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Best 9 Challenge Coins Manufacturers To Custom Your Coins


March 27, 2024

Choosing a challenge coin manufacturer that can personalize your coin to meet your exact specifications can be challenging. 

While custom goods manufacturing companies have mushroomed lately, not all are worth the risk. Some cut corners using substandard materials, while others do not pay much attention to details. 

And let's not forget about headaches related to delayed delivery and minimum order requirements.  

Don’t worry; we have done the hard work for you. 

Below are the best nine challenge coin manufacturers with an outstanding reputation for producing high-quality customized goods at fair prices.  

Whether you need one particular challenge coin for your collection or 100 to commemorate a specific day, these manufacturers can meet your needs. 

Let's dive into the details. 


That's us!

Buy, hey, we are not biased. Established in 2017, we have been proudly manufacturing custom products for some of the world’s largest businesses, organizations, and clubs. 

Share your artwork or design with us, and we will send you a digital mockup within 12 hours. 

Don’t have a design? Share a rough sketch, or just tell us what you have in mind. Our in-house team of artists will design it FOR FREE. We offer unlimited revisions!

About Vivipins: 

  • Endless customization


  • Strict quality control. You get the exact design you choose. 

  • 10-day turnaround time

  • Reasonable rates. Order in bulk for more savings. 


As low as $2.05/ea

Advantages of ordering challenge coins from Vivipins

We offer free worldwide shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee.  


Nothing as such, but the wide variety of customization options might overwhelm you.  


Vivipins is perfect for those looking for faster turnaround time without sacrificing quality. You can get your digital mockups and revisions within hours, making the whole process faster and hassle-free. 

Want to keep your mold for future use? We will keep it in our warehouse for two years!

Plus, we ship worldwide for free, which makes us more affordable than many other custom challenge coin manufacturers.


With over two decades of experience under their belt, GS-JJ is one of the best challenge coin manufacturers. It has a proven track record of manufacturing high-quality challenge coins.

It specializes in manufacturing custom challenge coins for businesses, perfect for honoring employees for their exceptional work. They can design your coin for free if you don't have any artwork. 

About GS-JJ: 

  • User-friendly, FREE DESIGNING PLATFORM makes designing your coin a breeze. 

  • Get digital mockups within 24 hours. 

  • Lots of customization options


  • Turnaround time is one to four weeks, but you can pay extra to deliver your challenge coins faster. 


As Low As $1.70 each


They offer free shipping within the US, CA, and EU. They can also deliver to any address FedEx delivers to, but shipping charges apply. Orders can also be shipped to APO/FPO addresses. 


They charge $15 extra to match your color with the Pantone matching system. You can avoid this fee by doing it yourself and providing them with the exact color code. 

You can expect minimal color variation even if you do not use the Pantone matching system. 


GS-JJ is one of the best challenge coin manufacturing companies for people looking for affordable prices and don’t mind the 4-week wait time. 

Check out their bottle opener challenge coins- an innovative twist to the traditional challenge coins. 

They even offer spinner coins featuring a cut-out inner circle that spins around.

Signature Coins

Signature Coins is a D&B-verified business accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It has a solid record of manufacturing custom products for individuals and companies since 2000. 

They follow the highest quality standards, so you will get the exact coin you want. Plus, they can design your coin, and you can ask for FREE UNLIMITED REVISIONS. 

About Signature Coins: 

  • Free coin template lets you design or sketch your ideas for size accuracy. 

  • Get a digital mockup within 48 hours of submitting your designs

  • 14 days turnaround time 

  • The minimum order quantity is 100 coins, but there is no minimum order quantity for their fundraiser stock coin collection. 

  • Free UPS Air Shipping 


Their prices vary widely depending on the size and quantity of coins you order. Please refer to their price chart for more details. They also charge a mold for orders of less than 300 units. 


Their ordering process is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply fill out the online form to get a quote. Plus, they have a referral program, so you earn coupons when someone uses your referral. 


You need to enter your email address before designing your artwork. Many people find it odd because they are just looking for options and don’t want to share email addresses unless they are sure about the company. 

Signature Coin states that this step helps preserve the design during the process.  

They offer minimal free customization options. Most of them are charged additionally.  


Signature Coins is a good challenge coin manufacturing company for bulk orders, particularly for businesses with recurring coin needs.   

