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8 Best Custom Lanyards Singapore


November 17, 2023

A Lanyard worn around your neck is one of the most visible personal accessories one can adorn oneself with.

Sending the correct message with your chosen lanyard is critical for such a visible personal item.

Custom lanyards let you do this with ease. They come in diverse colors, materials, and designs.

Singapore has many custom lanyard manufacturers, but here’s our selection of the top 8:





Image Source: Meowprint.sg


Meowprint has established a reputation as one of Singapore's best custom lanyard manufacturers.

They can print custom designs on nylon, satin, or polyester lanyards. Their colors are vivid, and they offer the cheapest rates with fast delivery options.


Positive Customer Review: “Reliable and affordable pricing. Will come back again.” - Meowprint.SG


Reasons to choose Meowprint: The manufacturer has premium and limited-edition designs available; their ordering process is beginner-friendly but accommodates professionals who design using Photoshop or Illustrator.


Disadvantages of Meowprint: The company has a minimum order quantity of between 30 and 50 units for designs of custom lanyards, Not all of their design options suit custom lanyards.


Pricing: The price of lanyards from Meowprint depends on the order quantity, design, and material used. For instance, they charge $0.80 per piece for an order of 1000 lanyards, but 50 pieces of essential nylon lanyards are $3.96 per item.  


 Turnaround: Product turnaround is relatively quick for items in stock, but more intricate custom orders can take 21- 28 days.





Image Source: Easyprintsg.com


Easy Print enjoys an outstanding reputation as one of Singapore's top-rated corporate gift suppliers. They offer quality and innovative products that meet several branding and marketing niches.

They produce thousands of lanyards daily, and clients usually make repeat purchases.


Promising customer review: “Really fast and easy! extremely helpful and understanding as well” - carousell.sg


Reasons to choose Easyprint: The company has a great selection of high-quality lanyards at affordable prices, and their products are fit for a diverse range of marketing needs. You can choose the design from their website, and Easyprint’s staff will help you develop an estimate for your order.


Disadvantages of Easyprint: They have a minimum order quantity of 50 items and a maximum of 50,000, they need a lead time of 8 days once the artwork is confirmed.


Pricing: Prices depend on the design and material chosen.


Turnaround time: Once artwork is confirmed, Easyprint will process your order within eight days.




Image Source: print-lanyard.com


Print Lanyard has over a decade of experience creating custom lanyards for luxurious parties and business events.

They have a well-stocked selection of custom lanyards with ready-to-ship items.


Positive Customer Review: “Very helpful with my order, I sent a sample, and the quality is great. Arrived very quickly, we would definitely recommend.” - Trustpilot.


Reasons to Choose PrintLanyard: Their products are available at wholesale prices and come in many colors and designs. Moreover, you can select from an option of 18 varieties.


Disadvantages of PrintLanyard: The company has a minimum order quantity of 20 items, they have limited design options for custom lanyards.


Pricing: Pricing depends on the type of custom lanyards ordered and the order size.


Printlanyard product turnaround: The company delivers products within 3-5 days of purchase.




Image Source: Gogoprint.SG


Gogoprint is a Singapore-based custom lanyard manufacturer with a great selection of products.

Their products go beyond the need to hold keycards and nametags. They are a great way to raise brand awareness at critical conferences and industry events.


Positive customer review: “I had some delivery delay due to my negligence in checking their printing proof emails, and the customer service staff responded very quickly and was helpful with what I had to do. Everything was settled quickly and smoothly in a day or two.” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to choose Gogoprint: the company has design tools and materials that ensure their lanyards are comfortable and work well with any brand, they have nearly a decade of industry experience, which means that their staff has a lot of experience delivering the best value to customers.


Disadvantages of Gogoprint: They have a minimum order quantity of 100 custom lanyards and a maximum quantity of 3000 pieces, Lead times for custom lanyards can be as long as 15 days.


Pricing: Gogoprint pricing depends on order quantity and selected delivery speed.


Turnaround time: The processes orders within 8 to 15 days, depending on the order size and shipping options.




