8 Best Custom Keychain Companies in Australia!

Written by Robin Brown on October 12, 2022
Despite the fact that keyrings may seem little to some, they hold sentimental value for many others and are regularly acquired as souvenirs from trips to far-off locations or as gifts at crucial moments.

In actuality, we usually aren't even aware of how frequently we use a keychain in our daily lives. Whether it be a home key or a car key, we all carry about keys, and a keychain not only helps them appear more attractive to the eye but also makes our keys stand out so that they are easy to find. Probably the first thing we look at while looking for our keys is the keychain.

So if you are looking for having custom keychains in Australia engraved personally, then keep reading below! In this article, we have compiled a list of keychain manufacturers.


vivipins 3
Address: 1440 W.Taylor St#989, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

The most well-known company that creates custom keychains in Australiais reportedly Vivipins. They have been in place for around five years and provide a few portions for modification. You might basically tell them about an important work through them or demand what you want from them. Their talented in-house designers will employ your ideas to create a creative, attention-grabbing line plan at that time.

As a personalized keychain manufacturer, they have collaborated with many of the biggest companies in the world as well as a sizable number of its most illustrious clubs and associations. In addition, they have worked with "regular, average individuals," such as business visionaries who were just starting out and hoped to make some money by selling their own picture pins, as well as design businesses and well-known big names. They treat all of their customers equally, from the biggest corporation to the lone individual who thinks a single pin should make a certain design outfit "pop" in precisely the same way, or, in other words, as an integral part of our families.

Product quality

They provide the nicest bespoke keychains that are now on the market. They have received a few positive remarks from various clients. They swiftly, effectively, and intelligently create everything you want for, including games, upgrades for alliance tasks, accolades for professional performance, and much more.

Minimum quantity

Through Vivipins, no minimum order quantity is required.

Delivery  time

They frequently need 7 to 14 days to really come to see you.


Depending on the size and complexity of your request, the price will change. You may further reduce the cost per keycchain by ordering in bulk!



etsy 4
Address: 5 Washington Street, Suite 512, Brooklyn, New York 11201

The international marketplace for unique and creative goods is Etsy. It is home to a sizable area of extraordinary, outstanding items, ranging from unique, high-quality components to uncommon fortunes.

Their main objective is to maintain human interaction at the center of commerce during a period of rising robotization. Because creativity is nourished by people, they made up a place where it lives and thrives. They help the dealers in their community turn their ideas into successful businesses. Their foundation associates them with a lot of customers looking for a different choice—something truly outstanding with a human touch—for those brief moments in life that call for original thought.

Product quality

On Etsy, there are a ton of options to go at. Each option opens up a lot of customizing possibilities, such as choosing a variety. The tempered steel composition makes them an excellent choice of product for anyone looking for long-lasting keychains. It is an amazing present for your father, girlfriend, and best friend! It is extremely durable because it is made of stainless steel! Laser engraving ensures that the customized data won't disappear or alter.

Minimum order quantity

No minimum order quantity is specified. However, you can order in large quantities by getting in touch with the vendor.

Delivery time

With this purchase, Etsy compensates for carbon emissions caused by shipping and delivery. Within 14 days of being delivered from the USA, your items will arrive with you in Australia.


The price of the custom keychains varies based on the artwork and demands made, starting at AU$9.19.


Zazzle logo
Address: Redwood City, CA. 811 Sandhill Road.

Zazzle employees are just as unique and distinctive as their products. In addition to having PhDs, being skilled experts, generating masters, holding patents, and being designers and performers, to name just a few qualifications, they are all fully united by a desire to redefine the company. Whether they are advancing their ideas, creating your most recent invention, developing their web-based understanding, or guiding you around the internet, they do what they do because they recognize that the sky is the limit in most cases.

Truly, every keychain item they sell on Zazzle can be customized! Therefore, let your imagination go wild. Effectively personalize items like socks, magnets, napkins, Christmas decorations, and even car deodorizers! Check out their blockbusters, which include mugs, tees, and solicitations, for a lot more nonsense!

