All You Need to Know About Custom Metal Business Cards

Written by Robin Brown on October 24, 2022
When embarking on a business venture, having the right equipment is essential. And one of the crucial elements is obtaining a well-designed business card. These small yet significant cards serve as a representation of your company's reliability, sincerity, and professionalism. They convey the message that you are a serious businessperson worthy of attention. A good business card should feature all the key information about your company, including email address, website, and contact details. It should also incorporate your company's logo, organization name, and any slogans that represent your brand. Opting for an appealing design will help your business card stand out from those of other companies.

At Vivipins, our website provides you with the opportunity to design and order metal business cards with QR codes tailored for your business. Before placing a large order, we encourage you to request a sample to ensure that you are satisfied with the final appearance of the card. While some business professionals may overlook the significance of business cards in today's digital age, they still hold immense value for your company. They serve as tangible resources and offer a range of benefits. In fact, the advantages of business cards for your company can be summarized as follows.

Why metal business cards are needed?

There are many reasons why business cards are needed. Some of them are:-

1.Establishe Brand Identity

The business card serves as a reflection of your company's image. It goes beyond providing essential contact information such as name, title, email, website, location, and phone number. It also acts as a window into the overall essence of your organization. By prominently displaying your company logo, the business card effectively conveys your brand attributes. The choice of fonts, design elements, textures, and paper stock further communicates important details about the type of business you represent. Employing various printing techniques like embossing, foil stamping, thermography, or lamination can enhance the visual appeal and reinforce your brand identity.

2.Demonstrates Professionalism

First impressions matter, and a well-designed business card conveys a sense of professionalism and meticulous preparation. Being equipped with a business card showcases that you are ready and serious about your business interactions. On the other hand, being caught without a business card may give the impression of being unprepared. Carrying a stack of business cards stored in a protective card case not only enhances professionalism but also projects an organized and attentive image.

3.Simplicity of Information Exchange

Despite the availability of digital tools for contact information exchange, the paper business card remains the fastest and most straightforward method. During networking events or meetings, it is effortless to distribute multiple business cards rather than entering data into an application. In today's fast-paced work environment, where time is of the essence, nothing beats the speed and convenience of exchanging business cards promptly.

4.Catering to Different Preferences

Not everyone prefers or relies on sharing contact information through mobile devices. While the majority of people own personal electronic devices, some individuals may choose not to use them or may not be familiar with the technology. Additionally, compatibility issues or limitations of certain applications can hinder the seamless transfer of contact data. By exchanging business cards, you can bridge this gap and ensure information is readily available. Furthermore, having an email with your electronic business card allows for easy follow-up communication after exchanging physical business cards.

5.Essential for International Business

With the rise of global employment opportunities, conducting business internationally has become increasingly common. In many cultures, business cards hold not only practical value but also ceremonial significance. In most Asian countries, business cards are highly respected and exchanged with certain etiquettes. For example, they are presented with two hands, never thrown, and carefully placed in a holder rather than being casually placed in a pocket. In Japan, exchanging business cards is a customary and essential part of introductions. In India, business cards are often exchanged face-up, with the recipient respectfully reading the information. Each Middle Eastern country has its own unique customs. For instance, in Bahrain, it is considered impolite to exchange business cards with the left hand, and it is customary to inspect the card before accepting it.

The power of the printed business card should not be underestimated. Opportunities for business connections can arise at networking events or even in casual settings like a café. Not having a business card readily available can result in missed opportunities to connect with potential clients or collaborators. By exchanging business cards, you open the door for future communication, follow-up, and the chance to establish valuable business relationships. It also fosters a personal connection between two parties, which is essential for building successful business connections.

Why metal business cards with QR codes are needed?

Introduced in 1994, QR codes are a type of square barcode that contains data, such as website links or contact information. They utilize contrasting squares to store information that can be "read" by mobile devices. Originally developed in Japan for the automotive industry, QR codes offer a quicker alternative to manually typing lengthy URLs into mobile devices. What makes them more valuable than traditional barcodes is their ability to store and convey a larger amount of data, including URL links, geolocation information, and messages. An important advantage of QR codes is that many modern smartphones have the capability to scan them, eliminating the need for a separate handheld scanner.

We recommend incorporating a QR code along with your company's location and contact details on your business card. Recipients can easily scan the QR code to quickly access your website, phone numbers, or other relevant information. You have the option to customize the appearance of the QR code by adding color and even incorporating an image to make it visually appealing and engaging. Instead of directing users to your landing page every time, consider using dedicated landing pages or blog posts to establish a lasting connection with your audience.

To interact with a QR code, simply point your smartphone camera towards it. Your mobile device will display a message with an interactive link. Various tools and websites are available for creating and distributing QR codes, allowing anyone to generate their own codes. For instance, if you scan the QR code in the image above, your smartphone or tablet will be directed to our landing page.

What are the benefits of a metal business card?

Without a question, exchanging business cards in person is still the quickest way to exchange information. When you meet someone, they already have all the information necessary to reconnect with you within just five seconds. That is the power of business cards, and it is the reason why they are still an essential sales and marketing tool.

However, several obstacles and restrictions apply to these tiny notifications, such as the amount and type of data that may be imprinted on them. In the unlikely event that you are a realtor, your business cards cannot display all of your properties. If you're a sales representative, it's generally not a good idea to fit your whole product list on a business card. It's challenging to play a video on your business card, even if you're a movie producer (wouldn't that be cool?).

What are the advantages of metal business cards with QR codes?

The advent of computers has altered how we form commercial relationships. But are business cards still effective in the age of LinkedIn? Here are a few advantages why you must use business cards:-

Open a URL

The most common application for QR codes is to trigger the internet browser to access a certain URL, such as a website or social media profile. This is especially beneficial for those looking to increase their online traffic or the number of fans of their virtual entertainment. However, a URL can also include things like audio recordings, PDF downloads, and other materials.

Share your vCard

The majority of people truly have no understanding of what vCards are. To put it simply, think of vCard as a digital business card that can be kept as a contact on any mobile device. It makes sense to include a vCard QR code on your business cards so that the recipient may quickly scan it and store your contact information.

Send an SMS Message

QR codes may be placed to launch the SMS messenger and create a predetermined message, such as "Howdy! Send me additional information about your item if it's not too much bother ". In this way, you make it easier for your prompts to get in touch with you without leaving a note.

How many people use business cards in the world?

Business cards are still moving forward although many goods are becoming less relevant. Plastic Printers will take care of you if you want distinctive business cards to help you stand out. Every day, some 27 million business cards are printed. Costs for business cards range from $10 to $500. The average amount spent is $194. The cost is dependent on the card's complexity and quality. Additionally, it alters according to how the cards are organized. 

Final words

Nowadays, having metal business cards with QR codes is one of the most important things to take care of when you have a business, offer some type of assistance, or regardless of whether you are an employee who addresses an organization. These tiny scraps of paper serve as credentials for your expertise and help people find you more easily.

A business card typically has to look excellent and include all of the key details to be genuinely wonderful for you and your image. A good business card will have your name, title, the name of the company, any contact information you have for it, and the website address. It should include the company's emblem and maybe a tagline. That’s why you must always be equipped with a custom metal business card with a QR code to get in touch with people right away!

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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