Best 9 Metal Business Card Manufacturers To Custom Your Own

Written by Robin Brown on October 24, 2022
Metal business cards make a memorable impression. Custom metal business cards are a great way to show your personality and brand. They are also a great way to stand out from the crowd. There are many different ways to make metal business cards. You can choose to have them printed on metallic paper, or you can have them engraved with your name and contact information. And they make a great addition to any business's marketing strategy. So, if you are searching for the best metal business card suppliers and manufacturers, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed the nine best custom metal business card companies. 


vivipins 3
Location: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153,    
Laguna Beach CA 92651    

At Vivipins, you can get the best custom metal business cards for a reasonable price. You can also be sure that the prices will be within your budget, no matter how much you order. Four years ago, Vivipins first opened for business. The company has gained much experience in custom-made promotional goods during this time. They ship quickly, and you can see digital proofs of your order's appearance before you approve and pay for it. They have their factory where they make the printed items that people order. 
Metal business cards options
custom silver business cards 
custom stainless steel business cards 
custom black metal business cards 
custom white metal business cards 
custom rose gold metal business cards 
custom titanium business cards 
custom brass business cards 
custom copper business cards 
Design options      
Vivipins provide free in-house artwork service. If you want them to create your artwork, then contact them. They can create a brand-new custom metal business card design for you. You have to say the specifications, and they will make a card. And if you already have a custom design ready, you can make a card. 
Order size    
Vivipins have no minimum order requirement.  
Online ordering    
You can contact vivipins via phone at the number listed on the site, online using the contact form, or by email. To begin ordering, go to their website and click the "GET STARTED" option on the product page. Once you have submitted your order and artwork and selected any necessary product options, such as size, kind, and number, they will email you a digital proof of the product. Production will begin as soon as you approve the artwork. 
Vivipins will inform you how much your custom metal business cards will cost after processing your order. They also offer 20% off all orders.  
Turnaround time    
The turnaround time is 7 to 14 days.    
On the vivipins website, there is a lot of customer feedback. And as you can see, all of them are positive reviews.


My Metal Business Card 1
Location: 511 S. Harbor Blvd, Ste. Q. 
La Habra, CA, 90631 
When you place an order with ‘’my metal business cards’’, you can be sure that the result will be nothing less than impressive, and you can always count on them to respond quickly. They're happy to work on any custom project, like metal business cards with QR codes or custom metal business cards in any shape. They are happy to ship orders to Canada, the UK, Australia, and almost every other country worldwide. My Metal Business Card started in 2011 with a straightforward goal for its clients: making products that improve people's lives. Since then, they've added more metal card finishes, personalized metal drinkware, personalized gifts, and other items to their line. 
Metal business cards options
Stainless Steel Business Cards 
Black Metal Business Cards 
Brass Finish Metal Business Cards 
Copper Finish Metal Business Cards 
Rose Gold Metal Business Cards 
Gunmetal Business Cards 
Square Metal Business Cards 
White Metal Business Cards 
Metal Bottle Opener Business Cards 
Metal Cards Starter Pack 
Metal Cards Executive Pack 
Metal NFC Business Cards 

Design options      
During the order procedure, first, select your quantity. Next, choose whether you will be providing your artwork or if you would like their in-house design team to create a layout for you. Either way, you can upload up to three files by selecting the 'UPLOAD' buttons under the Artwork Service phase.  
Order size    
Different types of cards have different minimum order quantities. The minimum order quantity is determined by the metal card design.
Online ordering    
Select the product you want, decide how many you need, customize it with your designs, logos, or even a photo of your current card, and add any text or other customizations you'd like. The next step is to submit your order using their safe and convenient online portal. After they confirm your order, they'll pair you with a designer right here in the house to get things started. They will send your digital proof to you in less than 24 hours. Their in-house staff is well-versed in the art of enhancing your professional image. Look over the digital proof, make any necessary adjustments, or give the design the thumbs up. Once you've completed your design, go ahead and give the go-ahead. Once you approve the final artwork, they'll print your cards using cutting-edge equipment. 
Prices depend on how much you will order. You can get 10% OFF on Your First Order.  
Turnaround time    
The average time to make cards is two to three weeks after the artwork is approved. For fast delivery after production, you can contact them. Visit your Account page or give them a call to learn more about their expedited shipping alternatives beyond FedEx Ground. Flat-rate FedEx Ground shipping inside the contiguous United States is included in the price of all orders. Contact them by phone or mail to inquire about rush delivery options. They would transport your order anywhere in the world. Costs are determined by factors such as destination country, shipping speed, and shipment weight. They'll give you various freight choices; you pick what works best for you. Any additional customs fees or taxes on the package will also be your responsibility.   
On this website, you can read reviews for all the metal cards. Most of the customers are highly pleased with the service of the company. 