Challenge Coin Company

Founded in 1995 by a retired U.S. Veteran, it is one of the oldest challenge coin manufacturers. 

Initially focused on producing custom coins for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and other agencies, it has broadened its services. Now, you can bulk order custom challenge coins from them in any design you choose. 

About Challenge Coin Company

  • Custom military challenge coins are manufactured in accordance with the military specifications.

  • Once you submit your order form, you can expect their reply within 72 hours. 

  • Minimum order quantity is 100.

  • 4-week turnaround time. 

  • Free shipping on all domestic orders above $50.  


The company’s website does not display the prices of custom challenge coins. You need to fill out an order form to get a personalized quote. 

However, the order form doesn’t let you upload your design or select customization options. Once you have submitted the form, their representative will contact you to discuss your requirements, and they will share a detailed quote.  


Currently owned by Ira Greens, Challenge Coin Company is renowned for its exceptional customer service. It specializes in manufacturing military coins, medals, and more, so you can expect high accuracy. 


The company proudly stands behind its products and claims you can ask for a full refund if you are unhappy. 


Its website needs more user-friendliness. While they have listed customization options, there is no visual representation. 

Plus, there is no way you can upload your design and see how your coins will look. 

Although they send digital mockups before beginning the production, you may have to wait several days. 


It is one of the best custom challenge coin manufacturing companies for those who want military-grade coins in bulk and are okay with a turnaround time of over four weeks. 

However, if you are new to making custom challenge coins, their process may overwhelm you. 

You should go with Vivipins and other manufacturers, which have a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to visualize your coin. 

Challenge Coins Ltd

This company is renowned for manufacturing heavyweight brass custom challenge coins. It accepts bulk orders and specializes in military-themed designs.

The ordering process is straightforward. You need to fill out an online form to get free quotes. You can upload your artwork or send them a rough sketch, and they will design it for you. 

About Challenge Coins Ltd:

  • Challenge coins are available in several shapes other than the basic round shape. 

  • Minimum order quantity is 100, but the company may manufacture fewer coins upon request. 

  • Turnaround time is two weeks. 

  • Ten days turnaround time

  • Free UPS Express Saver shipping in the United States. Shipping to APO/FPO addresses is also available.


Prices start at $2.35 for a 1.5-inch non-colored coin. The company's website has a price chart with more details. 


Challenge Coins LTD offers special discounts on custom challenge coins made for military units. 

Additionally, they guarantee to beat any competitor's quote if you provide them with an exact copy of the quote, highlighting the artwork and design variables you requested. 


The company has a stringent policy on cancellations and changes. 

It doesn’t accept cancellations or changes, even within minutes of placing the order. 

If you want changes, you will have to place a new order. And you may not get a refund for your previous one. You have to be sure while finalizing your order. 


Challenge Coins LTD is a reliable option for those seeking premium-quality custom challenge coins in bulk.

Although it has a fast turnaround time, its prices may be higher than those of many other custom challenge coin manufacturers featured in this article. 

The Studio 

As a full-service custom product manufacturing company, they boast over 12 years of experience and have catered to major corporations like Uber, Netflix, and Adidas. 

As a modern company, it has a straightforward and quick online ordering process. Just register using your email address and follow the steps. Plus, they provide free design services and offer unlimited revisions. 

About The Studio:

  • User-friendly ordering process. 

  • No minimum order quantity. You can order as low as one challenge coin. 

  • Turnaround time is 3-6 weeks. 

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Worldwide shipping is available, including shipping to APO/FPO addresses.

  • Free shipping within the United States.


Prices start from $1.62 each for a 1.5-inch no-color coin.  


They have a prompt customer service team ready to help you with customization or anything. If you need a physical sample, they can make and send one to you so you can check how your coins will look. Plus, they have a buyer-friendly refund and cancellation policy. 


Nothing as such, but smaller orders are pretty expensive. 

Remember to register yourself before you start designing your coin. Some people might only want to share their email addresses if they know about the company. 


It is one of the best custom challenge coin manufacturers for those who want fancier products in bulk for promotional purposes.  

Custom Challenge Coins

With over a decade of experience, Custom Challenge Coins excels in manufacturing custom coins for a diverse clientele, including the military, sports, clubs, universities, corporations, events, and more. 

