7 Best Custom Lanyards Australia

Written by Robin Brown on October 4, 2022
Lanyards are affordable products for branding your company with many customisation options. Institutions, sporting events, clubs, and companies may utilize custom lanyards as corporate promotional gifts. Lanyards might help to maintain security in corporate or educational institutions. It could help companies stand out from the competition, which is essential for many of them. Lanyards will make your brand's visibility more engaging. Lanyards hung at shoulder height, so everyone in your team conversing with another person could see them.  People are more likely to remember the name of the business or brand.

Nowadays, people personalize their lanyards, which may be seen as a fashion trend and a representation of their choices in public appearance. Getting the custom lanyard you want could be simple, but you might not be pleased with it all. You need the best manufacturer for satisfaction and ease of getting the product. 

Are you trying to figure out how to get a personalized lanyard in Australia? The most excellent custom lanyard suppliers in Australia are the focal point of this article. It will enable you to customize your stylish lanyard. The top 7 lanyard producers in Australia are listed below:


vivipins 3
For over five years, Vivipins has established itself in various ways throughout the custom design print industry. Their success and ambition to succeed are a result of their exceptional service. 

Lanyard types

They can create lanyards of any design. All you need to do is select the excellent choice for your business.

Design option

Vivipins may work with you to make your version of an updated masterpiece if you already have one in mind. They have their design team. Your concept may be quickly turned into a design by the team. When the artwork is finished, they will give you a pleasant digital copy and ask for your approval. If you want them to, they will edit it without charge. They will begin manufacturing as soon as you have approved the artwork.

Order Size

The production of Vivipins does not have a minimum order requirement. You are entirely free to buy however many lanyards you like. They care about small business owners as well as big corporations.

Online Order

Through their website, you can get in contact with Vivipins and place your order. Their ordering process consists of only three easy steps. Once you have selected all necessary details, such as size, type, and quantity, and have placed your order along with the design, they will email you digital proof. And as quickly as you approve the design, they will start production.


Companies nowadays are very competitive with price. Vivipins would be your best option in this situation. After buying from them, they will provide you with the exact cost. They now offer free delivery with a 20% discount for every order.   

Turnaround Time 

Vivipins usually supply orders in 7–14 days. Never do they miss their deadline.

Find Vivipins

You may make your purchase from the company’s website of Vivipins. You may also stop by their office, which is located at 1968 S. Coast Hwy. #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. During business hours, you may reach them at 304-900-0055. info@vivipins.com is their postal address.



Passubranding logo image
You have reached your destination where you can customize your lanyard. Passu might be the solution for you. It should be explored before you return with regret. They are an online fashion retailer in Australia that offers a vast selection of clothing, accessories, and promotional items with the possibility of end-to-end customization. In that case, you have come to the right site if that is what you were searching for. Why keep waiting? Let’s see what they offer? Get Passu and start buying

Types of Lanyards

Artemis Woven Lanyard LN6315
Azure Sublimated Lanyard

Design option

They have two types of lanyard printing options. Firstly, woven printed lanyard screen print is available on one side and the other side will be blank.  You can choose from 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm widths. They offer standard - swivel metal hooks and breakaway fitting. Finally, Sublimated full color (satin feel) lanyard print is available on both sides. The width option is the same as woven print. In this type of lanyard, the standard is a swivel metal hook and breakaway fitting.
Optional fittings are dual metal clips, alligator clips, plastic buckle and name badge holder available at additional cost. 

Order Size

A minimum order of 250 units per lanyard color is required. The maximum order size is as much as you want. 

Online order

You can order through their website once you are done with choosing your design and materials. Passubranding has an online sales team to provide you with the best service or suggestions concerned with your needs. 


may vary when you custom your own design with a variety of materials and quantity. 

Artemis Oven Lanyard:

Artemis Oven Lanyard image
Azure Sublimated Lanyard 
Azure Sublimated Lanyard image
Turnaround Time:

They offer fastest delivery according to needs. Once you are done with ordering they will let you know the estimated delivery date. There will be no hassle unless you have changed your mind about ordering.  
Find Passubranding
They are available on their website 24/7. You can find them at Eight Mile Plains, 4113, QLD. If you have any queries you can call them at (07) 2103 8144. Their mailing address is sales@passu.com.au 


Lanyardsfactory logo image
Do you want to buy lanyards at a reasonable price? Fast turnaround and the most excellent quality work produced? Then you are at a suitable point! It would help if you had lanyards, which make getting them simple. Please explore our website, find the perfect lanyard option, and fill out a brief contact form. From there, they will take care of everything on your behalf, from the design and pre-production samples through the final delivery to your door. Select your selected choices and use a rapid quotation system to obtain pricing, or call immediately for a free estimate and artwork proof.

