Best 8 Custom Keychain Companies in the UK

Written by Robin Brown on October 12, 2022
Your company will successfully advertise itself and increase its visibility if you have a personalized keychain made with your brand's name or logo and other branding components. Because they are inexpensive to create, keychains are available to company owners.

The significant part is that personalized keychains work for everyone and every situation. Everyone will value it, regardless of the receiver. Whether they are one of your friends, family members, spouses, parents, brothers, parents, or customers, giving a customized keychain on a particular occasion may make anybody feel cherished and loved. A beautiful keychain customized with the recipient's name is a thoughtful present they will always value. Customized products are fun to purchase.

This article shows the best eight keychain makers in the UK. You will save time and be able to locate individualized goods that may be sent fast for reasonable pricing by doing this.


vivipins 3
They have earned a reputation for offering reasonably priced customized keychains and leading customer service over the past five years. Entrepreneurs will go above and beyond to suit your requirements. Their main goal is to create excellent, vivid prints of the country and world. With no additional cost to you, their internal design staff may change the layout to meet your needs.

Types of Keychain
Different kinds and designs are available in various colors and materials in our assortment. You have a variety of possibilities depending on your company's branding and the reason you are customizing the keyrings. Laser engraving produces a high-quality print that can even display the tiniest details on those made of metal or wood.

Flashlight Keychain with Logo
Custom Keychain with Phone Stand and Screen Cleaner
promotional keychain with a carabiner
Keychain with Personalized Bottle Opener and Phone Stand
Color Play Key Ring Customized
Aluminum torch keychain with a logo
Keyring with Branded Brushed Plate
Personalized Astro Keylight
Key-light with a promotional survivor whistle

Design option
Each print is applied on the keyring's most incredible surface, which may vary from product to product depending on the form. Many of our keychains may be printed on both sides for optimum brand visibility. For items made of wood or metal, we use laser engraving. We use full-color printing for prints with many colors, and for single-color logos or advertising messages, we use one-color printing.

Order Size
No minimum order quantity. You can order as many as you want. We suggest ordering a minimum of 50 pieces for your cost cutting. 

Online Order
Order processing ensures that customer orders are reliably processed and delivered to the correct location. It is an essential component of order fulfillment. Establishing a budget upfront will make the purchasing process go much more smoothly. Additionally, this will assist your salesperson in selecting the appropriate goods. What things you may personalize and how much customization each item gets depend on your budget. Each of our sales professionals will walk you through this procedure and expose you to our company location's extensive product assortment. We want to ensure that your brand is ideal and prepared for printing on our equipment. Some clients have entered our doors with completed designs or logos in the perfect file format and ready to use. Our team works carefully to send an art proof, which is a mock-up of your design on the genuine product, as it will look after Logo Depot delivers it once we have received your design. You must thoroughly review this evidence after we have given it to you. This procedure ensures the readiness of the method for printing.

The Pricing in the printing sector is quite competitive. Vivipins would be the choice that would work best for you. They will provide an accurate quote after you have completed making your order with them. They now offer free delivery on all purchases with a 20% discount.

Turnaround Time 
We love to serve our clients; therefore, delivery day is always a fun time for us. Depending on your preferences and location, we may arrange for product pickup, shipping, or delivery when our manufacturing procedures are complete.

With a functional website, you can place your order from Vivpins at any time from anywhere. Also, you can visit them in the office at 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. You can call them during office hours: 304-900-0055. Their mailing address is  


2.Just keyrings

We aim to make great sustainable keyrings that transmit positive and valuable messages while being as kind as we can to the environment and one another.

Types of Keychain
Eco-friendly keychain
100% Custom Shaped
Printed paper inserted keychain
Luxury and metal keychain
Fabric and Lanyard keychain

Design option
We follow company brand authorization and copyright requirements while developing our bespoke items. We only want to make sure you have full consent from the person who owns the trademarks, concepts, or language because of this. Let us know if you have any questions. It is assumed by approaching Just Keyrings that all clients have the right to use any artwork or trademarks given to us. Please double-check that you have permission to use certain trademarks, texts, or designs before requesting artwork or starting total production. As a result, we disclaim all liability for any logo or copyright infringement that could result from the output. The buyer agrees that they are responsible for any repercussions from legal actions taken against us for any potential copyright violations.

Online Order
It’s a five-step process. Firstly, you choose, then upload your logos and info, we design, you approve, pay and track your order. 