Its coins come in several attractive shapes, such as weapons, buildings, vehicles, insignia, emblems, etc. 

Need an arrowhead or handcuff-shaped coin? Its team can design coins in any shape of your choice. 

It also offers free design services. 

About Custom Challenge Coins:

  • Digital mockups available within 24 hours. 

  • Minimum order quantity: 25 coins

  • Turnaround time: 3-4 weeks. Rush orders available for an additional charge. 

  • No refunds available for defective coins. But, you can contact them within seven days to get the issue resolved. 

  • Free shipping for the first 100 coins for service men and women. After that, shipping is charged at $0.24 per coin.   

  • Shipping available nationwide in the USA and to APO/FPO addresses. 


Prices start from $2.19 for a 1.5” die-stuck challenge coin, but they depend on your chosen customization. To get a rough idea, you can check their pricing list. Fill out their quote form and attach your artwork or rough sketch for a more precise quote. 


It is one of the few custom challenge coin manufacturers that sell ceramic coins for those with budget constraints.  

Plus, if you want to evaluate the quality of their workmanship before placing a bulk order, you can order a sample pack.


Orders below 300 units require a mold fee, which could range between $100 and $300. This mold fee is significantly higher than other custom challenge coin manufacturers.


Recommended for people who frequently make bulk orders and do not mind paying extra for unique shapes and designs. 

U.S. DOD Coins

The United States Department of Defense Coins is a renowned name for those looking for challenge coins tailored to military, law enforcement, fire/EMS, and veterans. 

It also specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom coins for corporate clients. It boasts a distinguished clientele, including many Fortune 500 companies. 

U.S. DOD Coins can create custom coins for all your needs, from celebrating milestones and anniversaries to recognizing employees for their exceptional work.  

About U.S DOD Coins:

  • Free design services available with unlimited revisions

  • Digital mockup takes 24 to 48 hours 

  • Turnaround time: 14-16 days 

  • Minimum order quantity: 50 

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. U.S. DOD Coins will replace faulty coins free of cost. 

  • Worldwide shipping available. Free shipping to the contiguous US States.


Prices start at $2.10 for a 1.5” no-color coin. Check out their pricing list to get a rough idea of what to expect. For a precise quote, fill out their quote form


If you have a specific budget, you can mention it in the quote form and let U.S. DOD Coins come with the best possible customization options. This ensures you stay within your budget while getting the best possible designs.  


Nothing as such, but you have to pay a mold price of $50 for orders less than 300 units. 


For those who want premium military coins that give a sense of pride to the receiver, U.S. DOD Coins is the ideal choice. However, remember that they have a minimum order of 50 coins.  

Challenge Coins 4 Less

With more than 15 years in this business, it has an extensive clientele, including some renowned names such as ASA, AT&T, and Microsoft. Located locally and internationally, its manufacturing factories are well-equipped to handle diverse needs. 

Although manufacturing military, police, and firefighter coins is its core specialization, Challenge Coins 4 Less has vast experience customizing coins for promotional purposes. They offer free design services and unlimited revisions. 

About Challenge Coins 4 Less: 

  • Turnaround time: 14 to 17 days 

  • Minimum order quantity: 50 coins

  • Faulty coins will be replaced for free within 30 days 

  • Products shipped worldwide. Free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States, including APO/FPO addresses. 


It starts at $2.42 for a 1.5” no-color, die-stuck coin with a mold price of $100 to $300. Check out their price guide for more details. Fill out their quote form to get a free, personalized quote. 


It provides several customization options, most of which are free. Plus, you will enjoy its quick and hassle-free ordering process. 

The company also allows attachments like a keychain or bottle opener to be added.  


Nothing as such, but once you have placed the order, you can’t cancel it for any reason. This is a standard policy because, after all, these are custom products. 


As the name suggests, Challenge Coins 4 Less provides customized coins at a reasonable price, making it an ideal option for frequent bulk orders. 

Wrap up 

The custom challenge coin manufacturers mentioned above are renowned for their expertise, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Most of them have small minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times. 

Before placing an order, ensure you get multiple quotes and compare them thoroughly for maximum savings. 

Need a quote from Vivipins? Customize your challenge coin now and get a live quote. 

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