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Best 7 Custom Wristband Companies In USA


November 13, 2023

The record-breaking Era’s tour by Taylor Swift is perhaps one of the best showcases of the potential of custom wristbands.

The LED wristbands created a unique ambiance during her shows and enabled the singer to create a genuine connection with her fans.

You can do the same with the unlimited customization options for the once-humble wristbands.

From embedded LEDs to glow-in-the-dark pigments, you can create a truly unique experience with suitable custom wristbands.

In the United States, countless companies will gladly take on the task of creating custom wristbands. However, these top seven companies stand out from their peers.




Image Source: vivipins.com


Vivipins is an excellent choice for custom wristbands since they have experience creating various custom products.

With their breadth of clients, they have immense knowledge of what to do to maximize value for their customers.


Positive Customer Review: “Amazing! Honestly, the quality is excellent and not expensive. Customer service is also great :)” - Shopperapproved.com.


Why you should choose Vvipins: They have an experienced and skilled staff ready to assist you. This crew creates enormous value for clients by helping them craft products that match their vision.

Additionally, Vivipins can work with clients in different budget categories. Their prices are competitive, and they offer wholesale pricing for large orders.


Pricing: Vivipins offers competitive pricing for custom wristbands and free shipping, and on top of that, they offer a 20% discount on all orders.


Vivipins product turnaround: Vivipins will deliver your custom wristbands in 7-14 days, although express shipping will cost you more than the standard rates.


Find Vivipins: You can find them on their site at Vivipins.com or their physical location at 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 9265.


Wristband Resources


Image Source: Wristband.com


Wristband Resources is a global powerhouse that can create custom wristbands from various materials, including Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, direct thermal, silicone, and fabric materials.

With such a diverse selection of materials, they can create custom wristbands for medical, entertainment, or promotional use.


Positive Customer Review: “Very nice wristbands with clear imprinting. Would order again.” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to Choose Wristband Resources: Wristband Resources prides itself on delivering large orders quickly while still meeting the highest quality standards. Moreover, they also have an excellent track record of top-notch customer service.


Pricing: Custom wristbands from Wristband Resources are priced based on design and the material used.


Product Turnaround: This is one of the critical areas where Wristband Resources shines. Given their extensive product inventory, they can deliver custom wristbands within one business day. They have a minimum order quantity of at least 100 wristbands.


Find Wristband Resources: Find them on their site at Wristband.com; call them at 888.256.0816 or visit their offices at 16000 W Rogers Dr. Ste 100, New Berlin, WI 5315.


Rapid Wristbands


Image Source: Rapidwristbands.com


Rapid Wristbands focuses on creating custom wristbands from Tyvek and silicon.

With a global footprint, they have a deep portfolio of work in enhancing brand visibility, promoting causes, generating revenue for fundraisers, and increasing client membership numbers.


Positive Customer Review: “Incredible customer service! I made a mistake, and they contacted me before I could even contact them. They fixed the problem quickly and were extremely helpful. I highly recommend Rapid Wristbands!” - Betterbusinessbureau.


Reasons to Choose Rapid Wristbands: The vendor has an extensive range of colors, sizes, fonts, and clipart symbols; Rapid Wristbands makes it simple to design unique and personalized bracelets with no minimum order quantities, unlike their peers. You even have the option to incorporate your photograph. Furthermore, Rapid Wristbands focuses on timely shipping and maximizing customer satisfaction.


Pricing: Custom wristband pricing for products from Rapid Wristbands varies depending on size, design, and color.


Product Turnaround: With regular production and shipping, you will receive your order in 6 days, but with expedited production and shipping, you can receive your custom wristbands within one business day.


Find Rapid Wristbands: Find them online at Rapidwristbands.com, call them at 1 (800) 523-8078, or visit them at 1056 Hercules Ave, Houston, TX 77058, United States.


24 Hour Wristbands


Image Source: 24hourwristbands.com


Founded in 2006, 24 Hour Wristbands has grown into one of the best sources for custom wristbands.

They leverage cutting-edge technology in their 150,000-square-foot production space to serve clients worldwide, and as their name suggests, they respond to tickets within 24 hours of receipt.


