.com


Reasons to Choose Reminder Band: The company has the lowest minimums and no set-up costs. Also, They allow clients to collaborate closely with production staff, their minimum order quantity is so effective, that they don’t have a minimum order quantity.


Disadvantages of Reminder Band: They only have a few design options since they choose to excel in a few areas, for printed and multicolor bands, they have a minimum order quantity of 50 wristbands.


Pricing: The price for custom wristbands from Reminder Bands depends on the order type and quantity. See the pricing page to learn more.


Reminder Band Product Turnaround: The company delivers custom wristbands in 2 to 3 weeks. You receive an estimated product delivery date once you order through their website.




Image Source: Imprint.com


Established in 2006, Imprint is a trusted supplier of custom products with agreements and relationships with established brands such as Bic.

They focus on providing the industry with the best price, quality, and service. This focus has resulted in Imprint being America's fastest-growing manufacturer of promotional products.


Promise customer Review: “Everything went great! My image was low quality, and the team worked hard to make it turn out wonderfully!” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to Choose Imprint: They have no minimum order quantity for some products. Moreover, they offer free shipping on qualified orders. They also ship globally


Disadvantages of Imprint: Their minimum order quantity changes depending on the chosen product.


Pricing: Prices vary depending on product type and quantity.


Imprint Product Turnaround: Products are delivered within two weeks of purchase, but Imprint offers express shipping for quicker deliveries.


Wristband Express


Image Source: WristbandExpress.com


Wristband Express is a custom products manufacturer that focuses on creating high-quality identification solutions at competitive prices.

With a significant investment in manufacturing processes and equipment, they can provide high-quality custom wristbands made of different materials that meet clients' needs.


Positive Customer Review: “Great service, quick production times, and super quality workmanship” - Shopperapproved.com


Reasons to choose Wristband Express: They can work with various materials to create your desired custom wristband, their specialized customer service team ensures clients get the quickest response times and high-quality products.


Disadvantages of Wristband Express: They have a minimum order quantity of 500 wristbands, but this number can increase with other types of wristbands, they only make products out of Tyvek®, Plastic, and Vinyl.


Pricing: Product prices vary depending on the design and quantity ordered.


Wristband Express Product Turnaround: Wristband Express ships custom orders on the next business day.




Image Source: Idcband.com


Identification and Control (ID&C) was founded by Chriss and Gill Wilkey in 1995. It is a custom wristband producer with locations in the UK, USA, and France.

They serve customers in more than 100 countries and are among the most respected players in the accreditation industry.


Positive Customer Review: “We have used this company many times before. Their website is easy to navigate, the prices are good, the wristbands are great quality, and they always deliver on time. Would highly recommend” - Trustpilot.com.


Reasons to choose ID&C: The company has invested in unique in-house printing techniques, they also have experience working in multiple sectors, such as festivals, sports, conferences, and theme parks.


Disadvantages of ID&C: You must order before 3:00 PM CST to secure shipping on the same day. Also, they don’t ship products on Saturdays and Sundays.


Pricing: Prices vary according to product selection, but they have a minimum order quantity of 500 wristbands. Prices are shown without VAT.


ID&C Product Turnaround: Products are delivered within 5 to 10 days, but you can pay more for express delivery options.  Specific delivery options are as follows:

  •  Tyvek Wristbands: 1-2 business days
  • Vinyl Wristbands: 3-5 business days
  • Fabric Wristbands: 2-3 weeks
  • Express Silicone Wristbands: 1-3 Business Days
  • Other Silicone Wristbands: 2-3 weeks

For delivery charges, see here.


Final Thoughts

With so many choices for custom wristband manufacturers, deciding who to partner with is difficult.

Each choice carries a distinct advantage or disadvantage; with the right partner, you can navigate each choice and arrive at the right one.

Remember to place more emphasis on where you will get value for money.

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