Make Your Own Bags

Stylish and versatile bags for various needs, blending fashion with functionality. As low as $0.40.

Hercules Non Woven Grocery Tote Reusable Shopping Bags


$1.88 - $3.51

Minimum quantity 100

Item #1

Paper Shopping Bags with Handles


$0.72 - $1.00

Minimum quantity 250

Item #7

Customized Polyester Drawstring Bags & Sports Pack

New!20% OFF!

$2.13 - $3.61

Minimum quantity 100

Item #6

Canvas Cotton Sheeting Tote Bags-Imprint & Embroidered


$1.78 - $3.50

Minimum quantity 100

Item #18

Reusable Non Woven Insulated Grocery Tote Shopping Bags


$5.46 - $9.17

Minimum quantity 100

Item #25

Polyester Leisure Duffel-Embroidered Patches


$21.00 - $41.67

Minimum quantity 12

Item #284

Poly Drawstring Sportpack Bags


$2.73 - $4.95

Minimum quantity 150

Item #37

Matte Laminated Designer Non-Woven Tote Bags with Contoured Corners


$2.10 - $5.80

Minimum quantity 50

Item #41

Cotton Canvas Tote Bags No Minimum

No Minimum

$1.78 - $90.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #306

Five Size 丨 Two Colors Available

Carry All Two-Tone TranSport Tote Nurse Bags-Imprint & Embroidered


$7.97 - $16.04

Minimum quantity 25

Item #60

Restaurant Kraft Paper Bags for Food / Popcorn


$0.40 - $0.84

Minimum quantity 500

Item #95

Budget Classic Backpack with Side Mesh Pocket

NEW! 20% OFF!

$5.18 - $9.82

Minimum quantity 50

Item #108

Promotional Bags - An Affordable Marketing Tool

Improve your brand’s visibility with your own bags, proudly featuring your logo or message. 

You can make your own bags in several sizes, colors, and designs. Whether you need tote bags, drawstring bags, paper bags, lunch bags, or backpacks, there are several options to suit your taste and budget. 

Here’s the exciting part about making your own bags.  

They aren’t just bags but thoughtful gifts for your employees, clients, and prospects. 

Plus, they double up as a walking advertisement. 

Say goodbye to generic bags. Order your personalized bags from us at a favorable price! 

Promotional Bags Can Boost Brand Visibility 

These bags aren't just accessories. They are the representation of your brand. 

Because they are everyday essentials, your bags will receive a lot of repeated exposure. Their constant presence in people’s lives can make your brand more recognizable. 

Your bags easily capture people's attention with unique designs and catchy colors. With them, you can effortlessly reach out to many people, even with a limited marketing budget. 

People carrying these bags on the streets inadvertently become your brand’s walking billboards. 

Isn’t it a great way to make a statement? 

They are highly versatile marketing tools

Promotional products like custom bags are highly effective for marketing your business. 

Think about it...

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Hi, I am Linda Martin

Product Manager - Bags Department


Employee Tip on Make Your Own Bags

  • Consider your bag’s purpose. Tote bags - ideal for trade shows and product launches.

  • Balance budget and purpose. Prioritize features like size, material, quality, texture, adjustable straps, and water-resistance.

  • Personalize it to reflect your brand image. Choose colors, textures, and fonts that resonate with your brand. 

  • Check if the imprint area can accommodate your design.  

  • Order for better pricing.  

At Vivipins, we are eager to help you make your own bag that reflects your brand and message. If you are unsure which bag will best suit your needs, please contact us.