Best 7 Custom Wristband Companies in USA

Written by Robin Brown on November 1, 2022
Utilizing contemporary and socially acceptable custom wristbands is among the most effective methods to convey your message to the public. Numerous individuals, companies, and charitable organizations have realized this potential and are leveraging it to their advantage by creating custom wristbands.

Thanks to technological advancements, these once basic, single-colored custom wristbands can now be customized to match virtually any color palette, with colors swirling together in a captivating marble-like pattern. In the USA, many companies are embracing this strategy and taking it to new heights by incorporating these custom wristbands into their marketing efforts.

However, creating a truly exceptional wristband that aligns perfectly with your or your company's vision, while remaining appealing and wearable, involves more than just choosing the right colors for the bracelet.

Now, let's explore the top 7 companies in the USA that specialize in selling custom wristbands.


vivipins 3
Location: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach CA 92651

Let me start with the top-rated company on this list, Vivipins, a renowned manufacturer of promotional products. They have a deep understanding of their customers' needs and deliver precisely what is desired, making them a preferred choice for custom wristbands due to their ability to create personalized items.

Vivipins boasts a skilled design team that is ready to assist customers in any way possible. Their highly experienced staff is not only creative but also offers exceptional design services that are unmatched in the industry.

Customers have the flexibility to choose from various budget categories on their website, catering to different price points.

With two specialized factories that focus on online services, Vivipins has an impressive track record, having successfully sold over 600,000 pins and earned the loyalty of more than 5000 returning customers.

What sets Vivipins apart is their commitment to providing the finest service at the most competitive prices. Their dedication and range of amenities are unparalleled, making Vivipins an excellent option for wholesale custom wristband orders, especially for those considering purchasing in large quantities.

Minimum Order Quantity
This is Vivipins' most enticing feature. Vivipins has no minimum order quantity. You may begin with a single personalised bracelet. Their quality is so great that if you only acquire one, you'll be dissatisfied.

Turnaround Time
Your order will be delivered within 7 to 14 days. Vivipins offers completely free custom bracelets. Their items are free to send all over the world. If you want it immediately, you must contact them by email. Fast delivery will cost you more money since Vivipins must compensate its personnel for working overtime.

Vivipins are pricing specialists. Their entire line of items is of excellent quality and reasonably priced. With their free shipping, you should save money. In addition, they provide a 20% discount on all orders.


2.Wristband Resources

Wristband Resources logo
16000 W Rogers Dr. Ste 100 New Berlin, WI 53151

Wristband Resources is a global manufacturer and retailer of personalized wristbands and related accessories. They specialize in offering a wide range of custom wristbands and lanyards, including options made from Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, direct thermal, silicone, and fabric materials. These products cater to various industries such as medical, entertainment, recreation, and promotions.

One of the key strengths of Custom Wristband Resources is their commitment to delivering high-quality custom wristbands with fast turnaround times, accompanied by exceptional customer service. They take pride in their ability to handle large production volumes while maintaining the ability to customize wristbands quickly. This sets them apart within the custom wristband industry. Their solutions provide cost-effective and secure identification methods, making them a trusted choice for businesses in the entertainment, recreation, and healthcare sectors.

Minimum Order Quantity
Custom wristbands may be purchased in packets from Wristband resources. You may buy a pack of 100 personalized wristbands. As a result, you must get at least 100 customized wristbands.

Turnaround Time
Custom wristband resources offer the fastest reaction times in the business. Their extensive inventory of in-stock items delivers the same day, and most customized wristbands may arrive the next business day.
The cost of a product varies according to its nature and design. For example, a standard 100 Tyvek personalized wristband packet costs $6.95.

3.Rapid Wristbands

Rapid Wristbands logo
Location: 1056 Hercules Ave, Houston, TX 77058, United States is a global supplier that specializes in creating fully customized silicone and Tyvek® wristbands.

Their services have benefited numerous companies in various ways, such as enhancing brand visibility, promoting causes, generating revenue for fundraisers, and increasing membership and affiliation numbers.

With an extensive range of colors, sizes, fonts, and clipart symbols, Rapid Wristbands makes it simple to design unique and personalized bracelets. You even have the option to incorporate your own photograph.

Rapid Wristbands is dedicated to delivering professional design services, timely shipping, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Whether you prefer silicone or Tyvek wristbands, they will manufacture them according to your specific preferences.

Their team of customer service representatives is readily available to assist you in achieving the personalized wristbands you desire. Feel free to reach out to them and engage in a conversation. Additionally, they offer a complimentary trial bundle that you can request.

Minimum Order Quantity
Unlike many competitors, does not have a minimum order requirement. You may get as little as one wristband or as many as you need.

Turnaround Time
Rapid Wristbands always accommodates customers by providing a limited number of manufacturing and delivery options. Production usually takes 1-5 days after the Order is placed, depending on the amount ordered. Shipping choices range from next-day to standard, with domestic delivery taking up to 6 days after production is completed. Because of the rapid output and next-day transportation, many things can be supplied in as little as one day. You may specify the preferred shipment date on Step 6 of the Order Now page.

Rapid Wristbands will provide the tracking number after the label has been printed.

Prices will vary greatly depending on size, color, and design. Your pricing will reduce as the quantity increases. A half-inch personalized bracelet, for example, will cost you $0.72 apiece. Raising the amount to 100000 will fall to 0.22 dollars. For more information on prices, see their website.

4.24 Hour Wristbands

Location:  14550 Beechnut St #100, Houston, TX 77083, USA

Since its establishment in 2006, 24-hour Wristbands has remained committed to offering affordable pricing, top-notch quality, and excellent service to the industry. Their success can be attributed to their loyal customer base, which has continually supported them over the years.