Image Source: Ezgift.com.sg


Ezgift is a Singaporean company specializing in customizing gifts, including lanyards, at affordable prices. Their products are great for corporate events and marketing campaigns.

Their options either come from ready stock or they can be made to order.


Promising customer review: “Bought a couple gift cards and received the codes almost immediately. Had a couple inquiries with the seller and they responded very quickly each time. Super happy with the seller/overall experience and will buy again.” - Trustpilot.com


Reasons to choose Ezgift: The company gives you an instant price once you click on in-stock items or customized products on their site, they also offer affordable products with all the latest innovations in lanyard design.


Disadvantages of Ezgift: The company has a minimum order quantity of 100 items and a maximum of 1000 items per batch, the cardholder size cannot be customized.


Pricing: Ezgift’s pricing varies depending on the type of lanyard ordered and the order quantity is as follows:

  • Lanyard Only + 1 color print/side: 100pcs: $4.30 per pc, 500pcs: $1.30 per pc, 1000pcs: $0.95 per pc
  • Lanyard + 1 color print / side + 1 Plastic Card Holder:500pcs: $1.50 per pc  1000pcs: $1.15 per pc


Turnaround time: The company will ship products within 15-20 days of the purchase being confirmed.


Gift Market Bulk


Image Source: Giftmarket.com.sg


Gift Market aims to challenge current corporate gifts' uninspiring and lackluster assortment.

Their lanyards are curated to be creative, to fit your brand messaging, and to connect with your target audience.

Gift Market’s experienced team is committed to supporting you and creating a long-term relationship.


Positive custom review: “The GiftMarket team is very responsive and replies to all inquiries very quickly. They're also very patient in explaining everything about the product and the features.” - giftmarket.com.sg.


Reasons to choose Gift Market: GiftMarket has a small minimum order quantity of only 50 items, they also have a large factory that can process large orders of as many as 50,000 lanyards at a time.

Disadvantages of GiftMarket: They have no sample or the option to reproduce other designs for you. Work only starts once you make a custom design, there are no templates or design samples to work with.


Pricing: Gift market pricing depends on order quantity. Learn more about the pricing here.


Turnaround time: The company will deliver products within 11 to 20 days.





Image Source: Enetiq.asia


Enetiq Asia is a promotional products maker with over a decade of experience manufacturing products and souvenirs for clients worldwide.

They offer turn-key solutions to their customers by ensuring their products are manufactured under strict quality controls but at competitive prices and quick turnaround times.


Positive customer review:


Image Source: Facebook


Reasons to choose Enetiq: They manufacture 18 custom varieties of lanyards, Away from variety, their in-house staff will assist you in visualizing your lanyard and seek your approval before they begin manufacturing.


Disadvantages of Enetiq: There is no option to order custom lanyards from their website.


Pricing: Prices depend on the design ordered and the order quantity.


Turnaround time: Enetiq has a guarantee that they will ship out your products within four days of purchase.





Image Source: Vivipins.com


Vivipins is one of the largest manufacturers of customized products with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that serve clients worldwide.

They create custom lanyards at affordable prices and have a large staff to help you navigate the creation process.


Positive customer review: “I found them through an internet search after my local vendor was not able to fulfill my order. I took a chance and was very pleased with the experience. The pins are better quality than what I receive from my local vendor. I also re-ordered later with them rather than my vendor because I preferred the higher quality of the pins. Artwork creation was easy and customer service was quick and thorough. Overall very satisfied!” - Shopperapproved.com


Reasons to choose Vivipins: Besides excellent customer service, the company also focuses on in-house production, which sets them apart from resellers, there is no minimum order quantity, and we will create a free digital version for review before manufacturing approval.


Disadvantages of Viviprint: You will only receive a partial refund if you cancel your order during production.


Pricing: Prices depend on the design and quantity ordered, but Viviprint is upfront about costs with no hidden charges. Additionally, they offer free shipping for all products.


Turnaround time: The company will ship products within 7-14 days of purchase.



Whatever your intended use for your custom lanyards, it is essential to make them match your brand and personality.

With such a detailed list of manufacturers available, it shouldn’t be difficult to pick who will make your vision come true.

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