Pricing & Order Size
Just keyrings pricing image
Turnaround Time
They usually took 30 working days to deliver their goods. 

Find Just keyrings T: 02921 660 141 , Just Keyrings Ltd, Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, BH16 6FA

3.Advanta Manufacturing

Advanta Manufacturing
We specialize in full color & gold foil blocking from small runs to numbers exceeding one million. We are custom makers & printers of promotional, advertising, incentive, and fund-raising materials.

We create custom keychains for you personalized with your name and logo. We are using your logo or artwork or our in-house design studio. All of these items are produced in-house from the raw materials to print. A promotional keychain or keyfob with your logo is a fantastic way to promote your company. It works well as a welcome present for new clients or a regular reminder for old ones. They provide good value for money and significantly aid in establishing brand trust since they are often retained for far longer than conventional advertising. Our selection of advertising-friendly clear view key rings and printed leather key fobs at Advanta Manufacturing may assist you in promoting your company or event, bringing in new consumers, and more. Our selection of helpful trolley coin keyrings and bottle opener keyrings are perfect and beneficial corporate gifts that will be used frequently by your customers and potential customers, keeping your brand close by positively. Our custom-printed loops come in various hues and are a lovely substitute for printed keychains.

Types of Keychain
Printed clear view acrylic keychains
Printed leather keychains
Printed ad-loops in the section
Printed executive metal keychain
Printed trolley token keychain

Design option
Every transaction includes a free 30-minute design session with our experienced in-house design studio. Send us your text or images, and we will create a free visual that demonstrates how your product will seem with your custom printed on it.

Order Size 
No minimum order quantity. 

In contrast to many other promotional businesses, ours displays great pricing on page one and then continuously tacks on additional fees throughout checkout. With us, you see upfront the cost you pay; origination, setup, artwork, and printing are all included in the overall price. VAT and delivery costs will be determined at checkout.

Turnaround Time 
Please let us know your event's date so we may send one of our 24-hour national couriers.

Find Advanta Manufacturing
You can find them at Advanta Group Ltd, Unit 2, Towngate Ind Est Ty-Coch Way Cwmbran. Wales NP44 7EZ. They are available at their customer service:  0345 2000 391 Fax: 0345 2000 392. 


We know that operating our manufacturing is the only method to guarantee consistently good quality. With the aid of productivity technologies and cutting-edge management that motivates and benefits each individual, we try to maintain good productivity across the workplace.

Types of Keychain
Metal (Classic)
Acrylic (Affordable)
PVC (Heading)

Design option
Custom keychains are excellent business promotions and may be given as wedding or anniversary presents. And keychains are available in a variety of forms here at Vast Gifts. Most metal keychains have soft enamel and a unique layout. In general, if a keychain has a particular feature, individuals are more inclined to keep it around. We advise pairing it with a spinner or perhaps a bottle opener for promotional purposes. Keychains made of PVC are flexible, waterproof, and highly strong. It has exciting designs and is a consumer favorite. Keychains made of acrylic are more of a fashion statement that expresses a person's attitude and individuality. Acrylic is unquestionably an excellent aesthetic option whether you are a designer or want to offer the keychains on an internet store. Additionally, acrylic keychains are transparent and ideal for cartoon or anime designs. Send us your plan, and we will make the keychains uniquely yours! 

Order Size
On every model, we advise ordering at least 50 pieces to keep costs down.

Online Order
It’s a three-step process. Please send in your design, and you may start by getting in touch with us to discuss your design and needs through our quotation form, email, or live chat. Obtain a price and evidence. Then, within 24 hours, you will get a quotation through email. Our designer will provide a digital proof for you after receiving payment. As soon as you approve the artwork, we will begin manufacturing. While you wait for your things, you may get some relaxation.

Pricing & Turnaround Time
Please take a moment to fill out the form on the website to get a quote and turnaround time. And within 24 hours, one of our professionals will contact you and provide a price. You may also send us an email at

Find Vastpins
Their address is 99-1003 Hua Du YiShu 335 Changjiang Rd, Kunshan, China. They work remotely in the UK. You can call them at +86-512-55232161 ,
Rocket keyrings 1
It is easy to place an order for your key fobs, and every purchase comes with free design support from our talented staff of internal designers. You may use this service to design a keychain explicitly tailored to your requirements. A qualified account manager will also work with you to comprehend your goals and provide ideas for how we can assist you in designing and producing your custom keychains precisely while keeping within your intended price.