3.Rock design

Rockdesign 2
Location: #30 - 145 Royal Crest Court 
Markham, ON 
Canada L3R 9Z4 

RockDesign takes pride in making sure their customers are happy. They find and test their stock to choose only the highest-quality paper and finishes. This lets them give customers the best printing results that show off their design the best. Even though high-end printing techniques can't be perfect, they do their best to make sure that each card is beautiful in its own way. From the first sketch to the final delivery, all of their cards go through many steps to ensure their customers get the best service and product possible. Their goal is to help you make an excellent first impression by giving you business cards that show how prosperous your business will be. They pay close attention to every detail so that you can trust them with your high-end business cards. Their team carefully checks your cards at every step of production to ensure they meet their standards. They have their own factory.
Their main goal is to improve your brand, which they know will bring in more money for your business. Giving a potential client one of their high-end custom metal business cards will immediately catch their attention and set you apart from your competitors. They are known in the industry for their high-end printing processes of the highest quality and standards. Their customer service is up to these standards because they help people online and over the phone in a friendly and quick way. 
Metal business cards options
Luxury black metal Business Cards 
Stainless steel Business Cards 
Metal Business Cards 
Black metal business cards 
White metal business cards 
Copper metal business cards 
Gun metal business cards 
Gold Metal Business Cards 
Rose gold business cards 
Design options    
Professional Design Services are available from Rock Design. their talented team of designers is ready to make designs for you based on your initial idea, or they can give you three original ideas. Customers who want their company logo on their business card must send Rock Design a logo file in initial customizable vector format (ai, eps). If your logo isn't in the correct format, their designers can do logo tracing for you for an extra fee (depending on complexity). Before talking to their team about your business card design, they strongly suggest you look at their different print products and get to know the cardstocks and print features you want to use in your design. Remember that if you print your business cards elsewhere, you will have to pay extra for their design services. 
Order size    
Different minimum order quantity is required for different types of cards. 

Online ordering    
If you have a print-ready vector design file and know the finishings you want to use, use their pricing calculator and place your order online using their safe PayPal payment system. their online orders team will contact you within one business day to verify your specifications after you have placed your order and paid. After that, They will provide a PDF proof to you for approval. They will begin production after you have confirmed this proof when the production is finished and ready for sale. The tracking number will be emailed to you by their sales team. 
Price mentioned with the cards on their website.    

Turnaround time    
The time it takes to get their business cards back to you will depend on the cardstock. The minimum turnaround times are: 
Luxury and premium cards take 12–16 business days plus transit time 
Cards made of plastic take 10–12 business days plus transit time 
Ultra-Thick PVC Cards take 12–16 Business Days plus transit time 
Classic Cards takes 7–10 business days plus transit time 
Metal Cards take 18–30 business days plus transit time 
Quick Cards takes 3–5 business days plus transit time  
No third-party review is available. 

4.Silk Cards

Silk Cards
Location: 1863 Whitney Mesa Drive 
Henderson, NV. 89014 
With Silkcards, you're not just placing an order with a nameless firm; you're collaborating with a talented group of designers and printers. Henry Fan, who launched Silkcards in 1999, believed business owners were missing out on opportunities by handing out standard business cards. Since then, the group has focused on fulfilling its mandate to design extraordinary cards that do more than just catch people's eyes; they also generate buzz and help boost your bottom line. 

