8 Best Custom Lanyards Singapore

Written by Robin Brown on October 4, 2022
Lanyards are one of the most commonly used accessories you wear around your neck. There is an interesting story behind the lanyard you would love to know. In the 14th century, soldiers and pirates wore weapons hooked to belts over their shoulders. As troops and robbers climbed the decks, the firearms would be readily accessible. In contrast to the French gunslingers of the early 1600s, today, people usually wear a pass or ID badge hooked to a lanyard. You will see them everywhere: trade events, educational institutions, and workplaces. 

People these days customise their lanyards, which are fashionable in a sense and a representation of their choices of what they wear in public. Having a desired customised lanyard might be easy, but you may not be satisfied at the same time. 

Now, are you finding out how you can have a custom lanyard in Singapore? This article is all about the best custom lanyard manufacturers you can find in Singapore. It will help to make you custom your fashionable lanyard. Here are the best 8 lanyard manufacturers in Singapore:

Gift Market Bulk


Meowprint logo image
This manufacturer has a reputation for the services they have provided for years. If you want something special printed in nylon satin or polyester, this manufacturer will provide the best custom lanyards in Singapore. You can rely on them for their vivid colour. They offer a very cheap rate with the fastest delivery, which is a good package. Their customer support is engaging, and you will find many more reasons once you are done ordering from them.

Types of lanyards

These are the types of lanyards you can order from meowprint. sg :

Full Color Sublimation Print Lanyards
Full Color Sublimation Print Mask Lanyard
Basic Nylon Lanyard (1 Color Print)

Design option: 

Meowprint has a premium, limited-edition design available. You will have options to choose lanyard straps of various widths for your best custom lanyard printing. We suggest going to customink.com and utilising their design lab for beginners since it is simple to use and we can quickly download the design files by using the concept link they offer after the sessions. Professionals may develop their designs in Photoshop or Illustrator and then give us the high-resolution design files for customization.

Order size:

Meowprint doesn't have a maximum quantity for ordering. You can order your desired pieces of lanyards at a time. However, it is a fact that some of the models of custom lanyards have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 30 units per design. Some lanyard designs have a minimum order quantity of 50 units. 

Online Order:

Lanyards can be ordered at Meowprin through their website. There are many modification options, but not all of them suit all lanyards. Following your needs for custom lanyards, their professional sales team will help you and provide you with the necessary suggestions. 


Lanyards' pricing sometimes varies depending on the quantity, design, and colour you choose. They offer $0.80/pc for 1000 pieces of lanyards.  

For example, 50 pieces of your ready-to-wear lanyard (Basic Nylon Lanyard) with a one-colour trademark silkscreen printing will cost $3.96 for each item (incl. GST).
The cost of 200 pieces with a one-colour trademark silkscreen printing will be $1.90 per piece (incl. GST)

Taking the Full-Color Sublimation Print Lanyard as an example, Full Sublimation on 50 pieces, The cost of printing will be $5.50 per piece (incl. GST)
200 pieces with Full Sublimation Printing will be: $1.69/pc (incl. GST)

Turnaround Time 

They deliver goods in a short time if it is in stock. Usually, silk screen print takes five working days after you approve your design. Full sublimation lanyard printing requires 21-28 days lead time to complete your custom lanyards. 

Find Meowprint

You can find Meowprint at 8 Boon Lay Way, #07-15, Singapore 609964 and at their website and custom lanyard design. Their number, Whatsapp and mailing option are also available. Phone: 9177 8449 (Xiao-Fen), Chat on WhatsApp with +65 9177 8449, E-mail: sales@meowprint.sg 


Once you visit their website, you can see genuine customer reviews. Their customer service is super competitive and customer friendly. 


2. Easyprint

Easyprint logo image
EasyPrint produces thousands of customized printed lanyards daily to satisfy customers' expectations, no matter what they are. Here in Singapore, clients frequently place repeat orders because they know they will get the quality of service they expect.
Below are some of the lanyard printing and accessory choices that are available.

Types of Lanyards

Lanyard Keychain
Lanyards (With Printing)
Plain Lanyards (No Printing)
Leather Lanyards

Design option

Lanyard printing primarily revolves around a few main types. Which printing method is more suitable for your needs depends on the purpose of your custom lanyards, among other factors.

Here are the three main types that most lanyard printing orders in Singapore typically go for Silkscreening, hot stamping, and dye sublimation. 
Order size:

Minimum quantity 50 pieces. Maximum quantity 50,000 pieces.    