Rocket Keyrings makes it simple to create a keychain that precisely embodies your company's image. We are the top keychain producers in the UK, and we can work with you to design anything, regardless of its size, color, or form! We make it simple to develop a product you will enjoy, whether you are searching for 3D, metal, rubber, or want to construct your own from the start.

Types of Keychain
Metal Keychains
Rubber Keychains
3D keychains
Stainless Keychains

Design option
Ordering your key fobs is simple, and every transaction includes free design assistance from our experienced team of in-house designers. This service is provided to help you create your keychain to your precise needs. Additionally, a professional account manager will work with you to understand your objectives and provide recommendations for how we can help you design and produce your bespoke key chains flawlessly while staying inside your intended budget.

Order Size
There are minimum order requirements, and they depend on various factors, including style, material, and manufacturing costs. This MOQ will often be 250 or more, depending on the badge.

Online Order & Pricing
Ordering your customized keychains is simple, and every transaction includes free design assistance from our experienced team of in-house designers. This service is provided to help you create your keychain to your precise needs. Additionally, a professional account manager will work with you to understand your objectives and provide recommendations for how we might help you design and produce your bespoke key chains flawlessly while staying inside your intended budget.

Find  Rocket keyrings
Their in-house office at 7A Regis Road, London, NW5 3EW. Their mailing address is Call them on 0333 7000 134. 


Our personalized keychains unlock everybody's heart! We offer a wide selection of keyrings for every price range and preference, including multifunctional keychains, luxury leather keychains, and novelty items. The keyrings are simple to customize. You may submit a picture of a loved one or use one of our designs. Give your grandma a lovely present that she will never lose: a keychain! You might also give it to your staff so they can conveniently store all of their keys—office, home, vehicle, and others—in one location. Give it as a gift to your customers and personalize it with your company's information - there are many high-quality applications.

Types of Keychain
Badge Keychains
Engraved Keychains
Metal Keychains
Wooden Keychains
Leather Keychains
Tech Keychains 

Design option
No matter how little, constantly personalize the keyrings with your company's identity. To advertise your brand, all you need is a logo or company name and some social media symbols, particularly if the keyrings have a distinctive design or specific function.

Customized promotional keychains are a powerful tool for branding. Keyrings are necessary and widely used. When you give promotional keychains as gifts, they function as a practical daily item for the receiver and an ongoing advertisement for your company. Decide on the correct personalization; that is what matters. Metal keychains with your brand imprinted on them let you market your company wherever you go. Deciding to give your workers a custom leather keyring—perhaps a leather loop key—will elevate your company's image and add a sophisticated touch. Since first impressions are usually the most important, this little element may significantly affect how well you promote your company.

Online Order
If you choose a personalized keychain, you presumably already know who it is for and what you want to put on it. You need that. The first step is to visit our website and choose the style and color of the keychain you wish. Next, select or upload a picture. Additionally, you may type a message and even select the font style! Once everything has been set, you may see the finished personalized keychain and verify the size and look. After that, choose the delivery address and complete the purchase. Bulk purchases are discounted, and if you register, you may keep any submitted photographs or shipping information so you will not have to enter it each time. We also offer several subscription programs, where you may choose the frequency and location of delivery while we maintain all of your personalized stock on hand for you. Similar to owning a custom print studio but more practical and inexpensive.

Pricing & Order Size
Camaloon pricing image
Turnaround Time 
The speediest choice Delivery takes 48–72 hours. Delivery in a hurry 5–6 days for delivery. Earlier delivery between 7 and 9 days for delivery. The amount and kind of things you have in your basket when you make a purchase and the delivery option you choose before checking out all affect how quickly your order will be delivered. You will be responsible for paying any customs fees that recipient nations outside the European Union may impose. Camaloon does not influence this in any way. The Canary Islands, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Réunion, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Madeira and the Azores are additional areas of the European Union where fees may be levied.

Find Camaloon
Camaloon has an active website. You can go through their website and explore them more. 

7.Total Merchandise

Total merchandise
Promotional keychains are a great way to put your name in the hands of your clients and increase brand recognition quickly. Why? Custom keyrings are attractive, functional, and affordable corporate presents or gifts that are nearly universally appropriate for any industry and recipient. They are sure to promote your company with each usage.