Metal business cards options
Custom Metal Business Cards
Design options    
You can rely on the help of their design consultants at any point in the process. At first, just the Design fees will be processed after the order has been submitted. It will take about two to three days of business time to complete the basic design. At first, just the Design fees will be processed after the order has been submitted. It will take about two to three days of business time to complete the basic design. There could be a delay of up to two business days for any modifications. A digital Design Proof, including the design and any changes, will be sent to you through email. Tell them if the design they come up with isn't satisfying, and they'll get to work on something new. The fee covers the costs of finalizing the design and printing it. And These documents are permanently accessible whenever you need them. 
Order size    
The minimum order size is 50.   

Online ordering    
Explore their catalogue to locate the goods, customizations, and coatings best suit your taste. To help you visualize the final product, they will send a mockup of your design. Once it's ready for print, you'll have one last chance to review it and make any necessary edits. They will implement your plans using their state-of-the-art tools and their many years of industry experience. They inspect each order by hand before carefully packing and shipping it to you. 
Displayed on their website    

Turnaround time    
The turnaround time includes production and shipping (in business days). The average turnaround time is 12-14 business days. However, this might vary depending on how intricate and specialized the print job is and where they are shipping to. 
No third-party review is available. 

Location: Pure Continental Ltd. 
7/F Tung Yiu Commercial Building 
31-A Wyndham Street 
Central Hong Kong 
Pure Metal Cards creates high-quality metal business cards and membership cards suited to their customers' individual and ever-changing demands. They can assist you in attracting more customers and making an impact. So, you're looking for a new metal business card, but there are so many alternatives that you're unsure where to start. They offer the widest variety of customizable options for making your card stand out from the crowd. Create a one-of-a-kind metal version of your existing business card or membership card with the help of Pure Metal Cards. They can create metal business cards, membership cards, and more with their assistance. They stock more metals and card stock finishes than anyone else. Avail yourself of their selection of metal business cards made from stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, or precious metals to give your company a cutting edge. Create a one-of-a-kind impression with Pure Metal Cards. 
Metal business cards options
Matt Black Cards 
Stainless Steel Cards 
Titanium Cards 
Brass Gold Cards 
Copper Cards 
Carbon Fiber Cards 
Metal Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards 
Custom Shaped Cards 
Precious Metal Cards 

Design options    
During checkout, you'll have the option of including a design file with your order. They can open and edit EPS, AI, and PSD files. To complement their ability to work with vector files, they can also open and edit raster files like PDF. Artwork should ideally be in a vector format. Your metal business card artwork can also be emailed to for review before you place an order. 
Order size    
Metal cards made of stainless steel, brass, or copper require a minimum order of 200 cards. There is a 100-card requirement for orders of carbon fibre cards. You can get as few as one card or as many as 10 of their handcrafted gold and silver greeting cards.  
Online ordering    
Visit their website's Order Your Cards category. 
Choose the metal and finish for your card. 
Determine the thickness of your card. 
Choose the number of cards you want to order. 
Continue to the checkout 
Design your card and upload it. 
Click on the product to know the price. 
Turnaround time    
Standard production time for greeting cards is 7–10 business days, plus 1–2 days for express courier delivery. They have shipped orders to over 70 countries at no cost to the customer.   
They have testimonials from different customers on their website. And all of them seem to have a good experience with them. 

6.Metal kards

Metal kards
Location: Denver, CO, USA    

Metal Kards is one of the renowned custom metal business cards suppliers and manufacturers. Two decades ago, they focused on graphic design and print production. In the early '90s, they attempted to make metal business cards, which seemed impossible. An auto parts manufacturer sponsoring a local event asked them for a metal card with a car-paint-like finish as a promotional giveaway. Computer-aided processes like laser engraving, plasma cutting (using pressurized water), and 3D printing in metal opened new avenues of exploration for metalworkers in the 1980s and 1990s. They have their own factory. They learned how long people kept their metal business cards from that first project. It was a great thought. They were always a talking point and a complete work of art. They thought metal business cards were so cool that they started making them. 