Online order and pricing

Easyprint can assist you in finding high-quality Lanyards at affordable pricing to fit your company and marketing needs.Choose what you want, put it in your checklist, and send an email to easyprint for a fast estimate.

You may also pick from a large selection of things with quick pricing and make your purchase.

Turnaround Time

Easyprint guaranteed 8 working days lead time from artwork confirmation. 

Find Easyprint

If you have any queries about quality or anything else, you can go to their office at 3025 Ubi, Road 3, #04-113, Singapore 408625. Their phone is also open at office time: (91731107).  You can mail them at hello@easyprintsg.com


Printlanyard logo image
Daily, print Lanyard Singapore delivers custom-printed lanyard orders. It has been their routine work for the last ten years, and they aim to provide the greatest lanyards for your luxurious parties and business purposes.

They have many custom lanyards in store and ready to ship, including solid colour, customized logo and printed designs, and custom neck lanyards produced and manufactured in Singapore, especially for you.

Wholesale prices are also available in quantities. They have various plans and options for different types of people. 

Types of lanyards
Print Lanyard Singapore understands the requirements of every customer are different. They came with these products:

Design option

There are hundreds of options to personalise your lanyard printing at Lanyard Singapore. So it is best to know what you'll need in every lanyard component. Choose from an extensive range of lanyard colours, or have them customized to a particular corporate colour if required.

Order size
They can produce and print lanyards in numbers of as little as 20 pieces at print Lanyard Singapore. Say goodbye to minimum order quantities of 50, 100, or even 200 pcs! 

Online Order & Pricing
You can order online using their website, where you can print your lanyards and save money. Lanyard Singapore can produce and publish your lanyards at affordable prices. They make every cent of your money worth of it. Their pricing starts from less than 1 dollar, which can be 10 dollars for various materials. Note one thing, the quantity of the order will decrease your cost highly. 

Turnaround time 

Are you in need of lanyards for an upcoming event? Your lanyard printing requirements may be met quickly with print Lanyard Singapore's fast service. They can deliver products within 3-5 working days.

Are you unsure about the printing of lanyards? You can mail them at sales@printLanyard.com.sg, and one of their friendly representatives will be pleased to support you with anything you want. Their office is Woodlands 11, Close #10-10 Singapore 737853. 

4. Gogoprint

Gogoprint logo image
Lanyard printing is available from Gogoprint in various colours and configurations. They are capable of much more than just holding identification or name tags. They are a great branding tool that may help boost your networking efforts and raise brand awareness at conferences and industry events. You may have your company name and logo printed to increase your business image further. Lanyards are highly comfortable and provide a variety of advantages, making them a must-have for any company.

Types of lanyards

They don't come with a model. They have printed custom lanyards in Singapore for seven years. You have to make your custom design. You will have the option to choose your materials. They will make your lanyards as you want, which will be your type and unique. 

Design option 

They have some to-do steps to follow for design. These eight steps will help you to custom your design. They don't have templates for now, but they are planning about it.
Order size 

Their Minimum order size is 100, and the maximum quantity is 3000 pieces.  

Online Order, Pricing Turnaround time 

They are available at their website. You can custom your design as your need. They have a price list with the necessary information:
Online Order Pricing Turnaround time image
Find Gogoprint

You can find them at their website. Their address: Gogoprint, Pte. ltd. 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, #15-75, WCEGA Tower, Singapore. You can also mail them at info@gogoprint.sg. They are also available by phone:  +65 3159 3042.


Ezgift logo image
A lanyard is a neck strap used to hold an id card, which is quite common in today's professions. Lanyards in Singapore have improved considerably over the years, and there are now a variety of businesses specialising in them.

It has never been easier if you are looking for the best-customised lanyards for your company.  Now, Ezgift is making this the easiest job for you. 

Types of lanyards

They make custom designs. They have all the materials you are looking for. After completing your design that will be a unique design made by you. 

Order size & Pricing

Their minimum order quantity is 100, and you can order up to 1000 pieces in a single batch. 

Lanyard Only + 1 color print / side:

Lanyard Only 1 color print side image
Lanyard + 1 color print / side + 1 Plastic Card Holder:
Lanyard 1 color print side 1 Plastic Card Holder image
The card holder size is credit card size . It can not be customed. 

Turnaround time 
Delivery Timeline is approximately 15 – 20 working days upon confirmation of artwork. The price may vary if you want your delivery in short. 

Find Ezgift

Their website is engaging. You can call them for further queries at +65 6684 7175 or email at: sales@ezgift.com.sg . You can locate them at EZGIFT PRIVATE LIMITED
7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #03-01, Northstar @ AMK Singapore 569880.