Total Merchandise offers an ever-expanding selection of your UK company's most well-liked, practical, and unique personalized keyrings. You can be sure to discover the ideal branded keyrings to fit your advertising needs and marketing budget, whether you are looking for leather vital fobs, metal keychains, bottle opener keyrings, or torch keyrings. We also provide choices that may be ready for delivery in only 72 working hours, such as eco-friendly promotional keychains.

Types of Keychain
There are so many options! Let us start with the three fundamental types of keyrings: metal, wooden, and plastic, as well as any combination of those three. Engraved wooden keyrings and personalized printed metal keyrings are both highly popular. Metal picture keyrings, on the other hand, may be customized with a picture or a specific photo. Businesses often choose impression keychains made out of plastic or metal, but there are other options available for a more upscale look, such as leather keychains. In terms of particular categories, there are no restrictions at all! From simple personalized keychains to cutting-edge multi-tool keychains, we have it all. Everyone can find anything, regardless of their industry. Follow your imagination's direction.

Design option
A branded keychain may be connected quickly to a pair of keys, a belt, or the zipper pull on such a bag or wallet, immediately integrating your brand into the daily activities of your client. And it is all very inexpensive! For instance, our keychain with the Whistle and Cord logo is perfect for elementary school and PE instructors - a sure way to increase brand recognition!

To accommodate any printed keyring, Total Merchandise provides several branding strategies. Our variety of printed plastic keychains, stamped leather key fobs, personalized metal keychains, our most delicate Loopy Key chains, and sometimes even keyholders with your logo stamped up to the full color. You will find a product that best reflects your company's design.

Ordering customized promotional keyrings for your company could not be easier thanks to our keychain maker service. You may start the process by completing our Rapid Quote form, and you will soon be on your way to developing a product that appeals to all of your clients.

Order Size
Minimum Order Quantity is 50 to 250.

Total Merchandise pricing image
Turnaround Time 
20–25 working days after acceptance of the customized keychain design.

Find  Total Merchandise
Total Merchandise opens its Lines at 8:30-17:00, Monday-Friday.  You can call on  01376 509092 THeir mailing address: , Visit them at Suite 1, The Center
The Crescent, Colchester, Essex CO4 9QQ. 

8.Zap creatives

Zap creatives
Zap Creatives, founded in 2009, specializes in producing promotional goods—anything from printed acrylic charms, keychains, button badges, and standees to bespoke sticker printing services. Please place your order as soon as possible if you want to buy one of our personalized keychains to prevent disappointment. There are many other delivery alternatives available from us; further details about these options and turnaround times may be found on our delivery information page.

Types of Keychains
Clear Acrylic Keychains
Colored Acrylic Keychains
Wooden Acrylic Keychains

Design option
You may promote your brand and image by using promotional products, turning devoted consumers and fans into an effective source of advertising. You may utilize our excellent collection of laser-cut and printed personalized keychains to advertise your company. Or you could use our personalized keychains to make unique wedding favors for your special day if you are planning a wedding. 

Online Order Size & Pricing
From their Website you can order your customized keychain with 19 custom designs. They have all these designs with their in-house designers. Their pricing starts from £ 13.00 GBP and you can order 1 sample item for free. You have to order at least 50 pieces at a time.  

Turnaround Time 
Orders up to 150 Euros qualify for free standard delivery. Usually delivered the next business day, although it may take up to two. This service cannot be tracked.  We advise that you schedule delivery of your personalized keychains at least 5–10 working days before your intended date. Please contact us if you need more details about our personalized keychains or if you have any queries for our staff. You may also visit our help and guidance center for tutorials and how-to instructions on producing your merchandise.

Find  Zap creatives
Tel: +44(0)1642 061474
Our working hours are:
Mon - Fri, 7:00am to 5:30pm
Saturday, 7:00am to 5:00pm 
Sunday is their close day. 
2 Reed St, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees TS17 7AF 

Personalized keychains are a great choice to be strong and sure to leave a lasting impression. The receiver will see how much you appreciate them, thanks to it. The best thing is that customized keychains suit everyone and any circumstance. Regardless of who the recipient is, everyone will understand it. Whether they are your friends, family, husband, wife, parents, or brother, giving a personalized keychain to someone on a special occasion may make them feel valued and loved. Giving someone a stunning keychain personalized with their name is a thoughtful gift they will always appreciate.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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