Metal business cards options
Stainless steel cards 
Black metal cards
Gold metal cards
White metal cards
Copper metal cards
Design options    
They offer design services. Their skilled in-house design team will carefully design and lay out your metal cards. There is no charge for adding more employee names, but there may be a charge for making changes or adding new designs. If you don't know what cards to order, they can show you what your design will look like on different metal card finishes. They'll set up the dies, the files, and the exporting for making metal cards. Design services include turning your company's logo into a vector image. The package comes with one design per company/card and five different versions of that design. 
Order size    
The minimum order quantity is 50. 

Online ordering    
You can order from them by following easy steps. First, browse through their website, choose your card, and customize or request for design service. After finalizing the artwork, confirm your order so they can start producing as soon as possible. 
The price starts from $1.45. you can see the total price chart on their website. 

Turnaround time    
Metal cards require more time to manufacture than paper cards do. It takes between two and three weeks for their general production to complete, which is 12-17 business days. There is no urgent service available at this time. However, they may be able to expedite manufacturing within 12 working days in the future.    
They have a lot of 5-star reviews on their website, so they can say that they provide good service. 

7.Luxury Metal Cards

Luxury Metal Cards
Location: 17221 San Carlos Blvd, 
 Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, USA 
Luxury metal cards make Unique Hand-Crafted Metal Business Cards By their world-class in-house Design experts. They provide an in-house artwork service. They have a massive collection of metal business cards. You can easily customize your metal business cards with them. You just have to give the required information, and they will make a card for you. 

Metal business cards options
Semi-Gloss Red Metal Business Cards 
Bentley Black Metal Cards 
Silver Foil Business Cards 
Custom Metal Cards 
Silver Cards 
Stainless Steel Metal Card Frosted Mirror Finish 
Metal Casino VIP Card 
Racing Business Metal Cards 
Electrician Handyman Metal Business Cards 
Gold Cards 
Copper Cards 
Design options    
They provide design services. They charge $75 per hour for their design services, billed in 15-minute increments. All creative work they produce or provide after post-production remains under their ownership until all fees are paid. A metal card's design is the primary step. There are countless styles to choose from, but each person has their tastes in colour and design. Gold metal cards are popular, but black metal cards are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, everything is up to personal preference. Now that you've decided on the design and content of your business card, it's time to get to work. You can also say a few phrases if you want to capture the recipient's attention. When you submit a quote, their design team will send you thousands of card design templates. By entering a quote, they'll take you to their most cutting-edge and digital system, where you'll be able to communicate with their design team immediately through your panel. If you like a design, you can either approve or reject it. You'll get an email and a text message whenever their design team uploads a new template.   
Order size    
They don't mention minimum order quantity on their website, request for a quote to know more. 
Online ordering    
Select your business card and ask for a price quote plus design. If you already have a design, then upload it. If you don't, then use their free design service. Approve the design. They let you show proof that your project is done how you wanted it to. When you get a proof form, check all the details, such as the text's spelling, colours, type locations, and size. You can send your files again if you want to change the proof. If not, they won't be responsible for any mistakes found after the printing is done. If the changes don't meet your expectation, they will send you more than two proofs or get the creative team involved. There will be extra costs for that. Then, select the quantity and pay to place your order. 
To know the exact price, ask for a free quote. They don't have the price mentioned on their website.    
Turnaround time    
They begin production as soon as you approve the proof and pay for the job unless additional files are required for additional value-added stages like personalization. After receiving the entire and accurate files, if the second scenario is correct, they will commence production as soon as they have been received. Their production process typically takes ten business days, and orders are shipped out as soon as they are ready.    
No third-party review is available.  