Types of Lanyards

Custom Printed Polyester Lanyards
Flat Nylon Lanyards
Dye Sublimated Lanyards
Wrist Lanyards
Satin Applique Lanyards
Lanyard Key Tags
LED Polyester Lanyard
3d Printed Lanyards
Custom Silicone Lanyards
Bamboo Fibre Lanyards
Recycled PET Dye Sub

Design option

When it comes to selecting printed lanyards, every business has various demands and specifications. Because of this, they provide you with a huge selection of styles and choices. When you deal with us, you have a tonne of branding and color possibilities to pick from, and their knowledgeable staff will pay attention to your specific requirements.

You may incorporate a range of various clips, rings, and fittings. Additionally, printed lanyards may be equipped with a variety of attachments to fulfill your specific functional requirements. Therefore, whatever you are searching for, they can assist you. Contact Lanyardsfactory right now to begin working with your custom lanyard in Australia. 

Order Size

They have a minimum order quantity which is 100 pieces. You cannot order from Lanyardsfactory less than this amount. 

Online order

They have plenty of options to order through their website. Lanyardsfactory has a very well-organized website and the user-friendly experience is very engaging. 


Lanyardsfactory offer the best price as they claim. Once you have made up your mind to order from them and then the rest of the job will be handled by them. You just have to confirm your order and design option to customize your lanyard. Then they will mail you the estimated price within a short time. 

Turnaround Time

They guarantee the fastest delivery in Australia. Usually, their delivery time is less than 5 days but sometimes they take 5-14 days for custom lanyards. 

Find Lanyardsfactory

Visit Lanyardfactory at 13 Dee Crescent, Tuncurry, NSW,2428, Australia. You can mail them with your needs for a custom lanyard at info@lanyardsfactory.com.au. If you have any queries about anything you can call on Office hours [t] 02 9054 8999 or
[f] 02 6555 5104. 

4. Dynamicgift

Dynamicgift logo image
Dynamicgift will take special care to ensure the final result is beyond excellent. Their neck-straps are supplied at very low wholesale costs in addition to free brand and message customization. We guarantee a quick turnaround for all orders, so you can have these premium promotional items delivered in a hurry to meet your event deadline. In Australia, Dynamic Gift offers customized, reasonably priced promotional lanyards that are appropriate for any conference, trade fair, or corporate event situation. No matter the event, from Perth to Sydney, they can increase your marketing potential.

Types of Lanyards

Printed Polyester Lanyards
Printed Nylon Lanyards
Dye Sublimation Lanyards
Wrist Strap Lanyards
Satin Applique Lanyards
LED Polyester Lanyard
Double Ended Lanyards
Recycled PET Dye Sublimation
Metallic Woven Lanyards
Printed USB Lanyards

Design option

Dynamicgift uses dye sublimation and photo printing techniques. They promise a high-quality standard for all final designs, creating promotional goods that will wow all of your V.I.P. customers. Fluorescent hues may also be printed using their equipment. If necessary, these superior materials may also be used as a safety measure for outdoor events!

Your order will be created using technologies like photo printing and dye sublimation, which have been shown to provide a finish of the highest caliber. Every client and customer will be impressed by the graphics, vivid colors, and perfect manufacture, and everyone will be able to recognize your employees immediately!

Order Size

Their minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. Some high-quality lanyards have 250 pieces of minimum quantity. They can print more than 2000 pieces at the same time. 

Online order

They take orders online. You can visit their website and simply choose their options by following some easy steps. 


For the best possible branding of promotional products, Dynamicgift manufactures high-quality lanyards. The aim is to ensure you are entirely happy with the completed items you get. They provide free pre-production design to ensure you have precisely what you need. The materials used to make each product are strong, and you will discover that our wholesale prices are competitive.

Turnaround Time

There are choices for a 3, 5, or 7-day rush with Dynamic Gift. Each has several customization choices, allowing you to order something special and have it in time for your occasion. Visit their express shop if you want overnight supply with online payment.

Find Dynamicgift

Visit their office at 13 Dee Crescent, Tuncurry, NSW 2428, Australia. Call them for further queries on 02 6555 4001. You can mail them at info@dynamicgift.com.au

5.Coastal Direct Promo Product

Coastal Direct Promo Product logo image
Nowadays, practically every office building needs a pass at some point to enter, whether you leave it at the office or forget it at home. Getting a personalized lanyard is the best option to make sure you never lose your pass again. It is much simpler to hang it around your neck alongside other valuables such as your workplace keys than to keep it in your pocket or wallet. Coastal Direct Promo Product's selection of custom lanyards is unmatched in Australia and offers a level of excellence unparalleled in the promotional items sector. Please speak to our experts about your promotional requirements for affordable shipping rates and timely delivery.