The company places great importance on creating products of high quality. As a result, they have experienced significant growth and are now recognized as one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of promotional items in the United States.

At 24-hour Wristbands, they strive to enhance traditional manufacturing processes by leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment. This approach has enabled them to refine their methodologies and expand their reach to a global audience. With a dedicated production space spanning over 150,000 square feet, they are well-equipped to deliver top-of-the-line promotional items, thanks to their highly skilled workforce.

24HourWristbands.Com is fully committed to delivering high-quality products within the specified timeframe. For any customer service inquiries, they recommend submitting a ticket through their system as it is the fastest and most efficient way to reach them.

Rest assured that 24HourWristbands.Com responds to all tickets within 24 hours of receipt. Additionally, you can contact them via phone, email, or through the chat function available on their website.

To address any customer service issues, they employ a ticket system, as it allows for thorough investigation and resolution of orders. While phone inquiries may not provide sufficient time for an in-depth investigation, their ticket system ensures that each request is properly attended to. Upon accessing your account, you can select the relevant order number and initiate a support request in the appropriate section that corresponds to your inquiry or issue.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order quantity varies based on the product. Some of their products have no minimum order quantity, while others have. Their website is set up so you can choose what is currently available.

Turnaround Time
The majority of their things are delivered within two weeks after purchase. They do provide quick service and a variety of fast delivery alternatives. If you need your order quickly, use one of their rush options.

Pricing varies according to product type. If you want 500 units of custom wristbands, the cost per item is $0.25. This cost is not set. If you order 20,000 customized wristbands at once, you may obtain them for as little as $0.13 per unit.

Wristband Bros logo
Location: 190 Exchange St, Pawtucket, RI 02860, United States

In 2012, Wristband Bros established its presence in New York City, specializing in silicone wristbands. Founded by two brothers, the company has rapidly evolved from a small family "side hustle" to a thriving e-commerce conglomerate.

Wristband Bros is dedicated to producing attractive and high-quality custom products at affordable prices. Their ultimate objective is to assist every client in "Expressing What Matters."

With Wristband Bros, you have a range of personalization options to choose from. Their latex-free silicone bands can be customized using top-notch production techniques, including debossing, ink debossing, screen printing, and more.

They prioritize a seamless and enjoyable purchasing experience, acknowledging that they may not be flawless but are committed to rectifying any issues and ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Designing unique wristbands is a breeze with their user-friendly design tools. Simply select your desired colors, add a personalized message, and you're good to go.

There are no additional charges for adding more letters or clip art. Wristband Bros has the capability to transform your design concept into reality.

Minimum Order Quantity
The custom wristband brothers have a low minimum order quantity of 10 pieces. Each bespoke bracelet becomes less costly when you purchase more of them.

Turnaround Time orders are typically delivered within 14 business days (often sooner). Customers concerned about missing deadlines should pay attention to the projected delivery date throughout the checkout process.

Price will decrease as quantity increases. If you purchase 10,000 units, a debossed and ink-filled personalized bracelet will cost you $0.20.

6.Wristband Express

Wristband Express logo
Location: 16000 West Rogers Drive, Suite 100 New Berlin, WI 53151

Wristband Express is a company that specializes in designing and selling personalized wristbands. Their product range includes Tyvek wristbands, plastic wristbands, vinyl wristbands, event wristbands, and security wristbands. By continuously investing in their manufacturing processes and equipment, they are able to deliver high-quality wristbands to the market. The company's website features an online contact form for easy communication.

Wristband Express is dedicated to providing top-notch identification solutions at a competitive price. When dealing with them, you can always expect quick response times, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service.

With Wristband Express, you can trust that you will receive the finest customized wristbands available. They have a team of professional customer care representatives who are ready to address any product inquiries you may have and assist you with placing an order.

Minimum Order Quantity
The majority of the goods have a minimum order quantity of 500. However, it is not applicable to all items. It varies depending on the product and design.

Turnaround Time
Monday through Friday, all stock/non-customized goods ordered before 3:00 PM CST will be sent the same business day. If you place your purchase after 3:00 PM CST Monday through Friday, it will be processed the following business day. Saturdays and Sundays do not have shipping.

Pricing varies according to design and quantity. A package of 500 Tyvek Custom Wristbands will cost you around $14.95.

7.US Craft

US Craft logo
Location: 3633 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90023, United States

USCraft is a prominent provider of personalized products in the United States. Located in Los Angeles, California, they have been proudly delivering a diverse range of unique products worldwide for the past four years.

Setting themselves apart from resellers, USCraft handles the production and printing of their products in-house.

Whether you're in need of customized apparel, accessories, or other personalized items, USCraft is your go-to destination for all your bespoke product needs. Their extensive range of items is of exceptional quality and suitable for a variety of occasions, including family reunions, awareness campaigns, fundraising events, birthday parties, business marketing endeavors, promotions, and more.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order requirement for Silicone Wristbands is 10pcs, and Tyvek Wristbands are 100pcs.
Turnaround Time
Product time is 5 to 6 days, and shipment time is 4 to 5 days.

Rush production time is one to three days, and rush delivery time is one to two days.

Pricing varies for different products. You can check the UScraft website for learning details about your desired product.


With so many different types of custom wristbands available today and the ability to quickly acquire high-quality mockups via online custom wristband design studios, choosing an exact representation of your final wristband design has never been easier. Nonetheless, it is critical to properly assess the applications of your personalized wristband and select the perfect colors, materials, and sizes.

If you look at the companies I've mentioned, you'll notice that none of them is as excellent as Vivipins. Vivipins offers the highest customer service and product quality. There are no places in the world where you can obtain free delivery. And you don't have to buy in bulk to obtain the flavor of the product.

So, what are you holding out for? For the greatest collaboration experience, contact vivipins.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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