Zazzle logo
Location: Redwood City, 
California, United States 
Zazzle, an online marketplace in the United States, allows designers and customers to create custom products using images from third-party partners (clothing, posters, etc.). As a result of this and other collaborations, Zazzle currently offers an extensive collection of digital images from significant businesses, including Disney, Warner Brothers, and the NCAA. According to Zazzle, there are more than 300 million items on their website. Zazzle was founded in a garage in 2005 by three brothers, Robert, Bobby, and Jeffrey Beaver. John Doerr and Ram Shriram invested US$16 million in the company in July 2005. Another $30 million was committed in October of that year. In its first Crunchies awards, TechCrunch called it the "best business model" of 2007. B. Joseph Pine, for example, has lauded the site's user-friendliness. Redwood City, California, is home to the company's headquarters. With, clients can design their t-shirts and other fashion items utilizing digital printing and embroidery, among other choices. 
Professional Elegant Modern Black Plain Metal Card 
Elegant Professional Plain Black Modern Metal Look Business Card 
Metal Aluminum Silver Brushed Industrial Border Business Card 
Professional Metal Elegant Modern Plain Black Business Card 
Rose Gold Brushed Metal Monogram Stylish Script Business Card 
Real Estate Agent Metallic Gold Marble Business Card 
Pressure Washing Power Wash Cleaning Faux Metal Card 
Metallic Brushed Industrial Business Card 
Professional Metal Welding Fabrication Contractor Business Card 
Metal Aluminum Silver Brushed Home Hammer Logo Business Card 
Monogram Navy Blue Modern Metal Frame Professional Business Card 
Modern Construction Monogram LOGO Black Gold Metal Card 
Monogram Professional Elegant Modern Silver Metal Card 

Design options    
You can start from scratch when making your custom metal business cards, or you can look through the templates that are already there and add your information. Decide on the size and shape of your business cards. If you like rounded corners, you can choose between the two. Decide on a type of paper. You can enter your photo and information by adding an image or text. 
Order size    
The moq is one pack card. 
Online ordering    
On their website, click on the menu bar on the top left side. Then click on the "create your own option" option, and you will see many options, including 'business'. Click on the option. You will see business cards listed on the top. Choose this option. Then this will lead you to the product page. Where you can find all types of business cards listed and customize your own. After customizing, place your order by paying and adding shipping pieces of information. 
Prices are mentioned on the business cards on the website.      
Turnaround time    
Visit their shipping page to see what shipping alternatives will get your order in time for your due date. If it's a "High Volume Order," your order may take two to three business days to process. Digitizing stitch files can add one to two business days to the production schedule. As previously stated, the manufacturing turnaround times do not include expected delivery timeframes. Depending on the shipping method selected at the purchase, they may differ. 
On the website, a review option is available on business card design, where you can check out the reviews for your desired business cards. 

9.Lazer Designs

Lazer Designs
Location: 11811 Upham St, Unit 2 
Broomfield, CO 80020, US 
Laser Designs was founded in 2001 to provide customers with laser engraved presents, giveaways, and corporate rewards. They had a full-fledged office and several laser engravers within a few years. Because of my continuous focus on customer service, exceeding customer expectations, and excellence, they outgrew that area. They moved to a more prominent location in 2008. Lazer Designs is here to make it easy to give custom gifts that will last a long time. They'll give you excellent customer service and make sure your items arrive on time. Your gifts will make you happy, or they'll make it right. A portion of their profits goes toward building deep, freshwater wells that the community can run. As a customer, you help them reach their goal of giving clean water to needy people. 
Metal business cards options
Custom Aluminum Business Cards 
Custom Gold & Silver Metallic Business Cards 
Design options    
They can often work with any logo you provide, so emailing your art as a reply to order confirmation is the most efficient method of placing your purchase. After you purchase, they will contact you with questions or concerns. Simply type "REQUEST MOCKUP" in the special instructions box after ordering if you'd like to view a mockup of your engraving. If you're unsure whether they will accept your art, you can ask their experienced art team through email for advice. 
Order size    
The minimum order quantity is 5. 
Online ordering    
Choose your cards and customize them. After that, you can ask for proof. Proofs are offered for purchases over $250 or which need a preview to verify engraving. The production process starts once Lazer Designs approves the requested/required proof. To request proof of your order, check the "REQUEST QUOTE" when placing an order on the basket page. After approval, wait for your card to arrive. 
A price chart is given on the website's product page.  

Turnaround time    
Even for large orders, they can ship most of them in 1 to 4 days. You can get rush service the same day, the next day, or the day after. 
They have 16,803 Verified Customer Reviews on shopper-approved. They have a 4.7 rating out of 5. 

The above companies are best for their custom metal business cards service. So if you are looking for companies to order your cards, dont hesitate to contact them. If you need further assistantship contact Vivipins.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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