6.Gift Market Bulk

Gift Market Bulk logo image
The Giftmarket has been producing custom lanyards in Singapore for a great many years. They ensure that your staff, attendees, and guests have their identities visible at all times. Get an instant price in 3 seconds from their website and personalize your lanyards in Singapore.

Types of lanyards

They manufacture custom Lanyard. 
They have no sample or options to reproduce other's designs for you. They have only one option to manufacture a custom lanyard once you are done with customization; that will be your unique type of lanyard. 

Design option 

They don't offer any templates or samples, but they have pictures of previous projects that they have done. Giftmarket's lanyard comes in only  20mm (Width) x 900mm (Default) dimension. You have to make a design remembering this width range. They use the default clip as the oval clip. There are also options for crocodile clips and lobster clips. You can add a safety breakaway clip if you want. 

Order size
Their minimum order size is 50 pieces. They have a larger factory and they can produce a maximum of 50000 pieces of Lanyard at a time. 

Online Order, Pricing & Turnaround time

They are available on their website. You can make your order in person or through their website. The website is very responsive, and it estimates within 3 seconds. The pricing might vary with time. 

Gift Market Bulk order image
Find Gift Market Bulk 

They are available at Gift Market, 9 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #04-25, Gordon Warehouse Building, Singapore 417842. You can call them for further queries at : +65 3129 4161. Their mailing address: sales@giftmarket.com.sg 


Enetiq logo image
Enetiq is a lanyard provider in Singapore, offering its most great collection of lanyard components and accessories. They provide quick customized lanyard design and supply services for Singaporean companies, businesses, events, retail outlets, schools, and brands. As a one-stop lanyard provider in Singapore, they can offer free lanyard design services and hundreds of lanyard fabrics and equipment combinations to satisfy your needs.

Types of lanyards

They manufacture almost every type of lanyard

Bottle Holder Lanyard
Computer Jacquard Lanyard
Embroidered lanyard
Foam Printed Lanyard
Heat Transfer Lanyard
Metal Fitting Lanyard
Nylon Lanyard
Watch Lanyard

Design option 

With their in-house design staff, they can provide design services to assist you in visualising your lanyard for approval before to manufacturing. As a result, you must go to their office to get the service. You may create your own design and send them. They have a variety of options for lanyards and you can add anything to your custom design. 

Order size 

They provide custom lanyards without a minimum order quantity. You may order as few or as many pieces as you desire.

Online Order, Pricing and Turnaround Time

They have their website. But you cannot order what you want directly from their website. You can choose a type they offer and then mail them with your design and quantity details. They will contact back soon with the necessary information. They assure the fastest delivery within 4 days. 

Find Enetiq 

They are one of the largest manufacturers in Singapore. You can visit them at  Fusionopolis Place, Galaxis, Singapore 138522. For a Pre-schedule, you have to call them at +65 88231760. 


vivipins 3
Vivipins has gained recognition in the custom design print market for more than five years in various forms. Their outstanding service, which helps customers with big and little projects, is the reason for their success and desire to succeed.

Types of lanyards

They can produce all kinds of lanyards. All you have to do is choose the best one for your organisation.  

Design option

If you already have a piece of artwork in mind, Vivipins can work with you to create your lanyard version. They have a team who designs in-house. The unit can create a design from your idea in a short time. They will email you a free digital copy and await your approval when the artwork is completed. They will modify it for free if you want them to. Once you have confirmed the artwork, they will start production. 

Order size 

There is no minimum order quantity required to manufacture Vivipins. The number of Lanyards you purchase is entirely up to you. They are not concerned with giant companies but also about small entrepreneurs.

Online Order

You can contact Vivipins and make your order through their website. There are simply three simple steps in their ordering procedure. They will send you a digital proof once you have chosen all the relevant information, including size, type, and number, and have submitted your order along with the artwork. And they will begin manufacturing as soon as you approve the design.


These days companies are so competitive about pricing. In such a case, Vivipins would be the best choice for you. They will provide the exact cost once you are done ordering from them. Now, they are providing free delivery for every order.

Turnaround time 

Vivipins hardly take 7-14 days to deliver their orders. They never break their deadline. 

Find Vivipins

Vivipins has an active website and you can place your order from there. Also, you can visit them in the office at 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach CA 92651. You can call them during office hours: 304-900-0055. Their mailing address is info@vivipins.com


IDs that are regularly used to identify staff members are handled manually by custom lanyards. Everyone makes use of it. Now, you know how to choose your custom lanyard in Singapore. Go, get you desired one. 
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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