Positive Customer Review: “It was awesome how quickly I received my order!” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to choose 24-Hour Wristbands: The company has a crucial advantage in its ticket system, allowing it to receive and process orders quickly.


With their investment in cutting-edge technology, they also can deliver the highest quality custom wristbands.


Pricing: The price for custom wristbands from 24 Hour Wristbands depends on the order. But the cost per unit will drop with larger orders.


Product Turnaround Time: The company responds within 24 hours of you filling out a ticket on their side and usually delivers custom wristbands within two weeks after purchase.


Find 24-Hour Wristbands: Create a ticket at 24hourwristbands.com, call them toll-free at 1-855-711-4467, or visit them at 14550 Beechnut St #100, Houston, TX 77083, USA.


Wristband Bros



Image Source: Wristbandbros.com


Wristband Bros, based in New York, specializes in silicone wristbands. Two brothers founded the company and have grown it into a thriving enterprise that creates high-quality custom wristbands at competitive prices.

They use their latex-free process to create custom wristbands out of silicon that let clients express themselves through their products.


Positive Customer Review: “We ordered a large quantity of three different sizes for a school district. Wristband Bros offered us friendly and fast customer service, quick delivery, and a quality product! Everyone loved the bracelets. We would order again from them.” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to Choose Wristband Bros: The company has easy-to-use design tools that directly allow clients to contribute to the customization process. You pick a color and add a personal message at no extra cost. These tools make the purchase process more straightforward than that of other companies.


Pricing: Wristband Bros offers competitive pricing for their custom wristbands, and the price per unit decreases with larger orders. Nevertheless, they have a minimum order quantity. You have to order at least ten custom wristbands for your order to be fulfilled.


Product Turnaround Time: Wristband Bros delivers custom orders within 14 days of an order being placed.


Find Wristband Bros: Live chat with their staff at wristbandbros.com, call them at 1.866.428.0095, or visit them at 190 Exchange St, Pawtucket, RI 02860, United States.


Wristband Express


Image Source: Wristbandexpress.com


Wristband Express uses Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, and silicon to create custom wristbands in various colors and patterns.

They have invested in various manufacturing processes and equipment to provide the highest quality wristbands that meet clients' exact needs.


Positive Customer Review: “Every year for many years, we have purchased wristbands from Wristband Express for our basketball tournaments. We always get our exact order. I have never had any issues. The quality of the wristbands is excellent. I feel the price is good also, and they arrive promptly.” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to Choose Wristband Express: The company offers top-notch identification solutions at competitive prices. Also, they have quick response times, high-quality products, and excellent customer service.


Pricing: Wristband Expressing varies depending on the product choice, but they have a minimum order quantity of at least 500 items.


Wristband Express Product Turnaround: On weekdays, the company will ship your order the same day if the order is placed by 3:00 PM CST and the next day for orders placed after 3:00 PM CST.


Find Wristband Express: Visit them at 16000 West Rogers Drive, Suite 100, New Berlin, WI 53151, call them at 800-434-9124, or visit their site at wristbandexpress.com.


US Craft


Image Source: Uscraft.com


UScaft is a California-based manufacturer of personalized products that include custom wristbands.

The company does all its printing and production within its manufacturing premises, which sets it apart from resellers.


Positive Customer Review: “The wristbands are great. I have made many orders from this company and never had a problem.” - Shopperapproved.com


Reasons to Choose UScraft: The company offers guaranteed competitive pricing and rapid shipping to any location within the United States of America. They also allow clients to customize wristbands using clipart, personalized messages, logos, or digital messages.


Pricing: UScraft pricing depends on the specific product ordered, but you need a minimum order of at least ten pieces for silicon wristbands and 100 pieces for Tyvek wristbands.


UScraft Product Turnaround: The company processes orders in 5 to 6 days and ships them within 4 to 5 days.


Find UScraft: Visit them at 3633 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90023, United States, call them at 1-323-386-8968, or email at [email protected]


Final Thoughts

In the modern world, the value of visibility cannot be underestimated. With this in mind, custom wristbands are one of the best ways to stand out, especially with the inclusion of modern materials and technology.


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