Types Of Lanyards

10mm Recycled Custom Lanyard
13mm Dual Attachment Custom Lanyard
19mm Bamboo Custom Lanyard
19mm Glitter Custom Lanyard
19mm Glitter Custom Lanyard
19mm Recycled Custom Lanyard
Azure Sublimated Lanyard
Custom Printed Lanyard 
Colour Max Mask Lanyard

Design Option

Although they do not provide templates or samples, they provide images of previous projects they have completed. The lanyard from Coastal Direct Promo is available in a range of widths, from 10 mm to 19 mm. You must create a design while keeping this width range in mind. The oval clip is made using the default clip. Crocodile clips and lobster clips are further alternatives. If you desire, you may include a safety breakaway clip.

Order Size

They manufacture for only big events, that's why their minimum order quantity is almost 50 to 500 pieces. Quantity is not just a number. Quantity matters in many ways. For the limitations of minimum order, small businesses can not order their small quantity.  

Online order

They take orders through their website. On the website, they have a four-step process. Firstly get an estimated price generated by an automated system programmed by coastal direct promo product on the website. Then give them the design and they will start manufacturing. Finally, they will deliver your desired custom lanyard. 

Pricing image
Turnaround Time

Lead time to delivery is about 10 business days. Usually, they deliver ahead of schedule.

Find Coastal Direct Promo Product
To help you advertise your company, Coastal Direct Promotional Products is committed and available. For your next campaign, get in touch with them anytime. They have a wide selection and provide fantastic value. Their office is located at 9 Wardley Drive Parkwood, QLD 4214. Info(at)coastaldirectpromoproducts.com.au is their mailing address. You can call them Monday to Friday on 07 5524 6960. 

6.Jp Promotions

Jp Promotions logo image
JP productions are focused on effectively promoting your brand. We work with a team of individuals to build a consistent presence for your company; we do not simply slap logos on t-shirts and call it a day. Issues for promotional materials also include audience engagement, corporate strategy alignment, and long-term goals.

JP Promotions has worked with more than a thousand different companies over its ten years in business and is aware of the positive effects promotional items can have on a business. We maintain that effect via ongoing innovation.

Types Of Lanyards

*NEW* Polyester Sublimation Lanyard
*NEW* Polyester Woven Lanyard

Design Option

They briefly touched on it before, and creativity plays a significant role in their passion for what they do. Here it is then: Jp production's Malaga warehouse has been expanded to include two in-house embroidery machines, a state-of-the-art printing device, and a whole level of the display area. They keep their end of the bargain when promoting your brand.

Order Size
Jp promotions produce not less than 250 pieces of lanyards at a time. If you are looking for a manufacturer who produces less than 100 lanyards then they will disappoint you. 

Online order
Through Jp promotion’s website you will be able to place orders for your custom lanyards in Australia. They believe in four principles as they mentioned on their website: Passion, integrity, innovation, and creativity. 


JP Pricing IMAGE
Turnaround Time

They will deliver whenever you want within 7 days from the order placing date. 

Find Jp Promotions
Where to find them? Visit Unit 1/5 Townsend Street , Malaga, WA, 6090 (By Appointment Only) , Call for pre schedule: +61 8 9248 6300 or email: sales@jppromotions.com.au

7.Budget Screen Printing

Budget Screen Printing logo image
Budget screen printing, a lanyard supplier, offers Australia's most enormous variety of lanyard accessories. Australian businesses, organizations, events, store outlets, educational institutions, and brands provide a quickly customized lanyard model of supply solutions. They can meet your demands with hundreds of lanyard fabric and equipment combinations as a one-stop supplier in Australia, handing out free lanyard design services.

Types of lanyards
They manufacture almost every type of lanyard including


Design option 

They may provide design services to help you visualize your lanyard for approval before manufacturing, owing to their in-house design team. Consequently, you must visit their office to get the benefit. You are free to make your design and email it. You may add anything to your unique design and choose from various lanyard alternatives.

Order size

They provide custom lanyards without a minimum order quantity. You may order as few or as many pieces as you desire.

Online Order, Pricing and Turnaround Time

In three simple steps, you may construct your lanyard. Choose one of the four polyester fabric sizes, the lanyard color from the range of standard colors, and the attachments. You may pick our basic attachment configuration, which comprises a single metal clip and a safety clip, to simplify buying the extensions, or you can add any optional additional attachments as needed. For orders of at least 1000 pieces, PMS colors are available. The matching of PMS colors is approximate. For this product, the manufacturing lead time by air freight is 15 working days, and more oversized orders may, upon request, be sent by sea freight to save on shipping fees.

Find Budget Screen Printing

Call Budget Screen Printing on 1300 851 626 or email at info@budgetscreenprinting.com.au for more specific information


You can create your lanyards by reading this article right now. Have them sent to you quickly after being produced on demand. They may be printed, woven, colored, or even made of PVC that has been specially manufactured. You now understand where to get an Australian custom lanyard. Get your personalized lanyard instead of wasting time by just browsing.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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