Product quality

In Australia, a variety of two-sided bespoke key rings are available in a range of sizes and forms. Circles, squares, square forms, and more! The best part is that these key rings are UV safe and waterproof, so you can rest easy knowing your well-prepared plan will withstand daily use. Looking for the perfect present for a friend or member of your family? You may get precisely what you want with our metal personalized key rings! These unique keychains even have a heart-shaped design and are scratch- and blur-resistant.

Delivery time

It will take between 7 and 14 days for the item to arrive at your door. Also available is expedited delivery.

Minimum order quantity

There are no limitations for minimum orders. However, you may save more money if you get more than 10 keychains.


Zazzle offers personalized keychains starting at AU $5.65. The price may vary depending on the size and style of the keychain.


Address: Bennett's Green, Unit 3/12 Statham St, Bennetts Green NSW 2290, Australia

CustomKings has grown from its humble beginnings in Newcastle, New South Wales, to be able to assist in meeting your demands for customized presents. Currently based in Bennetts Green, NSW, their transfer to a larger stockroom in October 2020 allowed them to expand their team and equipment to undertake larger tasks and offer an even faster turnaround.

Their team has been in operation since about 2005, helping individuals and businesses create their ideas and donate them to charitable causes. Thanks to their on-site graphic designers, they can utilize all of their hardware to the fullest for your ideal product.

While the keyring connects to your keys, the keychain is the component of the personalized item that is engraved or printed (depending on the material). We use the two phrases to make sure that their consumers are certain that they can find the item they are looking for on their website.

Product quality

Their Australian creation team expects to build each customized keyring or keychain thanks to their extensive reach and ability to create new goods using their in-house visual fashioners and hardware. Their quality assurance team takes the time to make sure your new keychain arrives to you in excellent shape with every keychain.

Delivery time

Your order will be delivered using the Postage Option you selected the Next Business Day, albeit there may be a minor delay if your order comprises a large number of different items. To learn more, you may review their intricacies about item delivery. 

Minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order quantity necessary. You may purchase one unique keychain or even a thousand!


Their keychains range in price from AU$9.09 to AU$19.09 based on their sizes, shapes, and patterns. 

Address: 13 Dee Cres, Tuncurry NSW 2428, Australia

ThePinFactory is not just any trinket manufacturer. They have reached the stage in their development where they can provide processing plant direct costs without requiring their clients to set up a large number of units of a single product. They are entirely Australian-owned and operated, which means that all profit is retained in Australia. Additionally, as they keep themselves to the highest standards and never let their customers down, they eliminate all risks associated with requesting from them.

Since they control every stage of the development cycle, from conception to final manufacturing and delivery, they have total control over quality. This means that before leaving their production facility and being delivered to your doorstep, things must undergo rigorous quality checks. Additionally, there are no impediments to overcome if you are not completely satisfied with the outcome. In essence, we collaborate with you to make sure that all of your interests are handled as quickly as realistically possible.

Product quality

With their very own manufacturing facility and a complete in-house design studio, you would be crazy to look elsewhere for your custom keychains. Their team is on standby to assist you with your requirements, and their prices can't be matched within Australia. Browse their range of custom key rings below and select your preferred style, from there simply use their quick contact form (right) to request a fast quote and their team will respond within minutes.

Delivery time

They provide industry-leading production and delivery time. They offer rush delivery within 14 days. 

Minimum order quantity

ThePinFactory required a minimum order quantity due to their high-quality products. It starts from 50 pieces per order. 


The cost of their products depends on the product quantity, the type of product, and its artwork. So, head on to their website to learn more. 


Address: N/A

The Silver Store Australia invests a lot of effort in custom-engraved presents, memorials, and jewels. They can engrave their bespoke jewels in-house with a variety of images, names, and dates. They are a high-quality Australian company that offers to engrave photos, paw prints, family crests, logos, and bespoke designs. Each piece is individually engraved with care.

Product quality

An excellent personalized present for both men and women is this keychain with engraving. The circular label pendant may have any name, phone number, special message, initials, or image etched on the front and reverse. You may even etch a message that has been typed out. To create your engraved keychain, click the pink "ADD ENGRAVING" button. The split ring and key label circular pendant together measure 35mm in width and 25mm in length, respectively. Steel that has been highly glittering treated is used to create the custom-engraved keychain.

Delivery time

Delivery times are determined by the product's specifications. So browse their store to choose a purchase right away!

Minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order quantity needed at TheSilverStore. They do not have a minimum order requirement since the high cost of their actual silver product justifies it.


They use genuine silver in their goods. On these, you may engrave your messages. Because of this, the price of their bespoke keychains starts at AU$32.00.


Stickermule 1
Address: 411 Lafayette St 6th Floor, NYC

The StickerMule team hails from 17 different countries and a variety of backgrounds, but their shared set of moral principles unites us all. Argentine, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada, France, Croatia, Finland, Guatemala, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK are among the countries from where we operate with joy. They ship worldwide to a significant number of consumers in more than 70 countries each year. In addition to providing accessible, free general transportation, they also support 7 financial standards and 16 distinct languages.

Product description

Custom acrylic keychains will help you get your brand into your consumers' pockets. Transfer your artwork, and we'll create high-quality keychains that may be fully toned down and cut to any shape. Custom keychains are the perfect limited-edition item for your business or occasion since they are lightweight, strong, and easy to carry about. Each keychain is laser-cut with pinpoint accuracy to suit the condition of your plan and is inscribed in full tone. Make a customized keychain out of any image, sketch, or delineation to hang from your keychain.

Delivery time

With a 4-day turnaround, you can count on receiving your personalized keychains quickly. Additionally, they provide free delivery inside Australia!

Minimum order quantity

You must place a minimum number of orders with StickerMule. You may get as low as 10 keychains at once or purchase more keychains to save money.


The price of customized keychains from StickerMule varies according to the keychain type. Check them out right away!


Vistaprint logo image
Address: 275 Wyman Street Waltham, MA 02451 USA

Last but not least, VistaPrint us one of the most reputed companies for producing custom keychains in Australia. VistaPrint, a Cimpress company, helps business owners create expertly planned, amazing personalized advertising - the collection of materials they need to appear adept, prepared, and connected. Yes, they did say variety. Since Robert Keane founded VistaPrint in 1995, they've produced billions of custom engraved keychains, which is why they're so well-known for them.

Today, VistaPrint offers much more, including a wide range of personalized private company displaying products, ongoing access to expert advice and assistance for those in need, and a straightforward, clear explanation for those who already know exactly what they need.

Product quality

Custom keyrings help to distinguish everyone's keys, and they're also an appealing innovation since they put your logo in the hands of people. Create your custom keychains with Vistaprint to make sure people think of your company every time they look for their keys. You might also surprise yourself by coming up with a practical solution for everyone to recognize their key arrangement. Each keychain may be personalized with a particular message, a name, or your company's logo. These personalized keychains include LED lights, making them excellent for promoting and growing your company or organization.

Delivery time

Their shipping partners have informed us that there are delays due to recent flooding and the interruption of freight lines across the nation. To learn more about their delivery information, visit their website.

Minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order quantity needed.


The cost of their custom keychain starts from AU$5.99 per unit. 

Final words

Typically purchased as a memento of events and journeys, keyrings usually feature well-known figures and sites. Keyrings are an obvious choice for sending home to loved ones as tiny symbolic presents because of the enormous variety available and their modest weight.

Young people commonly collect them as an element of flair, to use as key storage, or to hold tightly in bags to provide an expressive statement and as a display of pizazz and independence. When all is considered, they are a fantastic way to convey your personal style. So if you want custom keychains in Australia engraved with beautiful artworks, what are you waiting for? Visit now!

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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